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Edit SectionIntroduction

Members iconPrifddinas
The road leading into Prifddinas
The white brick road into the crystal city
Area Tirannwn
Quest required Plague's End

Prifddinas, also known as the Crystal City, is home to the elves. The city was regrown from crystal after the events of the Plague's End quest and so completion of this quest is required to access the city.

Before it was rebuilt in the Sixth Age, the majority of Prifddinas was built by the original elves who travelled to Gielinor with Seren from their home-world of Tarddiad [1], although Seren herself made the Tower of Voices [2]. The city was made octagonal with the Tower of Voices at the centre so that the eight elf clans would have equal access to the tower and its wisdom. It was also built with high outer walls for protection against potential attackers [3].

The buildings of the city were built from crystal seeds brought from their old home and crystal singers sang the city into shape [4]. Seren gave special seeds to the clan leaders so that they could each build a tower of their own in their sectors of the city [5].

The elves lived in peace with Seren until other gods came to Gielinor causing destruction as they all fought to rule the world. Seren fought back but when Guthix awoke and sent the gods away from Gielinor he asked that Seren do also so that Gielinor might no longer be influenced by the gods [6]. Unwilling to leave, Seren shattered herself into crystal fragments so that she could remain with her people [7]. Safe from the gods, the elves remained in the city, keeping themselves separate from the other races of Gielinor as Seren would have wanted.

But some of the elves didn't want to remain isolated from the rest of the world. Clan Cadarn, led by Baxtorian, left the city but as they did so, another clan saw an opportunity to take control [8]. The Iorwerth clan went to war with the other clans, defeating them easily for they had no warriors. In order to prevent Iorwerth ruling the city a ritual was performed to unmake the city and Prifddinas as it was, was no more [9].

After this only the Iorwerth clan remained in the city, or rather the empty field behind the high city walls, though many attempts were made to get back inside. Mourners also regularly emerged from a hole near the east entrance, crossing Arandar to reach western Kandarin but the city was sealed to anyone else. An underground route leading to Prifddinas was discovered, but this had been blocked off, possibly when the city reverted to crystal seed form [10].

The city as it is seen in its current form did not come into being until the Sixth Age. The, then, Lord Iorwerth had found a way into the library that held the capability to regrow the city, but he was overthrown before he could do so [11]. The clan leaders - including the elf that would become the new lord of the Iorwerth clan - rebuilt the city in a new image, signifying a new start for the elves who could finally return home.

Edit SectionLocation

A map showing the location of Prifddinas
Location of Prifddinas

Prifddinas is found in the region of Tirannwn and is located on the western side of the area, north of the Isafdar forest.

Access to the city can be gained in two ways:

  • The main entrance is via a ramp on the southern side. This requires you to navigate your way through the forests of Isafdar, starting near Lletya.
  • A secondary slope is found on the eastern side of the city which can only be reached from the end of the Arandar mountain pass.

Edit SectionPoints of Interest

A map of Prifddinas highlighting the Tower of Voices, the Max Guild and the clan sectors

Players will enter the city via one of the two orange circle.png guarded entrances.

The city itself is made up of 10 sections, 8 of which are for the elf clans. The other two sections are the Tower of Voices and the Max Guild. At this moment in time only 4 of the clan sectors are accessible.

dark green circle.png Tower of Voices
yellow circle.png Crwys sector
green circle.png Cadarn sector
dark red circle.png Iorwerth sector
magenta circle.png Trahaearn sector
purple circle.png Max Guild

On the east side of the city there are some Dungeon stairs down to the Prifddinas Undercity.

Edit SectionTower of Voices

A map showing the key features of the Tower of Voices
Tower of Voices

At the centre of Prifddinas is the Tower of Voices which contains the Lodestone lodestone for the city. The ground floor of the tower is dominated by two booths for the Grand exchange grand exchange clerks and Bank bankers, providing access to the Grand Exchange and bank respectively.

There is also a Distractions diversions D&D to take part in, a Daily challenges challenge mistress (Heriau), Ge herbs someone to decant potions a Loyalty rewards shop loyalty shop representative (Dilwyn) and a blue circle.png crystal singer (Eluned).

To the north-east are several portals for access to: Transportation Daemonheim/sinkholes, Clans portal clan citadels, Minigame player-owned ports and Poh portal player-owned houses. An white circle.png elven estate agent can also be found alongside the house portal.

Also on the outer edge are a red circle.png permanent bonfire and a Farming patch crystal tree patch.

To the south-west stands orange circle.png Ianto who offers an item retrieval service and toy store that match Diango's. Near him is a Holiday event holiday portal which leads to the current holiday event (if one is active).

On the first floor is a memoriam device. Players can place various memoriam crystals that can be found around the city into this device in order to hear the stories the crystals hold. A fragment of the spirit of Seren can also be found on this floor. The first floor is accessed via the black circle.png stairs in the north-east corner of the tower.

Note that although it cannot be seen, the Voice of Seren emanates from the tower. The Voice of Seren blesses one or more of the clans every hour. Skilling activities within city sectors belonging to the affected clan(s) will result in extra XP and, in some cases, extra rewards.

Edit SectionMax Guild

Main article: Max Guild

A map showing the key features of the Max Guild
Key features of the Max Guild

To enter the Max Guild (located in the south-east of the city), players must have at least one skill at level 99 or be eligible to wear the quest point cape - either of these allows entry to the garden area. To enter the guild proper, players will need to be eligible to wear a max cape.

The guild's garden is where dark blue circle.png Elen Anterth can be found. She is a skill master, like Max, and has all her levels at maximum. As with her counterpart, Max, Elen will sell the max cape to qualifying players. Players can also find two Transportation skill portals in the garden, which can be attuned to various high-level training areas. There are also brown circle.png banners which can be unfurled when the requirements for them are met and a orange circle.png replica golden statue of Rhiannon.

On the ground floor of the guild building, players will find Daily challenges Challenge Mistress Heriau who can issue rewards for completing daily challenges. Players will have access to the Grand exchange Grand Exchange and a Bank bank on this floor.

Up the stairs into the guild's tower players will see a red circle.png permanent bonfire, a Transportation combat portal that can be attuned to various high-level combat areas and the cyan circle.png Throne of Fame that will only let those who can wear a completionist cape sit upon it.

Above the the stained glass window behind the throne, 8 crystals can be seen. Each crystal represents one of the elven clans. When the voice of Seren is active over a clan's city sector, the crystal representing that clan will glow.

Edit SectionIorwerth sector

A map showing the key features of the Iorwerth sector
Key features of the Iorwerth sector

The Iorwerth clan is associated with Slayer and melee skills and within their sector players will find activities related to these skills. The whole area is filled with combat targets in the form of the level 122 guards and scouts. Players who wish to find out more about the clan and the city can speak to yellow circle.png Lord Iorwerth or the blue circle.png clan herald.

In the north of the area players will find the slayer master Slayer master Morvran and the entrance to his Distractions diversions weekly D&D, Rush of Blood. To receive a task from Morvan, players need to have at least level 85 Slayer and a combat level of at least 120. There is also a Mini obelisk mini Summoning obelisk located nearby.

The Iorwerth chapel located south of the clan herald houses an Altar altar for recharging Prayer points as well as Lord Iorwerth himself and the Iorwerth workers. The altar offers a hefty boost to the player's melee stats - Attack, Defence and Strength. Players with crystal keys, may want to note the location of the magenta circle.png crystal chest which can be opened with this key for greater rewards than the chest in Taverley.

Edit SectionTrahaearn sector

A map showing the key features of the Trahaearn sector
Key features of the Trahaearn sector

The Trahaearn clan is associated with the Mining and Smithing skills and within their sector players will find activities related to these skills. Players who wish to find out more about the clan and the city can speak to yellow circle.png Lady Trahaearn or the blue circle.png clan herald.

In the northern half of the Trahaearn area, players will find four large boulders around which a variety of runite (north), adamantite (north), mithril (northwest), coal (west) and enhanced gem rocks (east) Mining site mining sites may be found.

In the southernmost building stands an Anvil anvil and a Furnace furnace. North of here is a Farming patch tree patch. The southern area also contains Trahaearn workers which players can pickpocket.

To the west of the tree patch are the five paleblue circle.png Seren stones which can be mined for corrupted ore.

Edit SectionCadarn sector

A map showing the key features of the Cadarn sector
Key features of the Cadarn sector

The Cadarn clan is associated with the Magic and Ranged skills and within their sector players will find activities related to these two skills. Players who wish to find out more about the clan and the city can speak to yellow circle.png Lord Cadarn or the blue circle.png clan herald.

In the east of the area is a small white circle.png flax field, a Loom loom and a Spinning wheel spinning wheel. Players will also find pickpocketing targets in the shape of the Cadarn workers around this area. The entrance to the Max Guild can be found just south of here.

In the south-west of the sector are combat targets in the form of the Cadarn rangers and magi.

North of them is the purple circle.png Tears of Seren fountain that can recharge all types of dragonstone jewellery. Inside the building to the west of the fountain is a Staff shop battlestaff shop run by Haf and an green circle.png elven grimoire. The grimoire allows players to change between the standard and ancient spellbooks as well as between prayers and curses. It also serves as an altar (recharging Prayer points) and provides a boost to the player's Defence, Magic and Ranged.

On the northern edge of the area are two Rare trees magic trees that players can chop for magic logs.

Edit SectionCrwys sector

A map showing the key features of the Crwys sector
Key features of the Crwys sector

The Crwys clan is associated with the Farming and Woodcutting skills and within their sector players will find activities related to these skills. Players who wish to find out more about the clan and the city can speak to yellow circle.png Lord Crwys or the blue circle.png clan herald.

In the north-western section of the Crwys area players will find a Bank and two Farming patch Farming patches: one for bushes and one for herbs. There is also a Farming shop seed and sapling shop run by Coeden and overgrown with ivy which players can chop back.

To the east is a particularly large Transportation spirit tree who is able to send players to other spirit trees they have discovered around the world. Glouron stands next to the tree and will offer information on planting three spirit trees at once to players with level 89 Farming. North of the spirit tree is a Farming patch patch for growing an elder tree.

There are rare trees to cut in the Crwys area too. Players will find two Rare trees yew trees in the northern section and two Rare trees magic trees in the southern section.

All around this sector are Crwys workers that players can pickpocket.

Edit SectionInhabitants

Arianwyn (Lord Cadarn) Lord Crwys
Arawyn chathead
Previously Arianwyn led the elves of Lletya who had rebelled against the then Lord Iorwerth's rule on the city. When the lord was defeated Arianwyn took his place as the leader of the Cadarn elf clan
Lord Crwys chathead
Lord Crwys is the leader of the Crwys elf clan. For many years he held the form of a tree before he was awoken to help rebuild the city.
Arianwyn can be found in the Cadarn section of Prifddinas, east of the Tears of Seren. Lord Crwys can be found in the Crwys section of Prifddinas, north of the farming shop.
Iestin Edern (Lord Iorwerth) Lady Trahaearn
Iestin Edern chathead
Iestin was a researcher under the previous Lord of the Iorwerth clan. He helped to unlock the Grand library located under the city of Prifddinas. He now leads the Iorwerth clan after his predecessor met his end.
Lady Trahaearn chathead
Lady Trahaearn is very old, so old that her body is failing her and she must wear an exoskeleton to keep her mobile. Before the city was rebuilt, she slept within a hidden cave just off of the cavern containing the Well of Voyage. She is the leader of the Trahaearn clan.
Iestin Edern can be found in the Iorwerth section of Prifddinas, near the altar. Lady Trahaearn can be found in the Trahaearn section of Prifddinas, near the Seren stones.

Edit SectionElven Adversaries

Iorwerth scout ( Level 122 | Weak to weak to fire.gif ) Iorwerth guard ( Level 122 | Weak to weak to fire.gif )
iorwerth scout.png Scouts are found in the Iorwerth sector.
iorwerth guard.png Guards are found in the Iorwerth sector.
Cadarn ranger ( Level 122 | Weak to weak to slash.gif ) Cadarn magus ( Level 122 | Weak to weak to arrows.gif )
cadarn ranger.png Rangers are found in the Cadarn sector.
cadarn magus.png Magi are found in the Cadarn sector.

Edit SectionTrivia

  • A series of design documents released in May-June 2014 gave an insight into the city's development.
  • Prifddinas was chosen for development over the Inventor skill in a Player Power poll in January 2014.

Edit SectionReferences

  1. 1 NPC: Cadarn herald - "The great city of Prifddinas was originally built many centuries ago by the original settlers, who travelled here with Seren."
  2. 2 Literature: Prifddinas' history - "Seren proceeded to show them all to a clearing in the forest, where she had already created 'The Tower of Voices', a place for all Elven kind to congregate and the future home of 'The Assembly of Elders'."
  3. 3 Literature: Prifddinas' history - "It was decided that the city should be set out in an octagon with eight walls and eight towers. Each of the eight clans would have its own segment of the city. Each segment would be edged on one side by a city wall with its opposing corner at the city center, where 'The Tower of Voices' is located. This would give each of the clans equal access to hear the words of Seren and equal responsibility for the city's protection in the case of a siege."
  4. 4 NPC: Cadarn herald - "We brought the original materials from our world Tarddiad, as a reminder of the world left behind. But they had Seren beside them, and so the elves prospered. Crystal singers weaved the inert crystal seeds into the beautiful structures that you see today."
  5. 5 Literature: Prifddinas' history - "Seren then provided one special seed for every clan, telling them that each seed should be taken to the center of each clan's segment of the city. Once there, it should be planted where it will develop to form a tower."
  6. 6 NPC: Cadarn herald - "They cut across Gielinor like a forest fire, destroying everything in their path. To save her people, Seren stood against them, though I'm sure she knew what it would cost her. Guthix awoke, disturbed from his slumber by the war raging above and he cast the gods out of the world. Because she had fought them, he demanded Seren leave with the gods."
  7. 7 NPC: Cadarn herald - "She shattered herself and distributed her crystalline essence across the world, knowing that the elves would seek her out and keep her close."
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  10. 10 Quest: Within the Light
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Edit SectionDevelopment Team

Content Team
Developer: James C, Stuart W, Stephen R
Designer: Dave O
Graphics Team
Animation: Hing C
Characters: Zoltan H, Damian C
Environments: Joe R, Alex R
Quality Assurance Team
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Stacey N) Andrew Y, Sarah J, Damian F
Release Testers: Lesleyann W, Kristina S, Mantas J
Audio Team
Audio: Ian T, Adam B, Abbie D
Composers: James Hannigan


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