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This article is about the race. For information about the monster see Ogre.

Ogres are a race of humanoids with great physical strength and not much brainpower. They are almost as stupid and violent as trolls, often choosing to bludgeon anything smaller than they are. Most ogres live in and around the Feldip Hills, but for unknown reasons there is a physical split between ogres and ogresses, with the former living in the city of Gu'Tanoth and the latter dwelling further south in Oo'glog. Small groups of ogres have also been observed west of Yanille, but the town's watchtower generates a magical shield which keeps them at bay.

In addition to the regular ogres, mogres are believed to live in the seas around Mudskipper Point, and jogres are among Karamja's more dangerous inhabitants.


Many thousands of years ago, ogres lived in the realm of Yu'biusk alongside goblins, orks and other races. When they were discovered by the war god Bandos, he forced these races to worship him and taught them the ways of farming, metalworking and war. During the Second Age, Bandos brought these races to Gielinor and, when he sensed that war was on the horizon, organised his followers into a vast army in which ogres served as heavy soldiers, capable of seeing off entire enemy units and tearing down their defences.

Following the end of the God Wars, Bandos was banished from Gielinor and his followers were left leaderless, causing them to turn against each other. Goblins and ogres fought for control of the Feldip Hills, culiminating in the ogres attempting a genocide of goblins that forced them to head further north. The ogres have occupied the hills ever since.

Notable ogres


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