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Old School RuneScape is completely player driven: from conception to voting on the features available, and now to the wiki!

Build up a database of information documenting all areas in the game; create guides to assist your fellow players with that tricky quest or boss; write hints and tips for training in a certain skill.

Starting from a blank slate, it's time to use your knowledge and experience to help those who never experienced the 2007 version of the game.
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Old School RuneScape - or OSRS for short - is a service featuring a version of RuneScape based on how the game was in August 2007.

This Old School RuneScape service was opened on 22nd of February 2013. This was following a poll where players voted if they wish to see the return of an older version of the game.

The poll was up from 15th February 2013 and finished at 00:00 GMT 1st March 2013. Enough votes were cast to reach the first level of the service within 24 hours of the poll being launched, and total amount of players who voted for OSRS to return was 449,351.

Access Requirements

2007 login screen.jpg
The Log In Screen for Old School RuneScape

On 7th June 2013, Jagex announced that there would be no extra charge for access to Old School Runescape for at least the next 12 months. Any player with active membership will be able to play OSRS.

Although previously members-only, OSRS went free-to-play on February 19th 2015.

If you would like to access Old School RuneScape on the downloadable client, see Accessing Old School RuneScape on the Client.

The Community leads the way

Our mantra for Old School Runescape is that this is your game and you should decide what happens. As long as there is a demand, Old School is here to stay,


The players are really in control of Old School Runescape. We collect players suggestions from in game, the social sites and the forums and see which we can deliver. We then poll the suggestions to the community who can vote on them. If 75% of the voters agree that we should make that change, we make that change as soon as possible.

Some notable suggestions that have been implemented are the Nightmare Zone minigame, F2P-style servers for PKers, imbued Black Masks for slayers, and making wilderness capes usable in F2P-style worlds. To view our past polls, please go here.


On 7th June 2013, Jagex announced that there would be no additional charge for members to access Old School Runescape for at least the next year. Old School is so popular that Jagex believe it will be a great, vibrant game for years to come.

Community Events

Multiple community events have already been implemented in Old School. In March there was a week of Q&As with the Old School team live in game while the Easter Holiday Event happened. May saw the invasion of Varrock by hordes of Goblins, rumour has it that they will be back this summer. Also in May, Jagex started doing live streams on Twitch.TV to help communication with the player base.

There are multiple community events coming in the future, including PKing J-Mods, clues to find rares and cryptic clue hunts.

Old School J-Mods

Mod Ash
Mod Ash is one member of the development team for Old School RuneScape. He has worked for Jagex for over 11 years, and was a keen forum mod before that. Ash has been responsible for such great content as:
  • Love Story
  • Swan Song
  • My Arm's Big Adventure
  • That quest where you take a girl down a dungeon and tie her up and there's a special message for using a whip on her.
Mod Mat K
Mod Mat K is the Product Manager for Old School. He is a veteran of Runescape and can frequently be seen hunting down unsuspecting targets in the wilderness. He has worked extensively with the clan community and high level community, growing both and giving them the support they need to flourish.
Mod John C
Mod John C has played RuneScape for more than 10 years and has accumulated over 15,000 hours play time with 4000 of them playing Oldschool. John's our Quality Assurance tester, which means his job is to break stuff that the development team writes. When he's not doing that, he likes stalking bots and giving them what's coming to them. John also dabbles in content development, helping bring you wonders like the jars of sand, swamp and dirt.
Mod Ghost
Mod Ronan
Mod Ronan, commonly known as "The Bowl", is the Community Manager for Old School. Having played RuneScape for over half his life, he is invested in seeing the game grow with the community in mind. Every day he camps the RuneScape forums as well as all forms of social media to make sure that the Old School team are hearing what the community are saying.
Ian is the brother of Andrew and Paul. He provided 2D and 3D assets for RuneScape Classic and its precursor Devious MUD, and even designed the original RuneScape logo. He also worked on content, with his final major project being the hunter skill. He has worked on the engine team for some time, and now provides engine support for the Old School team.

Ian has a pet chinchompa called Magnus.
Mod Weath
Mod Weath is the OldSchool anti cheating specialist. During his 5 year career at Jagex, he has amassed over a million bot kills and has removed more than 2 million dollars worth of gold from real world trading accounts. When he’s not banning bots, you can find him nibbling carrots or scratching behind his long fluffy ears.
Mod Archie
Mod Archie is the Video Presenter for Old School. Providing weekly recaps, stream highlights and exclusive BTS videos on all major updates. He also hosts the weekly Q&A live streams as well as the occasional miscellaneous stream such the Mythbusters or Story Time live streams. Chris has been a big part in the Old School community since day 1 and often provides feedback and suggestions based on what the community wants to see.

Developer Blogs

Every week or so a Developer Blog will be added discussing such things as upcoming changes to the service, new content and bug fixes. You will find Developer Blogs posted regularly within our forums.

Patch Notes

Patch notes are a list of updated game content, either because the item was broken, or because its functionality has changed. Below are the most recent patch notes. Patch notes are posted regularly within our forums. You can see the patch notes archived from the beginning of Old School RuneScape on the archive page.

Old School On The Web



Old School Blog




The poll to bring back Old School Runescape was released on the 15th of February. Jagex announced that the more players that voted for the return, the more support it would get. The final result of 449,351 votes fell just short of the 500,000 target so Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard upgraded some elements of the service beyond the 250,000 vote level. This resulted in including the gradual addition of anti-botting technology and community polls to decide on any changes to the game to the support package.

The final poll result gave the following service:

Old School Features Votes
2007 Server Launch? tick.gif
Level of on-going development Small team
Cost of Service Free **
Level of maintenance Basic
Anti-bot upgrade tick.gif
Polls to decide new content tick.gif

** Free as a members benefit for at least the first 6 months, starting March 1st 2013

The original features list (with the column highlighted green showing what poll could have resulted in) was as follows:

Old School Features Votes Required
<49,999 50,000+ 250,000+ 500,000+
2007 Server Launch? cross.gif tick.gif tick.gif tick.gif
Level of on-going development cross.gif None Small team Dedicated team
Cost of Service cross.gif ~$15 ~$5 Free
Level of maintenance cross.gif Critical Basic Weekly
Anti-bot upgrade cross.gif None Possible tick.gif
Polls to decide new content cross.gif None None tick.gif

Since the launch players have been able to take part in multiple votes to change or add content. It was agreed with the community that any change to the game would require a majority of 75% of those voting to agree to it. Some notable votes included F2P style worlds being made available for the F2P PKing community, the return of rare items and the decision to not change unidentified herbs to grimy herbs. If you want to see a full list of polls and results, go here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s this whole “Old School RuneScape” thing, then?

2. How do I play Old School RuneScape? Do I need to register for a new account?

3. I used to have a RuneScape account from back in the day, but I can’t remember my details. How can I get these back?

4. I used to play RuneScape in the old days. Can I resume my existing progress?

5. How much does Old School RuneScape cost?

6. Have you altered anything in this resurrected version from how it used to be?

7. Does the main RuneScape game link into Old School RuneScape service?

8. Are the rules and community etiquette different between the main RuneScape and Old School RuneScape?

9. What happens if I encounter a bug in Old School RuneScape, can I report it to get it fixed?

10. Does Jagex Account Guardian (JAG) work with Old School RuneScape?

For more detailed questions relating to the Old School RuneScape service take a read of the transcript of the recent Q&A on the topic.

Community & Forums

Within the RuneScape Forums exist several forums dedicated to Old School RuneScape and its community.

These forums are open to qualifying Members with access to the RuneScape Forums.

Old School RuneScape Wiki

Getting Started Controls Area Guides
Find out how to get started on the road to Old School RuneScapemastery. Learn how to move around the world of Old School RuneScape. Travel the world from the comfort of the area guides.
Combat Skills Quests
Learn about the ancient art of combat in Old School RuneScape. See what skills you can perform in Old School RuneScape. View details on the quests in Old School RuneScape.
Characters Monsters Items
Learn about different shop owners, quest characters, and more. Knowing is half the battle. Learn about the monsters of Old School RuneScape. View a complete list of items in Old School RuneScape.
Minigames Miscellaneous Guides Rules of RuneScape
See what exciting and rewarding minigames await you. View our game guides and learn new methods and strategies. Information about Jagex's rules common to all versions of RuneScape.

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