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Potion flask

Members iconPotion flask
Potion flask inventory icon
Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stacks No
Quest item No
High alchemy 180 coins
Low alchemy 120 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
GE Price 23191 coins
GE History
Today GE:23191
30 day GE:23191
90 day GE:23191
180 day GE:23191
Buy Limit 1000
Protect on Death No
Examine A large, robust flask.
Weight 0 kg

Potion flasks are a vessel of storage for potions. Storing 6 decanted doses of potion, they are a tradeable item - when empty - and are made through the Crafting skill at level 89. The Crafting level can be boosted. Players also need a glassblowing pipe.

Players create potion flasks from robust glass, which is made by using Red sandstone on the robust glassmaking machine found in Oo'glog or Prifddinas, provided they have completed the As a First Resort... quest. The potion flask will shatter upon being emptied of its contents. While potion flasks are tradeable, neither red sandstone nor robust glass is.

Making a potion flask out of robust glass is not assistable. When a flask is completely full it is tradeable, unless the potion inside is not.

Another factor to consider regarding potion flasks is that they can only be filled once, and only with 6 doses of potion, though one can use one four-dose and one two-dose potion to fill it, rather than only two three-dose potions.

Once filled, flasks of 6 doses (or 5 doses) can only be consumed - one dose at a time. They can not be decanted into another container, and more potion cannot be added to "top them up." This makes it a less flexible storage method than normal potion vials, so careful consideration should be used before filling large numbers of flasks for long-term storage and use.

Flasks of 1, 2, 3, or 4 doses CAN be decanted into new flasks provided the total number of doses in various containers in inventory add up to at least 6. Or they can be decanted into regular empty vials, but in either case the flask will still "shatter" and disappear.

Teplin Macagan near the bank in Oo'glog will decant potions into flasks.

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