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Released 1 June 2011
Race Human
Members No
Quests Stolen Hearts
Diamond in the Rough
Examine The brave and magnificent Ozan, who writes his own descriptions.

Ozan Chathead.png

Ozan is one of the Signature Heroes. There are few as charismatic and attractive as Ozan. He doesn't consider there to be any worth in runecrafting, magic or summoning, and is too lazy to even attempt them. Instead he focuses his energies on telling stories (sometimes he seems to put himself in his stories that are actually about you completing a quest) and commanding the attention of those who care to listen. He's also pretty handy with a lute, believing that his destiny is fame, fortune and riches.

To underestimate Ozan and dismiss him as a simple entertainer would be foolhardy. Even the most powerful warriors need to find a way to unwind, and Ozan is no exception. The quiver he bears on is back is packed with arrows that are sure to make their mark whenever Ozan draws his bow. Ozan is a master marksman, and spends his idle time sharpening his skills. Born in Al Kharid, Ozan is fond of travelling and will gloat that he has visited every place at least once. Incredibly brave and fiercely loyal, Ozan would be handy to have fighting alongside you in battle.


Life in Al Kharid

Ozan was born in Al Kharid as a child living on the streets as his father had disappeared and his mother had died before he could even ask her who his father was. His early years weren't exactly sad though since he befriended the food-loving palace guard Khnum, who always looked out for him, and that he enjoyed living in Al Kharid, particularly the bazaar.

One day, Ozan stole a ruby from the gem trader but the merchant caught him and tried to catch him. He manages to elude him by hiding in an alleyway and had encountered Khnum. Khnum had always let him get out of trouble so Ozan assumed that his past was similar to his and that Khnum wanted to make him a palace guard. Later on, Khnum warned him about the new Head of the Palace Guard called Osman. Ozan nicknames Osman as "Big Snozz" and continued to converse with Khnum about other subjects.

Later, at evening, Ozan heard a beautiful voice singing an old Kharidian nursery rhyme called "The Cactus Lily" and followed it to the palace, despite Khnum's warning. He ends up breaking into the palace and meets the singer. He called the singer a princess and tried to impress her by singing her a couple of lyrics about "stealing hearts" but she quickly pointed her crossbow at him and introduced herself as Leela and warned Ozan that her father is the Head of the Palace Guard, Osman. She questioned Ozan about his song of stealing hearts as he realizes that there must be some sort of "heart" in the palace that could be valuable. She tells him not to call her a princess. All of a sudden, Ozan had heard guards, who must have heard Leela screaming. Ozan tried to escape by climbing back up to the roof of the palace and sneaks into the diamond vault, containing the fabled Kharid-ib.

However, Ozan was quickly caught by the guards and was placed in a cell, with Osman advising him to use his time thinking about his recent actions. The next day, Ozan was given a choice to either be executed or to be banished from Al Kharid, never to return ever again. Ozan chose to be banished and did not have a chance to say goodbye to any of his friends. Ozan went to Varrock to make his own fortune.

The Troll Warzone

In Burthorpe, Ozan, who meets the player for the first time, helps Major Mary Rancour with the war effort against the trolls. During Major Rancour's announcement in the Troll Warzone that the trolls will be defeated, a guard is suddenly attacked, starting a troll invasion between the Imperial Guard and the trolls. He fights the trolls and the troll commander Morningstar with the player but is knocked out by a falling rock, leaving the player to deal with Morningstar. After the battle of the trolls ended with the trolls losing, Rancour thanks Ozan and the player for helping the Imperial Guard and that there still needs to be more work done. Ozan apologizes to her that he cannot help anymore as he needed to go to Draynor Village to take care of some urgent business.

Later, Ozan appears at the ceremony of the celebration of the player joining the Order of the Talon and his/her help at Taverley and Burthorpe.

A Stolen Heart


At Draynor Village, Ozan recognizes the player from the Troll Warzone and is delighted to have the player with him as he needs help to deal with his urgent business, His old friend Khnum seems to have relations with a shifty gang called the Skulls and when he had encountered him, he was acting much more shifty than before. Ozan needs someone on the inside to meet with Khnum since he would be instantly recognized by Khnum and warns the player that adventures with him tend to be a bit unpredictable. Khnum is in the cellar of the house Ozan had stood next to and Ozan needs him/her to knock on the trapdoor acting as a thug and try to recruit themselves as a gang member and find out more about what happened to Khnum. Ozan tells him/her about Khnum, his friendship with him and the Skulls.

After the player joined the Skulls and obtained some fairly important information about a kidnapping, Ozan is curious by what Khnum means with "sticking it to my old employer." Ozan suggests that the two of them shadow Khnum back to his HQ so they can confront him and advises him/her not to get too close or too far away from Khnum with they are shadowing him. After a successful shadow, Ozan and the player follows the gang leader to an abandoned jail but Khnum is angry that the player had allied with Ozan. Ozan finds out from Khnum that the night Ozan had sneaked in the Al Kharid palace, they had blamed Khnum for letting Ozan in. After 20 years of service as a palace guard, he was kicked out of the city and was angry that Ozan had left Al Kharid without saying a single word to him.

Ozan explains that he was banished from the city but sees that as no excuse for Khnum's actions and asks him to let him help. Khnum refuses his help since the Skulls are fine without his help although suddenly a mysterious woman with a crossbow appears. Ozan assumes the woman is another one of Khnum's lackeys but soon recognizes her as Leela and calls her 'princess.' Leela insists that Ozan to not call her a princess but decides to trust them for now since she was following the trail to Draynor for the kidnappers who have Prince Ali Mirza. Ozan is surprised and angry at Khnum as he had been part of the plot to kidnap Prince Ali but Khnum decides to not tell them a single thing about the kidnapping now. Ozan lets the player try to convince Khnum to give up his information instead.


  • In the Runescape trailer, he nearly gets killed by a troll which his life flashes before his very eyes, which show quite a lot of images to even discuss.