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You've probably arrived at this page because you've clicked a button which appeared in a pop up message in your game window. We'd like to take a few moments to explain why you received this message.

Why have I received a pop up message?

The pop up message is displayed when recent in game behaviour is considered to be sexually explicit or very offensive and therefore inappropriate for our game and any continued activity of this type could result in a mute or the permanent ban of your account.

Have I been muted or given an offence?

You can check your current mute and offence status by logging in to your account settings. If you have been muted it means the recent behaviour on your account was considered to be inappropriate for our game, and offensive to others. Please check out the Rules of RuneScape which are in place to help make our community an engaging, safe and fun place to be. Further information on changes to account status can be found here.

What happens next?

Before we apply any mute or offence we carry out all the relevant checks to ensure the offence is applied accurately, for this reason no appeal is offered for this particular offence.

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