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Pyramid Plunder

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Dangerous Area
This is a 'Dangerous' area of RuneScape. If you die in this location, you will lose your items


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Raiding the tomb

Tomb raiders: they get everywhere. The guardian mummy of the Tomb of Kings in Sophanem is bored of dealing with them, and has created an area for budding 'archeologists' to distract them from finding his master's tomb.

Pyramid Plunder is a Thieving-based game, in which you enter a pyramid in order to steal its riches. There are eight chambers with increasingly valuable treasures to be plundered, but the ancient Guardian Mummy of the tomb is a cunning beast and has hidden as many traps as he could find.


pyramid plunder location.jpg
The Pyramid's location

As the pyramid is located in Sophanem, you must have started Icthlarin's Little Helper to gain access to Pyramid Plunder.

There are several ways of getting to Sophanem. Those bold enough might like to try trekking all the way through the desert from the Shantay Pass. If you decide to approach this way, you are advised to bring the right supplies with you: desert clothes, a waterskin and a knife (to extract water from cacti along the way).

Otherwise, you can catch one of Ali Morrisane's flying carpets from Pollnivneach for the small fee of 200 coins.

However, by far, the fastest way is to use a charged Pharaoh's sceptre or if you have 91 thieving, a sceptre of the gods (both obtained in this activity), and chose the teleport option: Jalsavrah (the 1st option) which will take you right into the guardian mummy's tomb.

Getting Started


You must have a Thieving level of 21 to enter the Pyramid of Jalsavrah.

Each chamber requires successively greater Thieving levels, so to enter the second treasure chamber you will need 31 Thieving, the third chamber requires 41 Thieving, and so on. The eighth chamber requires a Thieving level of 91 to enter.

You must have a Runecrafting level of 75 to plunder the Engraved Sarcophagus in the eighth chamber.

Recommended Items

Although you could probably get by without them, it is a good idea to take some food and an antipoison potion with you, as there are many traps, some of which are poisoned. If you would like to save money on poison protection, the anti-poison totem reward from Dungeoneering will prove invaluable.

Urns often contain snakes, so you might like to consider bringing along equipment to charm them, which will save some of your antipoison potions for the other poisonous snakes.

A lockpick will prove useful for picking the locks on the doors between chambers. Although doing so will result in receiving half the XP usually rewarded through opening doors.

A ring of wealth will also increase your chances of salvaging a Pharaoh's sceptre, and may improve the items you pilfer from urns. A jewelled gold statue can only be obtained if you are wearing the ring.

A regen bracelet will help restore your health while you are looting.

Activating one of the five-finger discount auras will improve your chances of successfully looting the urns. Depending on the tier of aura used, your chances can improve by as much as 15%.

Finding the Entrance

pyramid plunder chat.gif

Once you have made your way to the Pyramid of Jalsavrah you can either talk to Tarik, who will explain his experiences of the Pyramid to you and warn you of some of the dangers, or you can simply start searching for the real entrance to the tomb.

guardian mummy.gif

The Pyramid has four doors - one on each side - but only one of these is authentic. You will know that you have found the true entrance when you see the guardian mummy standing in the centre of the chamber.

The mummy will explain how the Pyramid works and what you can do with the treasures. When you are ready to begin, click 'I know what I'm doing - let's get on with it'. You will be transported into the first chamber of the tomb.

Plundering the Pyramid


The game lasts for five minutes, during which time you can search any of the urns, chests and sarcophagi that are scattered throughout the chambers. In the earlier chambers you are more likely to find pottery artefacts and ivory combs. The further you go on, the more likely you are to find stone items and, in the later chambers, gold versions of the same artefacts.

You can see how much time you have left by looking at either the time bar or the hourglass, both of which are in the top-right corner of the screen. Which room you are currently in is also displayed here.

Spear Traps

Passing through a spear trap

Before you set about looting each treasure room, though, you will need to deactivate a spear trap. This requires you to click on the closest section of 'trapped' wall.

If you forget to do this, or fail to deactivate it, you will take a small amount of damage and be pushed back to the start of the trapped section.

Releasing Creatures

Opening a sarcophagus

Each urn, chest and sarcophagus requires a check against your Thieving level. The lower your Thieving level, the more likely you are to trigger a trap or release a creature. This may happen several times with the same vessel before your clumsy hands grasp the treasure within. Your chance of getting better loot is increased by wearing a ring of wealth.

Sometimes you will release a scarab swarm when looting chests, or awaken a mummy when searching sarcophagi. These are high level monsters and can do a great deal of damage to lower-level players. It's a good idea to avoid opening sarcophagi if your combat level is not up to dealing with them.

You are less likely to disturb these creatures if you have completed the hard Desert Achievements.


Picking the lock on a tomb door

Once you have finished rummaging through the ancient urns and stealing trinkets from the chest and sarcophagus, or if you simply want to head for the greater treasures, you may set about picking the locks on the four doors in the treasure room. Only one of these doors leads to the next chamber, the others are dead ends.

Selling Your Loot

Simon Templeton

Once your five minutes are up you will be transported outside the Pyramid. You can then make your way to Simon Templeton at the Agility Pyramid to sell your treasures.

If you have reached a certain stage in Dealing with Scabaras, then talked to the Guardian Mummy, you will be able to sell Simon noted pottery, stone and ivory artefacts from the pyramid.

Click here to see the items that Simon will buy and how much he will give you for them.


Your inventory will fill up quickly and your health will deplete rapidly while Plundering, so the ability to bank quickly will be invaluable if you wish to keep their loot or resupply. There are several methods available to bank with:

  • Sophanem banking: After completing Contact!, the bank in the basement of the temple in the north east of Sophanem will be opened for business. Due to its close proximity to the pyramid, this is one of the top banks to use. The Pharaoh's Sceptre or Sceptre of the Gods can be used from the bank to quickly return to the Pyramid.
  • Daemonheim banking: Using the Teleport to Daemonheim option on a Ring of Kinship, you can teleport to Daemonheim, quickly bank at the banker, and use a Pharaoh's sceptre or Sceptre of the Gods to quickly bank and return to the Pyramid slightly more quickly than Sophanem banking.
  • Other methods: There are various other methods, such as banking in Nardah or Shantay Pass using the Magic Carpet network, teleporting close to banks, or walking to other banks are available. However, they generally take more time, use more money, or take up more inventory room than Daemonheim and Sophanem banking, so it is better to use those methods if available.


Pharaoh's Sceptre

Pharaoh's Sceptre

As well as the treasures that you can sell to Simon, you may be fortunate enough to find a pharaoh's sceptre, formerly the property of an ancient king. This sceptre is imbued with certain magical properties that will transport the bearer to any of the three great pyramids: Jalsavrah, Jaleustrophos and Jaldraocht. Your chance of finding a sceptre is increased by wearing the ring of wealth. To equip the sceptre, an Attack level and a Magic level of 30 is needed.

  • Jalsavrah is the pyramid in which you found the sceptre, and this teleport will take you directly into the Guardian Mummy's presence.
  • Jaleustrophos is the Agility Pyramid, and will deposit you near Simon Templeton's camp.
  • Jaldraocht is the pyramid that you must go to if you wish to change your spellbook to Ancient Magicks - provided you have already completed Desert Treasure, of course.

The sceptre normally only holds three charges, but you can recharge it by giving the guardian mummy a number of artefacts from within the pyramid. You will need 24 pottery or ivory artefacts, 12 stone artefacts, 6 gold artefacts or one jewelled golden statuette to recharge the sceptre. Note that if you have completed the hard Desert Achievements, the sceptre's maximum charges will double to six.

Sceptre of the Gods

Sceptre of the Gods

This rare artefact offers 10 teleports as opposed to the three offered by the pharaoh's sceptre. It can be obtained by looting the engraved sarcophagus in the eighth chamber, which requires 91 Thieving to enter the room and 75 Runecrafting to imbue the sarcophagus' magical lock. A Magic level and an Attack level of 30 is needed to wield the sceptre. Also, when wielding this sceptre in Pyramid Plunder, you get the following benefits:

  • 2 new urns will become visible in the last two rooms which provide a better chance of getting good loot.
  • You have an increased chance of obtaining the black ibis armour pieces.

You can recharge it in the same way as the pharaoh's sceptre, but you will need 20 stone artefacts, 10 gold artefacts, 1 jewelled + 4 gold artefacts or 1 diamond statuette in order to recharge the sceptre. Note that if you have completed the hard Desert Achievements, the sceptre's maximum charges will double to 20.

Black Ibis

black ibis mask.gif

Searching the urns or the sarcophagi within Pyramid Plunder will give you a chance of finding a piece of the black ibis set. If you have a sceptre of the gods equipped, this chance increases.

Each piece of the black ibis set you wear increases all Thieving XP gained by 1%, up to a maximum of 700 XP per action. The full set gives a 5% bonus. This boost can stack with other Thieving XP boosts.

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