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Player-Owned Ports

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player owned ports.jpg
One of your ships

The commercial section of Port Sarim was set up to trade with the Eastern Lands. Once a grand trading hub that connected the Western Lands to the Eastern Lands the port is now nearly deserted after - over 10 years ago - Sea Monsters suddenly plagued the seas destroying all ships that ventured there. Due to this, trade with the Eastern Lands collapsed, crippling the port.

About 5 years ago, the creatures stopped attacking but the port never picked up again; the West forgot about the East.

Your task is to help get the port up and running again, with help from your partner and other interested parties, and bring back as many of the treasures from the Eastern Lands that your ships' holds can carry.



The commercial port section of Port Sarim, Player-Owned Ports can be accessed via the Minigame port portal in the northern section of Port Sarim. To get to the portal quickly you can use the teleport option on your Captain's log or teleport to the Port Sarim Lodestone and walk north-east along the docks. You can also use the cabbage-teleport on your Explorer's ring then head south.

A second port portal, with the same destination, can be found to the north-east in the Tower of Voices in Prifddinas.

Points of Interest

ports features.jpg
Points of Interest

Although your buildings may change in decor (see Upgrade Buildings), the basic layout of your port will remain the same.

orange circle.png
The Trader
red circle.png
The Partner
cyan circle.png
Seasinger Umi
yellow circle.png
magenta circle.png
The Barmaid
blue circle.png
The Navigator
black circle.png
The Black Marketeer

If you want to see more information about the personalities found within the port - these descriptions do contain spoilers - click here to toggle them. Show/Hide icon

Getting Started

You require at least level 90 in one of the following skills before you can participate: Construction, Hunter, Cooking, Fishing, Herblore, Prayer, Runecrafting, Thieving, Slayer, Agility, Divination or Dungeoneering.

To create scrolls and unlock abilities, you will need at least level 90 in the following skills: Runecrafting, Smithing, Fletching, Cooking and Crafting.

Speak to The Partner, just East of the entry portal, to begin. He will introduce you to the port, and explain how it works. You'll need to go through a brief tutorial which will introduce you to the main aspects of the port. You'll be able to find further details on the ports features below.

Note that once the tutorial is over, the Partner will return to his usual position beside the Navigator.

Managing Your Port

Ships Interface

The Ships Interface

The ships interface appears by default when you enter the port. It can take you directly to the shipyard by clicking on your chosen ship. It also lets you know at a glance if your ships are out on a voyage or in the port.

You can also rename your ships from here using the rename button on the far right of the interface. There is a button for each ship. Clicking this button will bring up the renaming interface for that particular ship. If you have more than one ship, you can navigate between them using the blue arrows at the top of the interface.

renaming a ship.jpg
The renaming interface

A ship name is made up of three parts: a prefix, the middle and a suffix. You do not have to select all three parts of a ship's name, but you must have at least the suffix part of the name. To swap between these three parts, use the boxes between the blue arrows at the top of the interface.

You can filter all names in a variety of ways if the list of choices is too long for you, or if you have a specific idea in mind for your ship.

If you're looking for some help naming your ships, there are two randomise buttons. The larger one randomises all three ship name parts, whereas the smaller button randomises only the choices from the name part you currently have selected.

To save your ship's name, press the 'save' button. Alternatively, press 'revert' if you do not want to change your ship's name.

Port Details

port interface.jpg
The port Interface

The port interface appears by default when you enter the port and can be moved around via the minigames HUD. It will allow you to manage the various aspects of your port, such as building upgrades or sending out ships.

The drop down menu on the left titled 'Resources' shows you how many of each currency item you currently have stockpiled. The items are as follows:

You also have trade goods that you can use to craft items from scrolls that you bring back from the Eastern Lands (see here). Only up to 255 of each trade good can be held at any one time.

The drop down menu on the right shows any visitors that are currently at your port. These change every day, although, for the Black Marketeer, it is only the products that he sells that changes each day. Visiting captains and adventurers will show here.

The icons in the middle of the interface bring up the different aspects of your port:

Voyage List


Used to send your ships across the ocean. Select a voyage from the left side panel. It will tell you the voyage's name, the difficulty and the rewards you will receive. The green reroll button allows you to see another voyage, if you don't wish to take on the one displayed, but you only have 12 rerolls per day and these rerolls (voyage and crew rerolls are separate).

Selecting a voyage shows more details in the right hand panel, including how long it will take. Click the ship you wish to send (the background will go green for the one you have chosen). You can then use the following buttons to make sure you have the perfect setup for the voyage:

  • 'Add Effect' - lets you activate items that can improve your ship and crew (see below)
  • 'Edit Ship' - opens the shipyard
  • 'Crew Roster' - opens the crew roster
Name Bonus Name Bonus Name Bonus Name Bonus
bag of winds.gif
Bag of winds
+10% speed ration pack.gif
Ration Pack
+10% morale powder keg.gif
Powder Keg
+10% combat seasinger's bottled cry.gif
Seasinger's bottled cry
+10% seafaring
life rafts.gif
Protect crew lotus-tint spectacles.gif
Lotus-Tint Spectacles
+50% crew XP fortune of the sea.gif
Fortune of the Sea
+10% rewards (or penalties)

To ensure the voyage is successful you need to match your ship's stats to those required for the voyage.

This interface also allows you to take on special voyages that let you meet or help out adventurers. Simply click the 'special voyages' tab to see what is available.

You can find out more about the different types of voyage available below.

voyage list.jpg
The Voyage List interface

Crew Roster

crew roster.gif

On the left hand side you can view your current crew. Clicking on a crew icon will display their skills and any traits they have in the bottom-left corner.

If you no longer require the services of a crew member or captain, press the 'dismiss' button. This means they will no longer be part of your crew and cannot come on voyages.

On the right hand side of the interface is a list of crew that you can hire. You will be able to see their stats and any traits they have here.

The green refresh button allows you to see another crew member, if you don't wish to hire the one displayed, but you only have 15 rerolls per day (voyage and crew rerolls are separate).

You can earn more rerolls through random events in the port.

For more information on crew and their stats, see here.

crew roster.jpg
The Crew Roster



Here you can customise your ships. If you would like a ship that is built for speed, and one that is built for combat, you can manage this here.

The interface itself is built of hotspots, within which you have various choices about what to have there. Different choices will affect your ship's stats.

Note that you have 2 deck item hotspots but both contain the same list of items to choose from.

Most items will be locked locked skillplot.gif until purchased.

To see all of the upgrades and their benefits, click here to toggle them. Show/Hide icon

If at any point you'd like to see your ship in all its glory, click the small camera button in the top-left of the screen. This will remove the interfaces and show off your ship. Click it again to return to the shipyard interface.

Upgrade Buildings

build mode.gif
build mode.jpg
The Upgrade Buildings interface

All buildings start out as dilapidated. You can invest resources into your port to improve it, attracting new crew, captains and providing better stats for your ships.

Use the blue arrows on the left and right of the building name to navigate through the buildings. You will be shown your current building, and the upgrades that are available to you. Upgrades that aren't available will not be shown until they have been unlocked by purchasing prerequisite upgrades. The upgrades will list the cost and any benefits that the upgrade provides.

Click on an upgrade to purchase it - you will be asked to confirm your purchase before any resources are deducted.

All upgrades, except for totems, icons, portals and the top tier of other building upgrades, must be unlocked by purchasing the previous upgrade.

Note that there are 4 totem hotspots and 3 icon hotspots.

To see all of the upgrades, their benefits and their costs, click here to toggle them. Show/Hide icon

port portals.jpg

Port Management

port management.gif
navigator instructions.jpg
Navigator Instructions

Port Management is where you give special instructions to your captains. In particular you can specify which scrolls they are to hunt for, and which area of the Eastern Lands that you want them to focus on.

Simply click the scroll or area that you want to instruct your captains to focus on. You can hover over each scroll and area to see more information about them.

Archipelago Map

Archipelago map

A map of the Eastern Lands archipelago. As you upgrade your port and send out more ships, you will discover more and more of the map.

The entire archipelago is viewable in the map below, however, until you have unlocked these areas, they will not show in game.

the eastern lands.jpg
The Eastern lands

If you want to see more information about the islands that make up the Eastern Lands, click here to toggle them. Show/Hide icon

Managing Your Team


Your crew are the dogsbodies of the port; they do all the hard graft. They have skills in combat, morale, speed and seafaring. Filling your ship with crew that have the right skills can improve your chances of completing voyages successfully.

Crew with coloured hats are typically better in one skill than the others. Other crew icons have a more varied skill set. The skill colours are:

  • Red = combat
  • Green = morale
  • Blue = seafaring
  • Purple = speed

Some crew members have traits which can offer positive (and negative) bonuses to your ship. Click here to view the list of traits. Show/Hide icon

Note that for each successful voyage you complete, your crew will gain experience and have the chance to improve their stats. It is worth investing in your crew, but choose wisely who you invest in, as you could hire crew who have higher stats.

You can attract a higher quality of crew member by improving the lodgings building.


captain customisation.jpg
Captain Customisation interface

Captains are those who give the orders and you cannot send out a ship on voyages without one.

They randomly show up in your bar, but you can attract a higher quality of captain by improving the state of your bar.

To hire a captain, open the crew roster. You can also speak to them in the bar.

Speaking to a hired captain at the bar will give you the choice to decide on their uniform. Click the blue arrows to cycle through your choices of hat, top and legs.

As with crew, some captains have traits which can offer positive (and negative) bonuses to your ship, and captains can level up by completing voyages.

Note that captains can die, although you can equip a lifeboat to your ship to improve the chances of them returning home safely.

You can only hire a maximum 5 captains at any one time. If you want another captain, you will have to dismiss one.


Before an Adventurer can visit the Port, you must complete a voyage to meet them. This voyage will only appear if the player has level 90 in the Adventurer's associated skill. After this occurs that adventurers will start visiting the Port.

An Adventurer will turn up to the port every day. Note that adventurers are never available as crew to be placed on a ship.

If you have more than 1 Adventurer, there will be a chance of a second Adventurer turning up. This chance will increase with the number of Adventurers.

You can attract the adventurers by changing your port's icon.

If you want to see more information about the adventurers, click here to toggle them (note that these descriptions do contain spoilers). Show/Hide icon


Main article: Player-Owned Ports/Voyages

Voyages are the missions that you send your ships out to complete for you. There are four types of voyage:

  • Standard - Available on the 'standard voyages' tab of the voyages list. These voyages exist to help you find the resources you need to upgrade your port. Each area's voyages will focus on the resources that area specialises in. You need no special crew or adventurers for these voyages, simply send your ship and the crew out to fetch the resources.
  • Special - Available on the 'special voyages' tab of the voyages list. These voyages are similar to standard voyages in that they exist to help you find the resources you need to upgrade your port, however, most of these voyages involve your adventurers. A few can be gained through other methods such as the barmaid's tips.
  • Story - Available on the 'special voyages' tab of the voyages list, story voyages involve resolving an issue for your adventurers. Some story voyages involve multiple adventurers. There are 6 story voyages per adventurer and, if successful, these voyages will grant resources, scrolls and XP in the adventurers associated skill (for more information about the rewards click here). Your adventurer will also increase the stats of the ship you send by up to 10% for these voyages.
  • Clue - Available on the 'special voyages' tab of the voyages list, clue voyages involve your adventurers solving clues in order to locate hidden islands. Each adventurer will need to successfully complete a number of clue voyages to learn the location of their associated 'hidden island'. Clues are unlocked as you progress through story voyages and the regions of the Eastern Lands.

Each time you gain the chance to send out a clue voyage, you must specify to which island you send your ship. If it is the correct island for the clue, then you will unlock that clue. If it is not the correct island, you will be given some information to narrow your search to a region, then to a specific island.

Adventurers can go on joint voyages together during special and story voyages. If you choose to send your adventurers on a joint voyage, you will not be able to send them on individual voyages. The same restriction applies the other way: if you send one of your adventurers on an individual voyage, the joint voyage will no longer be available. Once you send an adventurer off with your ship, any of the other options involving that character will be removed from your list of potential voyages.

For a list of voyages, see the voyages page.

Random Events

When a ship returns to the port, there is a chance that a random event will occur. All random events are announced with a message in the chat box. Disconnecting, logging out, or exiting the event will count as a loss.

  • A Simple Favour - Speak to The Black Marketeer to start this event. You will take control of Felix and will have to:
    1. Search for three ninja assassins inside the nearby barrels.
    2. Find the three wandering strangers that are the targets of the ninjas you have found.
  • Last Orders - Speak to The Barmaid to start this event. You will take control of Sarula and must serve 20 clients in less than 10 minutes. Sarula can only carry 2 glasses at a time.
  • Helping Hand - Speak to Seasinger Umi to start this event. You will take control of Umi and must find the missing items from inside the containers. The positions of the containers are randomly generated each time.


Depending on the voyage you take on, you can get several rewards

Reward Where it is earned What is earned
Currency Standard voyages
Special voyages
You can earn chimes, bamboo, gunpowder, black slate, cherry wood, jade, stainless steel, terracotta or azure in varying amounts.
Trade goods Standard voyages
Special voyages
You can earn ancient bones, plate, spices, lacquer, chi, pearls and koi scales in varying amounts.
XP tomes Special voyages You can earn small XP tomes for one skill and large XP tomes for multiple skills
Scrolls Special voyages You can earn scroll fragments, four of which can make a whole scroll that will unlock the ability to make items. There are 5 categories of scroll: Once you have brought back all four pieces of a scroll, you will be able to cook, craft, fletch or smith the items although only within the Port's workshop.
Captain/crew/ship traits Special voyages You can earn permanent traits for your captains, crew and your ship as a whole. These can help or hinder your voyages.
Crew members Special voyages You can unlock special crew members with very beneficial stats.
Effects Special voyages
Random events
Clue voyages
You can earn temporary boosts which can be applied to ships before they set out on a voyage.
Gift of Gu Clue voyages It is provided when making donations to the Tengu. Each donation has a chance to provide a parcel. Note that a donation of 25,000 chimes will guarantee a parcel containing all of the Gu cosmetic items. The parcel can contain:
Worldbearer ring Clue voyages Complete the final clue voyage for the Exile and you'll get the ring. Rubbing the ring teleports you to The Faraway Place where Things are Kept.
Rank N/A Your rank as a port captain can be viewed in the Captain's log. The rank is dependent on your port score.
Score Rank
0 - 399 Cabin Boy/Cabin Girl
400 - 799 Bosun
800 - 1199 First Officer
1200 - 1599 Cap'n
1600 - 1999 Commodore
2000 - 3499 Admiral
3500 - 4499 Admiral of the Fleet
4500+ Portmaster


  • Meg is a wannabe-adventurer. She is very enthusiastic but requires a little bit of help from you. Once a week you'll be able to send her off on an adventure and how she acts on that adventure, depends heavily on the advice that you give her. How successful her adventure is will dictate what rewards, if any, she brings back for you.
  • Occasionally one of the port's residents will encounter trouble while your ships are on voyages. You will be told about this when your ships return to port when checking the results. Speak to the resident to find out what they need help with. You will be rewarded for your efforts with port resources.
  • Speak to The Barmaid to hear the local gossip. It will often reveal useful information.

Development Team

Content Team
Developer: (Project Lead:Alex F) James C
Design: Seb D
Narrative Design: Dave O
Editor: William D
Wiki: Michelle-Louise J
Graphics Team
Environment: Matt N, Paul R, Alex R
Characters: Alec V, Mark C
Animation: Wing C, Leilo C
Quality Assurance Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Graeme C) Alex D, Ben L, Stacey N, Alistair H, Lewis R, Daniel H
Audio Team
Audio: Adam R
Voice Over: Adam Longworth, Ali Pettitt, Alix Wilton Regan, Ben Crowe, Ben Whitehead, Beth Frances, Charlotte Moore, Emma Tate, John Bull, Nat Parker, Nicolette McKenzie, Peter Marinker
Recording Engineer: Juanma Delfin
Dialogue Director: Mark Estdale
Dialogue Editor: Vicky Prentice, Kit Challis
Expansion 2014
Content Team
Developer: Daniel R
Design: Alex F
Code Review: James C
Editor: William D
Wiki: Michelle-Louise J
Graphics Team
Environment: Paul R
Characters: Mark C
UI: Tursan R
Quality Assurance Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Daniel H) Gareth W, Phil W, Andrew Y, Kyle R, Sarah J
Audio Team
Audio: Adam B
VO: Adam R
Expansion 2015
Content Team
Developer: Stephen R, Dan R
Design: David O, Stephen R
Editor: William D
Wiki: Michelle-Louise J
Graphics Team
Environment: Alex R, Joseph R
Characters: Damian C
Animation: Hing C
UI: Thomas G, Tursan R
Quality Assurance Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Andrew Y) Sarah J, Stacey N
Audio Team
Audio: Adam B

Recorded at OM London.

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