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The ores below can be mined from different rocks found throughout RuneScape.

Ore Level Required Experience Gained
rune essence.gif
Rune essence
1 Mining 5
1 Mining 5
copper ore 1.gif
Copper ore
1 Mining 17.5
tin ore 1.gif
Tin ore
1 Mining 17.5
blurite ore 1.gif
Blurite ore
10 Mining 17.5
limestone 1.gif
Limestone member badge tiny.png
10 Mining 26.5
iron ore 1.gif
Iron ore
15 Mining 35
elemental ore 1.gif
Elemental ore member badge tiny.png
20 Mining 0
silver ore 1.gif
Silver ore
20 Mining 40
coal 1.gif
30 Mining 50
pure ess.gif
Pure essence member badge tiny.png
30 Mining 5
sandstone medium 1.gif
Sandstone member badge tiny.png
35 Mining 60
gold ore 1.gif
Gold ore
40 Mining 65
granite medium 1.gif
Granite member badge tiny.png
45 Mining 75
Rubium member badge tiny.png
46 Mining 17.5
mithril ore 1.gif
Mithril ore
55 Mining 80
adamantite ore 1.gif
Adamantite ore
70 Mining 95
living minerals.gif
Living minerals member badge tiny.png
73 Mining 25
coal 1.gif
Concentrated coal deposits member badge tiny.png
77 Mining 50
gold ore 1.gif
Concentrated gold deposits member badge tiny.png
80 Mining 65
red sandstone.gif
Red sandstone
Players are limited to mining 50 red sandstone a day.
81 Mining 70
runite ore 1.gif
Runite ore
85 Mining 125

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