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Piscatoris Hunter Area

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The Piscatoris Hunter Area classes as a 'woodland' area for purposes of camouflage gear. The creatures that can be found in the Piscatoris Hunter Area are:

red circle.png Ruby harvest (butterfly netting)
green circle.png Chinchompa (box trapping)
magenta circle.png Wild kebbit (deadfall)
yellow circle.png Prickly kebbit (deadfall)
cyan circle.png Copper longtail (bird snare)
purple circle.png Rabbit (rabbit snaring)
  • Common kebbit (central tracking area)
  • Razorbacked kebbit (northern tracking area)
  • A ferret-trapping area can be found south of the area
  • A falconry area (see lower down) is to the east of the area

The Piscatoris Hunter area can be reached by walking round the western side of the Gnome Stronghold. Eagles' Peak can be found to the south-west of this area, surrounded by ferrets.

The rabbit burrows face inwardly in patterns of six, and can be found strewn around this area.

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