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One Piercing Note

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There has been a murder in the Abbey of Saint Elspeth, and the abbess wants an adventurer to investigate. Can you find the killer without disturbing the sisters' lives of prayer and sacred music, or will all Zamorak break loose?

One Piercing Note was RuneScape's first fully-voiced quest.

Quest Information

one piercing note.jpg
A choir of heavenly voices.
Members iconOne Piercing Note
Difficulty Novice
Length Short
  • None
  • None
Starting Quest start
Start point The Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede, east of Al Kharid
To start Speak to Catherina

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: John A
Design Review: David O
Editor: Will D
Walkthrough: Michelle-Louise J
Graphics Team
Art Direction: Pascal B
Concepts: Paolo P, David B, Yann B, Giuseppi G
Environments: Matthew N, Paul R, Joe R, Stephen W, Luke F, Stacey A, Hayden B, Alan O, Chris M, Matt M
Characters: Mark C, Baj S, Manu L, Zoltan H, Mark B
Animation: Paul B, Stuart O, Wing C, Hing C, Simon P, Sam O, Gurpreet K, Chris W, David C
Quality Assurance Team
Head of RuneScape QA: Steven B
QA: (Project Lead:Ian H) Ian 'Chief' H, Alistair H, Adam H
Audio Team
Music and Sound Design: Stephen L, Adam B, Ian T, Michael M
JChoir: Sarah C, Kerry B, Vicki M, Danni A, Jess H, Christina K, Frederique G, Kayleigh O, Martin F
Troubadour Band: Stephen L (mandolin), Kerry Bolland (violin), Michael M (percussion)
Voice Over: Ali Dowling, Ali Pettit, Charlotte Moore, Emma Tate, Laurence Kennedy, Richard Laing
Dialogue Director: Mark Estdale
Recording Engineer: Juan Manuel Delfin
Dialogue Editor: Tim Vasilakis

Recorded at OM London.


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