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OSR - Runecrafting

Runecrafting is a skill that involves using Rune Essence to create various runes.

First, you must complete the quest Rune Mysteries to have access to the Runecrafting skill. Runecrafting involves using Rune Essence and Rune Talismans to find Runcrafting Altars where you create runes.

Runecrafting - The Basics Runecrafting - Obtaining Talismans and Tiaras Runecrafting - Locating the Altars Runecrafting - Crafting Runes
Learn the basics of the ancient skill of runecrafting. In search of talismans. Finding your desired altar. Master the ability to bind magic into the rune essence.

Runecrafting - The Abyss Runecrafting - Extra Features Runecrafting FAQ
A different path to rune crafting. Additional information. Frequently Asked Questions about Runecrafting.


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