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Members iconPrifddinas
A map of Prifddinas
The Crystal City
Area Tirannwn
Quest required Plague's End

Prifddinas, also known as the Crystal City, is a large octagonal walled area to the north of Tirannwn, which is presently in the process or re-growing following the events of Plague's End. It has two reachable entrances, both of which are guarded - the south entrance from Isafdar, and the east entrance from Arandar. Mourners regularly emerge from a staircase near the east entrance, crossing Arandar to reach western Kandarin.

Books found in Lletya indicate that the city was erected by Seren prior to the elves' arrival in RuneScape during the Second Age.[1] The city had a large structure known as the "Tower of Voices" at its centre, and the city was made octagonal so that the eight elf clans would have equal access to the tower and its wisdom. During the Fourth Age, the city was seized by the Iorwerth clan, and the elder elves reverted the city to seed form to protect it from the Dark Lord.[2]

During Within the Light, players discover an underground route leading to Prifddinas and learn about the city's reversion to seed form. After the quest, dwarves clear the rockslide that blocks the tunnel. During Plague's End, players use the, now clear, tunnel to access the under-city below Prifddinas and begin the process of re-growing the city.

Prifddinas is scheduled to be released in Autumn 2014. A series of design documents released in May-June 2014 gave an insight into the city's development. The city was chosen for development over the Inventor skill in a Player Power poll in January 2014.


  • As well as the south and east entrances, there is a path leading into the north wall of Prifddinas. There is no gate on this side, however.


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