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Q&A: March VIP Answers

Blog written by Mod MattHe on 7th March 2014
Questions asked by Premier Club Members, answered by Mod Dean, Mod Pi, Mod Moltare, Mod Osborne, Mod Philip, Mod Z, Mod MatK, Mad Maz, Mod Jane, Mod Balance, Mod Infinity and Mod MattHe.

We had so many amazing questions for the VIP Q&A and a number of the Premier Club members were worried they would not see answers to their questions so we decided there were just too many to do in game. We have tried to answer as many as we can and special mention should go to Mod Osborne for the wall of Lore questions he managed to answer :)

There are a tiny handful of questions that we are still getting answers for and they'll be added as and when they are ready. Where multiple questions have been asked on the same issue we have answered just one of them to limit duplication.

Combat and Boss Questions

Bobeme - If the skilling boss loses the poll against the combat boss, will it still see the light of another day? –

Mod Dean:As stated in PTTP information, a losing poll item might be re-polled against something else at a later date.

Laelis - When legacy combat is out, will new quest bosses as well as regular mobs (i.e. such as celestial dragons) be available on legacy? Or will you only develop new content for the EOC. –

Mod Dean:Quest bosses would be legacy friendly, mobs and basic creatures I would expect to be fine. New bosses, likely to use full combat mechanics as otherwise will likely double development times to support both modes.

Lima - Will legacy mode have separate worlds for pvp?

Mod Pi: The plan is to offer legacy only mode worlds yes. The primary reason is PvP, but you should be able to do whatever you want on them.

Timonius 297 - Is there a Nex Hardmode planned?

Mod Dean: I personally would love to see a Nex Hardmode and know that a whole bunch of our team would. Get some big noise and support going on the forums for it and we can see what we can do! :)

Ew No - Why are the auto attack hitsplat are extremely hard to see?, the only way i can tell that i have hit with an auto attack is if i do not see the red hitsplat (damage caused by using an ability

Mod Pi: We are currently reviewing hitsplats at the moment. The auto-attack one being hard to see is a common point raised so I would expect this to be addressed soon.

l Elysium - Can we expect an update to poison anywhere soon? Will disease return? If not, why not?

Mod Pi: There is a poison update on our TODO list it we will get round to it in time. No, there are currently no plans to bring back disease. It was never seen as effective as was basically a troll mechanic. There are much better ways to affect a players stats which are targeted at specific stats and we feel this is more effective.

Nc Rapid - How are you going with the legacy mode future update? Any progress that you can tell us?

Mod Pi: We are currently working on bringing back as many old interfaces for you as we can :)

deuSapphirus - Is the old combat level calculation going to be optional?

Mod Pi: No, the calculation that was decided in the last vote is going to be universal. The core reason for this is so you have a way to compare yourself against other players/npc's.

Ashes630 - Will more slayer monsters have their drops reworked?

Mod Pi: I believe more drop table reworks are in the works yes, you're better off asking Mod Timbo that one. Mod Timbo:

Echned Zekin - Will we ever get more high-level (tier 70+) non-degradable equipment, and if not then why?

Mod Pi: Maybe, we're reluctant to though, as we add more and more armour it becomes apparent that non-degradable armour quickly gets flooded in the market leading to the prices for that item slowly falling over time. With degradable armour, the items constantly filter though the economy and hold their value better. Those that don't degrade to dust and can be repaired are there as a slow money sink as there is far too many coins in the system, mostly on the kinds of accounts who would use degradable armour. With the current values of time/repair cost we're confident that you can get your monies worth :)

Mr G W - Will concentrated blast ability get nerfed?

Mod Pi: This old question seems you guys want it nerfed as you keep on asking :P See below.....

Parulsc - What are the plans in order to balance the different combat styles?

Mod Pi: The initial plan is to analyse the potential damage output of ALL abilities to see where we are currently. After this I can normalise damage across styles, not necessarily flat but balanced. After this we will look at the utility each class has and compare this to the general feel we believe each style should have making sure that each style has enough tools in it's arsenal to be effective.

Community Questions

- What plans do you have to make RuneScape more of a community again?

Mod Jane:I think RuneScape has a great community, I should know, I’ve been a part of that community since 2005 myself, however, as with any community it has its ups and downs. Saying that, this year feels like it will be the best ever. With the Power to the Player polls this is bringing Jagex as a studio even closer to the community than ever before. We have over 70 J-Mods on Twitter now so you can probably find your most favourite J-Mod and chat to them there, these are all things new to 2014 and we haven’t even started yet!

- When is Jagex releasing names? How will Jagex do it so people wont stack names?

Mod Jane:This is something that the Customer Support team are working on. I’ll speak to them soon to see how far they are.

- Can you confirm a RuneFest 2014?

Mod Jane:There will be a RuneFest 2014, keep your eyes peeled on the RuneFest forum and the RuneScape front page for information as well as follow @runefest on twitter

- What kinds of things does CM have in the pipeline?

Mod Jane:CM always have things bubbling in the background. For me right now, my focus is RuneFest so I’m looking forward to that, as well as more events like the recent GameBlast event we had in the studio a couple of weeks back. Visits for players to the Studio are extremely popular, so would love to see more of this too!

- Will there be any more VIP exclusive items or worlds available at some point? Or even priority to test certain content (new minigames, skill betas etc)?

Mod Jane: I haven’t heard anything about items or worlds. What I am working on is a VIP forum so those of you that have Gold Premier membership will have access to so long as you have your VIP forum badge!

- Will the VIP Premiere club Members get to know the dates of Runefest 2014 earlier than others? Will VIP's get to buy the tickets to Runefest before everyone else?

Mod Jane: I haven’t thought that far ahead, last year we didn’t have any VIP tickets, we had one price one ticket. As for letting VIPs know first, we’ve always treated all our RuneFest attendees as VIPs as they get the heads up on ticket sales.

PMod Questions

Mr Muto - Are the community team actively looking to increase the PMod team? If so, will the criteria be changing or are you still looking for those heavily involved in the community?

Mod Infinity:Absolutely! We recruit new PMods onto the team on a weekly basis – our criteria has remained the same for quite some time now, focussing more on community and event engagement over reporting.

Tetsus - Can a person with a botting offence become a pmod, a jmod or some rank, or will they always remain as a normal player?

Mod Infinity:Players who have serious offences on their account, such as macro offences won’t be considered for Player Moderator status.

Fronex - I Have a Question About P-Mods And How To be One Of Them? (Getting Your Attention) And What are The Requirements To Be One?

Mod Infinity:Information on how to become a Player Moderator can be found on our wiki: Player Moderators

Yoops - How are player moderators selected and how many are selected per month/year?

Mod Infinity:Player moderators are selected for their community contributions and spirit. On average around 80 players are invited to the PMod scheme a month, though this is subject to change!

Chusid - Historically, the CM team recruits for the volunteer role of Player Moderator through a "Don't call us, we'll call you" approach. Why is this the perceived best way of recruiting them? Don't you think that face-to-face (or pixel-to-pixel) confrontation is much better then background checks and silent vocals? Surely someone will look different on paper then in person, no? Also, would you like to share any plans to quash stereotypes and false perceptions on Pmods? I see so many!

Mod Infinity:Thanks for your feedback on how we recruit Player Moderators. ‘Face to face’ chat would be very time intensive and would halt the recruitment process up considerably if we had to chat with a person ‘live’ in game before inviting them. There’s no real plans to quash any stereotypes, as the PMods actions and words in game and at events do that anyway!

Nc Rapid FX - Is Jagex taking back the "Player mod" status from players? I mean, I barely can see Pmods now!

Mod Infinity:Player Moderators are removed from the position for a number of reasons, it may be due to inactivity, account security of we’ve noticed some ‘not-so-modly’ behaviour on their account.

Nc Rapid FX - Are you going to add new people with Player mod and Forum mod to the game? BECAUSE spanish servers are quite abandoned by Jmods and there isnt any Fmod that can give order to the posts and threads in there :c

Mod Infinity:We’re always looking to increase the number of Player & Forum moderators in our language communities – watch this space!

Walmart Boss - Does JaGeX plan on adding new player moderators to the game?

Mod Infinity:We’re always looking to add more Player Moderators into the game and currently add around 20 new PMods a week.

102alpha - How do you select pmods and fmods? This part of CM always seemed so mysterious and intriguing.

Mod Infinity:Information about how PMods are selected can be found on our wiki page, but a good attitude, a community focused spirit and event engagement are things we look for.

Inerthia - Will VIPs get a higher chance to become a player moderator ?

Mod Infinity:VIPs, members and free to play accounts all have the same chance of becoming a Player Moderator, they aren’t a factor when checking if an account is eligible for PMod status.

Old School RuneScape Questions

Nos128 - Can you bring the GE to oldschool?

Mod MatK:There is a lot of demand for a solution to the trading issues that players are facing. However, the GE may not be the ideal solution for it. What you need to remember is that we can create any solution we like to the problems and it doesn’t have to be the Grand Exchange that was released originally. We need to have a serious conversation with the community so together we can create the best solution for Old School . Once we are agreed on a way forward we can poll the update and act on the result.

rokv - I've been trying to find out if Stealing Creations is even a possibility in the future of Old School Runescape?

Mod MatK:We can make a minigame with similar mechanics and rewards to Stealing Creations. We do not have the graphics to make it look the same though. What you need to think about is what about Stealing Creations you want to experience, is it the gameplay, the rewards or the graphics? Whether a Stealing Creation type of game gets into game purely lies with the community, whether they want it and how much of a priority it is. As with every other update, it will need to pass a poll.

Graphics Questions

Ferenc2017 - Are there plans to give the skillcapes a graphical rework?

Mod Dean:With recent tech and engine improvements we’d be looking to give key items an update to show these off and as Skillcapes are quite iconic they would be prime candidates. Of course we realise that Skillcapes are something that are close to the players’ hearts so we’d make sure we talked to them before making any significant changes

KittySynz Cx - Is there any plan in the future to update the look of the quest cape?

Mod Dean:Like the skillcapes, the quest cape is quite an iconic item so we’d love to be able to give the players an update that really knocked their socks off but again we’d have to tread carefully and gather some opinions from players before making any radical changes

Mavrick882 - Are the abyssal demons still going to be graphically updated? If so when do you project that content being added?

Mod Dean: The abyssal demons have been updated graphically. There are a few tweaks that we need to do but they’re almost ready to go. The best answer I can give you is “soon” J

Solomon's General Store & Treasure Hunter Questions

Alternis - On the subject of promotions, are there any plans to bring back the Ornate Katana? It looks incredible, and I've always wanted one. Is there also any plausibility of the Shadow Sets making a return?

Mod Salvyn:Not as of yet. We’re always interested to see what players would be interested in getting their hands on though, so we’ll take it into consideration!

Wingleader - Will an aviansie outfit ever be considered or in the works for the new quest? (SGS)

Mod Salvyn:It is something that has been considered in the past. We released the God Themed outfits during WE2, however we didn’t want to create an identical god-looking outfit. The Armadyl wings are now available in SGS, and we’ll continue to consider the possibility of a full Armadyl themed outfit, but that may be a while off.

Draconis V - - What happend to the free Solomon store item each month? We did not get a free item for some time now.

Mod Salvyn:These are back in the SGS as of yesterday! Check out the store, as well as the SGS forum for more details on the 3 free items.

Bobeme - Will there be additional non-MTX ways of obtaining hearts of ice such as converting our daily spins?

Mod Salvyn:Not at the moment, however we’re happy with the way everyone has embraced the Hearts of Ice. We have plans with them for the near future, and we’re always looking out for feedback on them – so it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for and let us know how you’re finding them.

Becky - Are there any plans to bring out a Farming outfit, similar to other skill-boosting outfits?

Mod Salvyn:This is something that we’re looking into as a team, but want to make sure it comes in at the right time. It is the last one, after all, so we don’t want to rush it!

Skill Questions

Dozing Panda - When will Construction rework take place? I'd love to see the forgotten skill be popular again. I just miss the popularity of house parties and sharing your fun houses with friends.

Mod Dean:Currently no ETA sorry this work hasn't started and isn't likely to this year.

Yoops - Is there still talk about the agility re-work?

Mod Dean:There has been talk, though nothing has started development or is likely to in the coming months.

Dr Gospodar - And thieving is both annoying and a bore to train, are there any plans for some new thieving content?

Mod Dean:Not currently

Ecchi Tag - Will there be change to runecrafting skill as of right now people rely on runespan to train runecrafting however no rune will bring into the game this way. This makes this skill dead content since only source for rune are from monster drop.

Mod Dean:We currently have no plans at the moment to do this.

Mavrick882 - Skill Reworks -There's quite a few skills that are in need of a rework, and some we've already heard about updates to fix them up (Agility, Construction, Mining, Smithing, Summoning). The construction update was planned for 2013, but obviously that didn't make it out on schedule. Q: Can we get an updated ETA on the release schedule of those updates? Q: Will the summoning update include a graphical update to the familiars?

Mod Dean:No, we can't give ETA's on potential updates that were mentioned previously. Its safe to say that many of the projects mentioned were not currently in development and are still not.

Invention Questions

Chronicle 22 - Are you still planning on adding the inventor skill?

Mod Moltare:We've not canned Inventor! While it's not currently in active development, we're keeping the design up to date with new additions to the game. Most probably, we'll put it as an option in a PttP poll at an opportune time. I'm personally still very keen to see it happen.

Irish Shaman - Will the Inventor skill incorporate other artisan such as Smithing or Crafting as well as using divine energy from the Divination skill

Mod Moltare:The plan for Inventor was, and still is, that it should tie into artisan skills similarly to how divination ties into gathering skills - so tools to make your life better while doing those artisan skills will feature. The current design also intends to use the products of those other artisan skills in some training methods available to Inventor - although exactly how is still up in the air at this stage. I really want you to feel that your levels in other production skills have a positive effect on your Inventor abilities, and vice-versa

Mini Game Questions

Rebel Dragon - What are the immediate future plans for revamping skills and minigames? Some of this was talked about at Runefest. I really feel it would help Runescape to not feel as bogged down by "dead" content if the skills (smithing, firemaking, etc) and minigames were updated to be relevant and useful to players in modern RS.

Mod Dean: "Dead" content is something we will focus on in certain areas, a skilling rework / addition can come at great development cost so it may need to be put to the players vote against something of equal size.

ToFuToFuToFu - Is there plan for a minigame regarding divination?

Mod Dean: Currently we have no plans for this, we would also like to address "dead" mini games before doing too many more.

Kahule - Regarding the recent Heist mini-game, can we expect more "maps" to play within?

Mod Dean: YES! If there is a demand for more maps we can make them! Let us know on forums and social outlets if this is something you would like!

Magebit - Will we ever see a system that allows for queuing of minigames and bosses across all worlds to help players interested in lesser-played content find each other whilst being able to perform productive things instead of sitting in a game lobby?

Mod Dean: Yes! This is one of the key projects our development teams are looking at in the very near future! :)

Jedi Invoker - @Mod Dean: Will all the minigames that are combat based have updated challenge and rule setting options to accommodate setting limits on abilities or combat style? (for example unlimited momentum only wars at clan wars, or legacy mode only sessions)

Mod Dean: This is something we may have to consider on a case by case basis. For something like Duel Arena we would certainly add this as a fight rule option.

Clan Questions

Averall - Will there be any updates for the Citadel? Like more skilling plots or updates to avatars and ETC?

Mod Maz:Nothing in the order of new skilling plots or tiers, however we are planning continual improvement projects such as recalling avatars to the citadel that should make Clan Admin lives much easier.

Meet Dave - The clan broadcast system would work much better if we could type in our own events/own locations as there is a limited choice at the moment and some locations are not included

Mod Maz:Free text entry is not supported with the broadcast system as we would then need a whole new team and system to report and monitor this - that is why we have gone for the option we have in development. We will take suggestions on other things you want to see added to the list though!

Meet Dave - I also heard that clan avatars might be able to be paid for 4 weeks instead of the 1, is this still going ahead?

Mod Maz:This has been passed on to the ninja team! ;)

Hils - Are there any plans to update the citadel? Maybe new rewards such as titles and cosmetic clothing to advertise your clan.

Mod Maz:No plans in place currently - we are happy with the current tiers and plots and after the XP tweak they seem to be working perfectly. New rewards we will always bear in mind but we aren't planning to add any.

Natrawn - Are there any future clan-related updates in the works? Details?

Mod Maz:Lots! Clan group teleports, a rewrite to the interfaces and permissions system to name but a few.

G0d vs D3vil - i want to ask are you bringing back clan cup competitions again

Mod Maz‘:Yes! We are planning to run the Clan Cup this year - watch this space :)

TheR1senDead - I would like to know if there will ever be a rework to clans. I have a list of ideas for clans/citadels you may be interested in reading: Being able to track who has the clan avatar (or who logged out with it).K88

Mod Maz:This is being investigated, however it is unlikely that the fine grain of tracking the avatar will be possible. It might be possible to tell you who last took it out however.

TheR1senDead - - Making clan avatars much less cumbersome to carry around. With my daily routine of big chinchompa, warbands, Kalphite King, doing the pit while training agility, it's really hard to keep the avatar out for long periods of time. It would be nice if instead of a giant rock following me, it was like a small rock hovering around me. Also would be nice if it wasn't restricted in so many places and wasn't counted as a follower.(right click actions for the avatar being on the avatar warden.)

Mod Maz:Unfortunately the avatar has to be a familiar as there are many technical limtations on where we can take other npc's in the game.

TheR1senDead - - Being able to change buffs on the build tick (or maybe every other build tick), rather than rebuilding the whole habitat (maybe introducing new buffs people will want to use).

Mod Maz:This is something we can add to our list of suggestions for invetigation

TheR1senDead - - Making the citadel a place would want to hang out and skill (like adding a furnace/anvils for normal smithing, maybe trees to woodcut or rocks to mine).

Mod Maz:Not possible due to balancing regarding numbers of resources and players contending for them.

TheR1senDead - - Automatic ranking of clanmembers when they reach certain milestones. Like x people recruited, x amount of clan xp gained which would be customizable.

Mod Maz:Sounds like a very complex system. Technically doable but not convinced it's worth the time as there is no one system fits all for this so it would have to allow for all sorts of eventualities.

TheR1senDead - - Automatic total level locks for the clan, (to prevent people from inviting people that don't meet requirements) and could be overridden by higher ranks.

Mod Maz:Sounds like a very complex system. Technically doable but not convinced it's worth the time as there is no one system fits all for this so it would have to allow for all sorts of eventualities.

TheR1senDead - - More perks we can give ranks below admin (more xp in the citadel per rank-up would be an example, but not the best example).

Mod Maz:Would need to know exactly what the perks were.

SafetyThird - Will the Clans and Citadel Interfaces be improved to be more user friendly and encourage clan-related events that can be viewed on the player's User Interface? If so, will there be a system in place that could be potentially incorporate events, gatherings, etc.?

Mod Maz:There already is! The Noticeboard. Currently accessible via your clan interface.

Odin OneEye - Could something be set up to use extra citadel orts as 'payment' for something citadel related - i.e. experience you don't have to work for or experience that goes directly to improving the citadel?

Mod Maz:Maybe. This is something we are looking into - but no details yet.

knuffel mam - is it possible that if you are in a clan something very special sending to al your clan members ?

Mod Maz:We are not planning to introduce a mailing or offline messaging system currently - the data storage requirements would be substantial, among other challenges.

Mel Tinpoint - It's hard to manage a large multinational clan if you have a rank and job structure that relies on members capping, as you have to hop to many worlds to check their cap. This would be easier if a members cap (or even just the fealty rank) was shown on the clan settings/clan mate settings interface.

Mod Maz:Not possible as the data is stored on the individual players and can not be accessed if they are not on the same world.

Addict Dream - When will we be able to temporarily timeout/mute individual clan members without having to kick them fully.

Mod Maz:Probably with the clan permission rewrite.

Luthrienne - i manage our citadel. Many Clanmembers are working hard on the citadel, but some donst and we have diskussions about that. Only the 3 leading Clanmember are able to see, who was on strike (and oly on the same world). i think a sign, A sheet of paper on the citadel, simple a list of all clan member including there (detailed) work placed on the citadel , readable by all clanmembers should help.

Mod Maz:Not possible as the data is stored on the individual players and can not be accessed if they are not on the same world.

Tech Questions

Nicotrol - Hello, I would love to know when HTML5 will be officially released ? Also, you mentioned a while ago that you were working on a stand alone client for the game, is it still planned ?

Mod Philip: HTML5 is available to play now - we are unlikely to make any significant changes to it in the future, as the underlying technology is not really fast enough for our player base to have a good experience in it. It is still supported though, and is being used as a basis for some work on other client technology which should turn out a lot better (but we are not sure when it will be ready yet).

Stefani - Why have the Mac graphics issues never been fixed, and why has discussion of this topic from JMods been taboo?

Mod Philip: I don't believe it is taboo. I imagine it is more that none of the JMods in our support teams use Macs, or have any information on them. There are some mac issues that have been fixed. Others are difficult to reproduce, and a lower priority for us than issues in Windows, due to the lower volume of players affected.

GnomePoop - Are you planning on making RuneScape available to play on other devices, such as tablets?

Mod Philip: It is something we have looked at. We are not sure that the user interface to the game is going to be very transferable to touch controlled devices though.

Maximaniac - How can you ensure the community that measures are being taken to prevent bots ruining the game again causing players to leave RuneScape?

Mod Philip: We have a number of systems that can detect bots, and we can choose to be more proactive about removing them if it becomes a major problem again.

Kauffdiggity - With 3D technologies like the oculus rift product making a debut do you ever see runescape becoming a 3D experience? Has this idea ever been thought of or considered?

Mod Philip: RuneScape is already a 3D experience! We have integrated Occulus Rift support into some of our tools and also into some possible future technology for RuneScape. I would certainly say that at some point it might turn up in the game itself...

Nos128 - Can you make it so I can play rs3 and old school at the same time on one account?

Mod Philip: The problem here is that a number of our core systems in the game require an exclusive write lock on various data structures, and therefore two games cannot both be played at the same time (e.g. your friends list/ignore list, bits of how your save games work). Additionally, things like friends chats are written in a way that expects that you are only on one server, so this would require a fair bit of work.

Misc Questions

Bobeme- What’s currently being worked on and what is there yet to come for the NIS?

Mod Z: We are currently working on: • A Customisable Ribbon • A Smoother and more responsive bank • A Bank worn panel, equipping straight from bank and destroying items straight from bank • A set of Combat target panel improvements- allow it to be undocked and moved around the screen; make it more responsive and better reflect the state of the opponent • A New mid-size worn equipment interface state, akin to pre-rs3 version (slots connected by lines in the shape of how they’re worn by the player) • An Always-on Chat mode - keybinds focused on chat, no actionbar/window/navigation keybinds active • And the Legacy mode Interfaces

ArtemisIV - Does Jagex have any plans to make more of the action bars available simultaneously at some point in the future?

Mod Z: This is a much desired feature from our players, which we definitely have considered and want to do at some point. Making this possible does however involve large and tricky technical changes to the action bar, and is unfortunately not one of our highest priorities at the moment. .

Mental Wyro - Is there any plans to repair the Orb of Occulus 100% to functionality? Last I used it, fly-mode was still a tad glitchly when it came to ground-camera angles.

Mod MattHe: We are really keen to get the Orb sorted and we have done a bunch of engine work that should really help with that - it is now waiting on the completion of that engine work and then the application of that to the Orb, but we are working on it :)

Su P - I've heard that either "120" skillcapes or 200m skillcapes were discussed during the GamesBlast livestream, is there any truth to this and if so when can we expect to read more on the subject?

Mod Balance: There is truth in that, yes. Since then, we’ve released loads more information including an FAQ by Mod Oliver at QFC 16-17-129-65309399. Master skillcapes will be awarded to those who have 104,273,167 XP in a skill – the virtual equivalent of 120.

Quest and Lore Questions

Dinstruction - It's been a year since The World Wakes, so will Gielinor advance to Year 2 of the Sixth Age?

Mod Osborne:The real-time passing of years doesn't affect RuneScape. We were on Year 169 for so, so long! I imagine that we were at the end of year 169 before World Wakes, and we have only just started the first year of the 6th Age. Barely any time has passed.

Ferenc2017 - And is there something you can tell us about the ef city?

Mod Osborne: You'll get to see the design overview soon! Then you'll be able to give feedback and change it for the better. In terms of new info, the Elf City will live in a crater, where Seren shattered herself into pieces.

Lvtheeb - how many 6th age quests gonna be released this year?

Mod Osborne:That really is up to you! One or two quests this year will be available for player vote, so you can decide if we do more 6th Age quests. Aside from these, I can name four Sixth Age quests that are yet to be released.

Lvtheeb - is there any chance of the fate of the gods quest (zaros quest) to be promoted to grandmaster cause it deserves

Mod Osborne:It is grandmaster! Don't worry, it will be suitable challenging.

Meet Dave - Can we expect to interact with the elf city in reverted form?

Mod Osborne: Kind of. We're at early stages with the Elf City and Mourning's End Pt III, but there are plans to visit the city in a few forms.

Meet Dave - Can we expect more lore behind the meaning of the death altar and why thorgel found it so easily?

Mod Osborne: I don't believe this is a focus of Mourning's End Pt III, sorry. It addresses plenty more, though.

Meet Dave - Can we expect West ardougne to be modernized and finding out that the plague was a lie?

Mod Osborne: I would love for West Ardougne to find out the plague was a lie! I'm not so sure about West Ardougne. though. We'll focus on bringing one new city to life this year.

Kazne - Will "The Fate Of The Gods" Require the completion of 5th age quests, such as Ritual of the mahjarrat?

Mod Osborne: The BTS makes this clear. Do read to find out why.

Kygromike - What are your plans on quest rewards? Do you think it would be possible to make all experience rewards into lamps? All it would do is make the experience rewards optional and players would get more of a say. It would also allow skiller/pure accounts to do quests like the Mort Myre series and such. While I do think it should be just added to some quests as a 1def pure shouldn't have turmoil, I still think you should take it into consideration.

Mod Osborne: Our design approach to this does seem to change a fair amount! I'd like to make it consistent, and I've noted to look into this. Basically, it's great to end a quest and get level up fireworks, but also some players prefer not to gain certain XP. More news soon, hopefully (if we find time)

Tracker Bear - How many quests will we be getting this year, and what will they be about? I know for a faact that i'm looking forward to the Reaturn of Zaros series and the opening of Priffdinas is closely tied with that series. Though will there be other Quests (either singular ones or series') that will be coming out this year?

Mod Osborne:Glad you're looking forward to them! I can't tell you how exciting it is to work on them. We have more quests this year than last year, and we are actively working on five as we write. There should be a couple more by year's end too.

Aare59 - will the new quests be as fun and easy to understand as world wakes or will they have wery hard puzzles (for me) like in mournings end part2 ?

Mod Osborne: A mixture is the best answer. Fate of the Gods focuses a little more on combat encounters with slightly gentler puzzles, but other quests will take a different tack.

Zoinkwiz - Melzar the Mad and the Oracle both make reference to 'custard', much as Melzar does refer to the Stone of Jas as the 'Cabbage of Jas'. What is being referenced when custard is discussed?

Mod Osborne:I've talked it over with the original developer of the content, and he claims that it's just nonsense. He was smiling when he said it, though.

Titan Fall - When will the zaros quest be out?

Mod Osborne:End of March. Grab a cocoa, turn the volume up, and lose yourself in it.

Becquerel - Are Seren and Zaros related in any way?

Mod Osborne:Play Fate of the Gods and find out if there is any sort of connection!

Totem - What I've been wondering for quite a bit now is if there will be a continuation on the quests regarding the real elder gods such as Jas, Ful and Freneskae the Creator?

Mod Osborne:I think you can be sure of it.

Totem - Also will this perhaps tell us who exactly the other two elder gods are? There are 5 of them and we (as the community) are only aware of the presence of 3 of them.

Mod Osborne:You'll know more by the end of March. I can feel it in my bones.

Poseidon986 - 2nd) Wanted to ask about the new upcoming quest in the month of March, "The world gate". So is this quest really going to be related to the mahjarrat homeland and is this "homeland" accessible to the players at anytime after the quest?

Mod Osborne: The World Gate quest is one and the same as Fate of the Gods, by the way. But yes, there will be some relation to the Mahjarrat homeland, and you might even get to go there!

Tyro76 - Hiya Jmods! For years now we've been getting awesome content involving the mahjarrat, such as RoTM, TWW, and MPD. However, there's been a large lack of anything involving Hazeel in-depth. As one of the lore-wise more powerful mahjarrat and close ally of Zamorak, he'd be a great feature towards mending majarrat-zamorak relations. Q: Will he ever return (even for people that did not side with him) and receive his own content?

Mod Osborne:Hazeel's a difficult one, as he is alive for some and not for others. I'd like to flesh him out a bit more, and you'll certainly find out more in the upcoming Mahjarrat Memories content.

Krakas - How long can we expect to wait until the Fate of the Gods quest?

Mod Osborne: It's coming in a matter of weeks!

Badrang ownz - would hati and skoll be a perm update to runescape each winter???

‘‘‘Mod Osborne’‘‘:I think you can be farely sure that they will make an appearance - in some form or other - every year.

xSoulgazer - Is there any lore to the guardians ward and the lesser shield a spirit guardian drops in dung?

Mod Osborne: None currently. Sorry!

Dombo 12 - Hows the devoloping of the new high level elven city going?

‘‘‘Mod Osborne’‘‘:It's going well! The design overview has been agreed, and I'm fleshing out details for the design document - the final stage before implementation. I'm hoping to get you all to look over the design document so that we can implement your feedback.

Dombo 12 - Now World Event 2 ended and Bandos died, means Armadyl is in the winning had of Sliske's competition. Will there be soon a quest with more information/results of the competition so far?

Mod Osborne: That is the aim. This year, we have at least one quest planned that continues the 'Sliske Games' theme.

CovahYdoolB - When can we look forward to seeing "The New" Armadyl "The God Crusher" and if his victory will change who he is, Boasting / Evil Side, before or after he decides to face Sliske. Will he bond with his brethren and stop this madness or kill all in The Wake of Gielinor's Teary Eyed destruction along with whomever or whatever gets in the way "even a Player." To die for his sins or to hold them high bestowing all that follow him to do the same. In other words Story is What I want and when can I get it?

Mod Osborne: What a very poetic question! If you want to get answers to your questions, pick the Rite of Passage in the upcoming quest poll.

Magni Magum - Will the Kharidian desert be fertile like it was when the Pharao Queen lived? I mean, with jungles and al that thing?

Mod Osborne: That would be fantastic - to return it to its First Age/Second Age form. Never say never, but this is not currently in our plans.

x Tess - 2.When are you planning on releasing Menaphos? It's been on the map for years, pretty much like Prifddinas.

Mod Osborne: That is true - it's something we would like to do. The Elf City should be first, but I can see Menaphos being part of the Desert Series culmination.

x Tess - 3.Are you planning on releasing the Soul altar? Or is it never going to happen? It's been in the abyss for YEARS and RuneSpan came out and the soul altar still isn't out.

Mod Osborne:There is a chance that the Soul Altar will be out soon. It's dependent on player votes.

x Tess - 4.Would you consider releasing a soul rune-heavy spellbook with the release of the Soul altar? Or a new spellbook in general? It has been a while...

Mod Osborne:Not a new spellbook - that would be going too far, in my opinion. But it would be good to find more reasons to use soul runes.

x Tess - 5.Are we ever going to see Iban return to the Underground Pass? I would really like to learn more about the backstory of Iban and I would love it if he came back in a new quest.

Mod Osborne:Underground Pass will likely get a light graphical improvement with the Elf City, and there is a possiblity - again, based on player polls - that he may play a part in future content. More news soon.

x Tess - 11. Is something going to happen to Iban's slaves? After defeating Iban his slaves remain in the Underground Pass without any purpose and to me that doesn't make any sense.

Mod Osborne:I appreciate that. We'll see if we can find an explanation or a role for them in the future. Consider me prompted.

Iechyd - Is there a Plan in place to introduce more new gods into RuneScape?

Mod Osborne:We have to be careful with this sort of thing. Being a god should be exclusive, and having many new gods wandering around would lessen the existing lore. New gods should be used sparingly, and only if they add something particularly new and engaging.

Iechyd - And if so, will they have emissaries?

Mod Osborne: We have to finish the existing god emissaries! I'm hoping that we still get to do these in the future, even though they weren't successful in the poll.

Real Numind - We will have other battles with Gods? Im looking forward a Zaros fight!

Mod Osborne:Other god fights will occur, and not only in World Events.

Squakus - Was the concept for Sliske's behavior based on the character Richard from the webcomic Looking for Group?

Mod Osborne:Not at all! At least, not from my perspective. I'll add that to my reading list.

MsPernix - Will Seren and/or Zaros ever be revived?

Mod Osborne:Yes and yes.

Granzeboma - Are there any plans with the strange machinary in the pollnivneach slayer dungeon? A while back Mod Mark said there was but so far nothing has been said.

Mod Osborne: He was likely referring to the graphical rework that was done to that dungeon. Otherwise, Mod Mark might have had plans for the future of the desert storyline, which will appear in a poll soon.

SqualI - Which RuneScape gods presides over chinchompas?

Mod Osborne:Good question! Sadly, most gods see little use for the less sentient races. I would imagine Armadyl would be more welcoming of the beasts of the world, while Bandos would have had a very different kind of fondness for chinchompas.

SqualI - Is there a RuneScape God that we are unaware of and what is their name?

Mod Osborne:You'll find out about a long-dead god in Mahjarrat Memories.

SafetyThird - Are the players going to have more of a say as to how the God Wars go about? Are the Upcoming or Future World Events going to be hosted in Shared-Instance Worlds like the Clan Citadels or are the events going to stay as they have previously in the two wars?

Mod Osborne:Players will have democratic choices like the world events, but also solo input via quests. It will be a delicious cake made of a mixture of the two.

SafetyThird - Will the Players be rewarded/penalized for their previous decisions in previous world events?

Mod Osborne: Dialogue will change, but you will not be penalised. Any rewards could be different, but would be balanced so that players didn't feel like they missed out.

Xenadu - Will the next World Event have similar rewards to World Events 1 & 2?

Mod Osborne:Rewards-wise, I couldn't tell you. We simply don't know at this point. Sorry!

Xenadu - When will Tuska arrive on Gelienor?

Mod Osborne:Her harbingers have arrived, so she can't be far behind. It may not be this year, but she approaches.

Heyfoa - How many World Events are planned after the 3rd World Event?

Mod Osborne:That would be telling! Even we don't know. We know the World Events we would like to do, but player feedback and polls will really determine what we do.

Vulthurkrah - Since the Bird and the Beast event concluded with Bandos' Death, I was curious to ask if there would be the possibility of there being a Tribute to Bandos event, similar to the one for Guthix. Have you considered creating an event somewhere along those lines?

Mod Osborne:This is a great idea that a few of us have had here in the office. I can't really say more than that.

Aisurein - and will the outcome of the gielinor be decided in popularity contests (world events) or in the choices teh player made in the god quests?

Mod Osborne:A mixture. The proportions of that mixture will change based on polls and player feedback, but the intention is that there will be some decisions made on a global, community scale, and others will be for you and you alone in quests.

Ju1ia - Hello! I am asking if the developers for the elf city are going to take into account some suggestions that players have posted in the forums. Some ideas include: ----Crystal Mine (mining in the Elf city) (Quick find code: 260-261-445-63783139) ----Crystal Labyrinth (Quick find code: 260-261-578-65267721) (agility in the elf city) My idea is that the Elf mine and the Crystal Labyrinth could be tied together.

Mod Osborne: Lovely ideas. Actually, I had already looked at these ideas when I was designing the city, and the crystal mine in particular influenced the design

LR - when will the Elf City be Released?.

Mod Osborne:It will be released in two batches of four clans. The first batch is planned for September, the other later in the year.

Pale Wraith - Can we expect to see more storylines regarding Char in the Sixth Age? If so, any hints?

Mod Osborne:Absolutely! Zaros is core to the Sixth Age, and Char is loyal to the end.

Masa Bahamut - Hey there J-Moddys, please have a look at this and let me know what you think. I believe it is well worth the look, especially after I re-developed it… - The Sacred Sages - HLF - Quick find code: 260-261-645-65277401 - The Sacred Sages - Quick find code: 185-186-178-65277387 Thanks for your time! My question is, what do you think of it?

Mod Osborne: I have bookmarked it to read later. I have a few questions to answer, but I will endeavour to drop in and give it a read later. Hopefully you will see me posting feedback at the end of the thread in the coming weeks.

Jimmy3000102 - Will you be able to smith/mine crystal items at the elf city when it comes out for the new high level training?

Mod Osborne:I would be surprised if you didn't!

x Tess - Is the Iban blast coming back? Since the Iban staff is pretty useless without it's blast.. No one ever uses it.

Mod Osborne:This may well be changing with the Legacy Mode changes. I'm not the best person to answer that one, I'm afraid. Pester Mod Chris L!

Draconis V - Are there any plans for Arposandra?

Mod Osborne:As you can imagine, the Elf City is our priority. Once that's done, we can start thinking about other areas.

Draconis V - Are the extra treasure ships mentioned in Olafs Quest ever gonna be added in the game?

Mod Osborne:I bring bad news, I'm afraid. There are no plans to add these to the game.

Draconis V - Will we ever be able to visit the Eastern Lands ourselfs?

Mod Osborne:I hope so! That's certainly somewhere I'd want to go, and I think a few others want to too.

MithrilShard - Will world events be delayed or on hold since legacy mode is in the works now?

Mod Osborne:Legacy Mode won't affect our plans for the World Events. What will affect our plans is player polls, and general feedback from you. And don't forget that Brassica meets Marimbo very soon.

Zoinkwiz - How was Fenkenstrain able to bring Lord Rologarth back to life, given he would have long since been taken to the underworld?

Mod Osborne:The process of going to the Underworld is a long one and far from reliable. This will hopefully be explained further in later content. Amascut is a spanner in Icthlarin's works, basically.

W0LVIAN - Is it safe to say that the godless have already lost? The gods themselves seem to know how to manipulate the divine energies. Though they probably can't touch it, they have plenty of followers that can.

‘‘‘Mod Osborne’‘‘: I'd like to think it's not quite as cut and dried as that. I'd love to know whether the Godless could recruit a god to their side. That would make them interesting (and there would likely be a lot arguments from the Godless themselves!)

Echned Zekin - Will any other storylines besides the Sixth Age and Elf ones be continued/concluded this year?

Mod Osborne: The Mahjarrat story is continued in Mahjarrat Memories, and an upcoming poll will allow you to decide if you want to continue existing storylines.

Draconis V - Are there still plans for an underwater city mentioned by you before?

Mod Osborne:Haha - if I remember rightly, this was at Runefest when our art director asked if it was possible, and I said that I would be willing if he created it himself! I have to say that it is below Menaphos, Asheron and a few other cities that I would love to see in game.

78 - Will we ever seen any more Fremennik Sagas?

Mod Osborne: I am passionate about this, since I love them to bits. I think they are undervalued and some of them are great - Vengeance and Moia's saga in particular. Floor 61 could happen, but it needs a bit more of a groundswell of desire from the player base.

1337Maister - What are the stakes of the Saradomin vs Armadyl event? Is it to the death as in with The Bird and the Beast, or will it be as in the battle of lumbridge?

Mod Osborne:Who said that there would be a Saradomin vs Armadyl event? Personally, it would be fantastic, though - two goody two shoes having at it.

1337Maister - What will become of Zaros and Sliske in the 6th age?

Mod Osborne:Play Fate of the Gods and all will become clear.

Novakiller13 - will we get more in game lore about the new god tuska?

Mod Osborne:Yes, and I also imagine that Tuska herself will eventually make an appearance.

CharedFossil - I've noticed that the Fremennik worship several gods as well as Guthix. What was Guthix's relationship with the Fremennik Pantheon? Who were/are on the Pantheon? Will they be part of the New God Wars?

Mod Osborne: So, my feeling is that Guthix never encountered the Fremennik god/s, if there were any. We do have notions of who one of them is, but that is far in the future.

CharedFossil - Karmaja is still a mysterious place, who are the God(s) there and what do they do?

Mod Osborne: Karamja's god is mysterious, and seems to have been influenced by other gods. That would make them unique, and it's something I'd like to explore, personally.

CharedFossil - Is there a sea God?

Mod Osborne:Not in the Poseidon sense (that it represents the sea), but there is some discussion of a pirate god.

DP Gekori - Are there any plans for new world events?

Mod Osborne:Yes! But details will likely be up to you in player polls.

Raul Jr - 1. In lore, the Armor Tetsu, Seasinger, and Deathlotus, what are their materials made of specifically? Like, Tetsu, what metal is it made of?

Mod Osborne:I always imagined that it would be a form of galvanised iron, as a nod to the seminal Tetsuo: The Iron Man. I'll ask Mod Moltaire...*runs away*...yep, iron. In fact, the Japanese word for iron is tetsu. Mod Moltaire perversely likes that a formof iron is one of the hardest metals in the game.

Raul Jr - 2. Will we ever know more of the Godless lore in quests and not always in World events?

Mod Osborne: Absolutely! There is content that we plan to do that will tie into the Godless.

Raul Jr - 3. Will there ever be Added new Gods Emissary for Marimbo, Brassica, Tuska, Itchlarin, Amascut and other Menaphite Pantheon.

Mod Osborne:It was a shame that the emissaries didn't win. I still hope there will be a way to get those emissaries ingame.

Raul Jr - 4. As it is known, the Airut are known to be aggressive, and to attack on sight, is there anyway to be able to talk to them before they attack?

Mod Osborne: I'll be honest - they're not interested in talking, just like they're god. Still, we will find ways to give you more info on them.

Raul Jr - 5. From more gods given in-game (Such as Camel god, and The Kendal) What tier are they in (if they are real gods indeed.)

Mod Osborne:You have hit the nail on the head at the end there. We are not ready to confirm or deny whether they are true gods. Still, there is one Fremennik god that we consider to be canon. More on them in upcoming content.

Kastoli - What will be prominent features of the architecture in Prifddinas when it's released? Are we looking at typical wooden buildings like outside prifddinas or will crystal be common as well?

Mod Osborne:Mostly hardened, almost marble-like crystal with wooden elements. Core themes will be musical notation and swirling, elegant curved lines.

Perforo - 1. Will we ever see Tuska in-game?

Mod Osborne:Yes! Oh the gods, yes.

Barnabix - Will we be getting to see the last two unknown Guardian's of Guthix soon?

Mod Osborne:Not soon. There is no content that will 'out' a GoG just yet, but they're out there and we have a good idea of who they might be.

Corvus Khan - When will we find out more about rabid Jack? (Pirates quest)

Mod Osborne:Vote for the pirate quest in an upcoming poll and you will find out!

Zurly - Any new sneak peeks at any undisclosed Quest?

Mod Osborne:There are two polls in the next few months that you know nothing about. Zilch. That's something we want to keep secret, just because we enjoyed hiding One of a Kind from you.

Chusid - Could you possibly shed any insight on current or future plans to make a quest centered on the late Guthix?

Mod Osborne:Quests will reference and give more info on Guthix, but one specifically on him is unlikely. I remember reading one pitch of a Meeting History-style quest where the player goes back to warn Guthix. That would cause enough causality headaches to lobotomise Doc Brown.

Cavi - Do you have any plans to finish the Monkey quest series and graphically update Ape Atoll?

‘‘‘Mod Osborne’‘‘:No and no, at least not right now. Marimbo will be in the Spring Event, of course.

x Tess - 1.When is the next Myreque quest coming out? And how many quests are we going to see before the Myreque's quest series finale?

Mod Osborne:So, a new Myreque quest is a priority, but we couldn't justify it in the same year as the Elf Quest/City. Next year might be Vampyre year.

x Tess - 7.Could you possibly update the Underground Pass area to give it more purpose after the quest? Or could you rework the Underground Pass quest?

Mod Osborne:It will be updated with Mourning's End Pt III. This will be a snag list and a graphical touch-up, more than anything. There is no plan for a sequel or post-quest content, however.

x Tess - 8.Are you going to release another SPECIAL quest? Recipe for disaster is the only one atm.

‘‘‘Mod Osborne’‘‘: I could see the 200th Quest filling this role.

TheEvilStar - is there going 2 be a new quests about nomad, cause he isn't dead and sliske either

Mod Osborne:We are planning a quest that could - COULD - feature Nomad. But that's up to you guys.

I Ams Toki - In regards to the Quest, "Fate of the Gods", What type of rewards should we be expecting/also what type of updates are much needed at this point in the game?

Mod Osborne:Fate of the Gods gives lore and XP rewards aplenty. There's also Shadow Realm stuff and plenty of post-quest stuff that will unlock hidden rewards.

Markthorn - Can we expect our quest choices to eventually include major decisions, such as which god lives or dies, or will this kind of consequence be decided entirely on World Events?

Mod Osborne: A god death will be a choice in solo content. It's important that a solo player can affect Sliske's games, just as much as community choices.

Draconis V - 1. What happend to the early bird rewards for quests?

Mod Osborne: There will be early bird rewards for an update due out after Fate of the Gods.

Asume Nuthin - i want to know about a zaros quest and how soon it will be released, and if you can give me some details about it.

Mod Osborne:End of this month, it's called Fate of the Gods, and it'll be an immersive and thoroughly challenging quest. Start fishing for rocktail early - you'll need food.

Xenadu - E.T.A on Fate of the Gods quest?

Mod Osborne:End of March.

Nox_Animus - I recall that there were hopes for the number of quests this year to enter double figures. Given that we are now 1/8 of the way through the year with no quest release so far, is this target still realistic?

Mod Osborne:I'll be honest with you - it's going to be a bit of an ask. This wasn't us lying - it was a complete change to our developmental structure, and I completely apologise for this. However, March has 2.5 quests out (Mahjarrat Memories is a small quest in all but name) and we have quests planned for the vast majority of months in the rest of the year.

W0LVIAN - This is a suggestion, but could we someday use the beta servers to replay quests?

Mod Osborne: There have been ideas similar to this floating around, and I would be interested in doing it. I've added it to my Daily Plan - a list of tasks I'd like to follow up on. No promises, though.

TokHaarJad - Quests are getting easier, when will we see harder quests that require lots of items, these new quests never require any items, they're straight forward and you dont need a guide to finish them, I want a challenge like the old days where doing quests without a guide took allot of thinking. One of a Kind. Basically, we're trying something out with

Mod Osborne:One of a Kind - removing the handholding, making it more difficult, and asking you to rely on your knowledge and experience. We'll see what the response is like on release.

Turbooo - Having a quest cape myself, do you personally enjoy the quest itself, the development that goes into it, or the rewards the most?

Mod Osborne:Personally? I am a weird sort, as I enjoy the interrelation between the various stories. I like looking at the various plot points in our stories and connecting them together.

Crymson Lord - Would there be other Zaros quests after the Fate of The Gods, since after the quest for some players he would have returned and for others he doesnt?

Mod Osborne:Yes, yes, yes. Consider Fate of the Gods as a beginning, with many other stories following.

Crymson Lord - And if possible can you state the skill requirements for FoT* are?

Mod Osborne:Please do read the BTS for this month. They're all in there.

Zaros Ascend - Will the Dragonrider Armor from the One of a Kind quest match the gloves and boots currently in the game. If not, will the gloves and boots be changed to match the rest of the set?

Mod Osborne:They will match. We have made sure of that (it was a feedback point, strangely enough). I believe we chose to adapt the existing boots and gloves.

Zaros Ascend - Will One of a Kind come out on the first week of March?

Mod Osborne: No, I'm afraid not. Later, but soon, if you get what I mean.

0ojohano0 - Are there any plans to feature Bandos in future quests now that he's been killed?

Mod Osborne:Yeeessss, kind of. He will certainly have an influence.

0ojohano0 - What are your plans for the desert questseries?

Mod Osborne:Two more quests. That's my belief. I think Mod Rowley wants three, but I worry that we'll never give you a culmination! Het, Crondis and Amascut would all be resolved, with a splash of Ozan. No surprises there, I'm sure.

0ojohano0 - Are you currently working on the myreque questseries? And will Saradomin try to retake morytania now that he's back?

Mod Osborne:Not currently, but we have an idea of what we'd like to do. There's no room in this year's schedule for a vamp quest, but next year, perhaps. Saradomin could also play a part....

0ojohano0 - Will we ever see any Elder gods in future quests?

Mod Osborne: YES!

Shoderra - 1. I wonder. should any of the elder arcefacts happen to be in a players possession after completing various quests and bosses?

Mod Osborne:They could well be. I certainly like the idea of something or someone that a player has intereacted with several times being an artefact. The Elder Fishing Rod, anyone?

Shoderra - 2. will any god ever be fought as a boss in a quest or event?

Mod Osborne:Perhaps. Gods are powerful, and this would be quite the fight. But the player has the power to nullify god magic, so maybe they have a chance.

Shoderra - 3. Will we ever know anything more about guthix past?

Mod Osborne:Yes. Seren would be able to tell you more, I am sure.

Shoderra - 4. Will Seren return as a full god? if yes will she ever clash with another god like in the past world events? Also, will she eventually return in a quest or at a world event?

Mod Osborne:She doesn't strike me as a 'clasher'. She is an isolationist, wary of others. That would make her more rooted in story content, if you ask me.

Shoderra - 5. Everyone knows Seren had some sort of relationship with Guthix. will she ever tell us more about his past?

Mod Osborne:Maybe not from her mouth, but I can certainly see that happening.

Shoderra - 6. If you can tell. Which gods will fight in the next eventual world event?

Mod Osborne:Brassica and Marimbo!

Shoderra - 7. will gods/godless factions have world events untill everyone exept 1 faction is dead?

Mod Osborne: I think that would take many decades if that were the case. I don't see a situation where everyone is dead.

Cursed Clues - Won't the world events eliminate the purpose of having quests that involve gods? (The Chosen Commander)

Mod Osborne: The Chosen Commander is considered a 5th Age quest, so has taken place in the past.

Cursed Clues - In future world events, are there going to be any precautions to make sure there aren't going to be any one-sided battles?

Mod Osborne:That is a fair question. I think we could do more to stop this from happening, and we have definitely learned from this.

King Dom Key - Are there any plans for Nomad, the former host of Soul Wars? He never died after the fight…

Mod Osborne: You are right. There is an upcoming piece of content that could feature him, but his presence might well be up to you.

Bzay3 - What is the ETA on the Seren content?

Mod Osborne: If you mean the Elf City content, then you can expect the first content out in late Summer.

Bzay3 - When do we get to participate in a Zamorak quest?

Mod Osborne: Soon! This is something we want to do this year.

Bzay3 - Will player choices actually play a significant role in future quest line for the 6th age?

Mod Osborne:Yes. Players will be able to determine whether gods live or die.

Chaos Games - What can we expect to have changed in Runescape after the Zaros quest? As in, will towns be changed, or other visible impacts that Zaros is back?

Mod Osborne: Town changes are difficult/impossible to do, since we share a game world. Regardless, you will change a large amount in this quest.

Smoke Blitz - will we ever visit deaths realm? i believe their was a hint on this years back on going there.

Mod Osborne: The Underworld is something that a lot of us find interesting. We imagine it will be a quest focus in the future.

Ledom One - Besides the two quest in march, what other quest can we expect to see?

Mod Osborne:We have a quest planned for April which is a wee bit secret. Other quests are planned that we have said very little about, and two quests will be dictated by polls.

shrlox - When can we expect the new quest and skill to go live?

Mod Osborne:By the new quest, do you mean the Elf Quest? If so, then late Summer. If you mean the next quest, then you can expect it in the middle of March. The next skill will start development once the Elf City s largely developed, so it is some time from now.

ZarosianOnyx - I know that the quest One of A Kind has been pushed back because of the Revolution update, and that it will be released sometime in March, but when exactly? Is there a specific time and date the quest will be released?

Mod Osborne:Middle of March.

Dr Gospodar - Okay first forum post ever XD I am really thrilled by the new zaros quest. unfortunately my stats do not rise above lv. 70. can you tell anything about the quest requirements?

Mod Osborne:You probably know them by now! They are in the BTS. IO hope you have the Divination requirement.

Barnabix - will there ever be a way to bring back some characters who have died in quests?

Mod Osborne:An Underworld Quest might be an interesting way to interact with these characters. I'd love to visit Icthlarin's realm.

Eridyn - Can you tell us in more detail, what the 'Memories of the Mahjarrat' is? What quests are being worked on next after One of a Kind and Fate of the Gods?

Mod Osborne: The Mahjarrat Memories is a piece of lore content similar to the Shadow Sword content - something that sits between skilling and questing. Expect to learn an absolute bucketload about Mahjarrat in the process. As for future quests, there are two top secret quests being worked on, with two quests that will poll you for what you want from them.

CharedFossil - 8) Would it be possible for a Jadinko based quest line and assorted Jadinko pet?

Mod Osborne:That would be lovely. I am a fan of the jadinko and particularly Papa Mambo. Unfortunately, nothing is planned.

Real Numind - We will have a special 200 quest?

Mod Osborne:YES! Oh yes. And hopefully it will be sooner, rather than later.

W0LVIAN - Yelps is gonna be in an upcoming quest. Is he gonna be a major character (ugh) or just a minor bit of comic relief?

Mod Osborne: The latter. An elaborate cameo.

Echned Zekin - What steps do you believe can be taken to prevent the further delay of quests?

Mod Osborne:You sound like my boss! Play One of a Kind and tell us what you think. One of a Kind is a test to see whether we can produce a less-involved quest and still nail what you want from story content. It lacks a few things that take a lot of time with quests, and it would be good to know if it works.

Draconis V - What happend to the early bird reward for quests?

Mod Osborne:There is an early bird reward planned for April, I believe.

Draconis V - Are there still plans for a sequal to Nomads Requiem?

Mod Osborne:Less a sequel, but there are plans to involve content that features Nomad. There will be poll elements to this content.

Draconis V - Are there any concrete plans for Fossil Island?

Mod Osborne:Not concrete. It's a Mod Mark passion project, so I can imagine it getting made at some point in the future. For now, nothing is being worked on.

Draconis V - Are there any concrete plans for Arposandra (aka a new gnowe quest)?

Mod Osborne:An upcoming poll will allow you to choose from a selection of potential quests, and this will be an option. So yes, there are plans.

MadsGrosell - How many upcoming quests have you got planned so far, for this year?

Mod Osborne:More than last year! I can't reveal more than that, mainly because some are dependent on polls. We hope to make it up to you with a LOT of lore content this year, attached to cities, skill content and other non-quest related stuff, like Mahjarrat Memories.

x Tess - At the moment the monsters in the Underground Pass are not aggressive which is not the way they should be, pre eoc all of them were aggressive and would gang up on you and it was a multi combat area, making the Underground Pass quest much easier than it should be and the monsters there are much weaker aswell. Are there any plans to address that? Or a fix in the near future? A rebalance perhaps?

Mod Osborne:I believe we are looking into this at the same time as Mourning's End Pt III will be released.

Novakiller13 - will there be more about elemental workshop released?

Mod Osborne:An Elemental Workshop V will be an option in an upcoming quest poll.

Pandorym - 1)What ended up happening to the post-quest dialogue for Birthright of the Dwarves that was being worked on? Those rewards need a bit of explaining.

Mod Osborne:The developer has produced some post-quest dialogue, but it needs testing time. I will chase up about it again.

Pandorym - 2)Is there any news available regarding replayable quests (not just the boss fights, the entire quest)? If it is at all possible to do-will it eventually be worked on, especially if it can be done retroactively? It doesn't have to be every quest, just ones where things like characters permanently dying can happen.

Mod Osborne: Replayable quests are very, very expensive, and this would impact on the number of quests we release. I like the idea of a server for replaying quests, which is more feasible, but that would also take a lot of work.

Pandorym - 3)Unless it is changed before the date, and since Fate of the Gods shouldn't be released by then-Why, and this is a question a lot of questers are asking right now on the March Behind the Scenes thread, is The Temple of Senntisten not a quest required for Fate of the Gods? Not including it will decimate the timeline for future generations of questers.

Mod Osborne: I can appreciate your concern. I have put a thread up on the lore forums that hopefully addresses our reasoning.

Misterio7 - What is Zaros' propouse? Did the elder gods created him?

Mod Osborne: Zaros has a motivation, sure. He will more than happily reveal it in Fate of the Gods too - he's a little more open these years. As for your last question, well, Fate of the Gods answers that too.

K1NG K0VU - When will Zaros be arriving and who will he be facing against?

Mod Osborne: You only have to wait till the end of March. He will not be facing anyone in a Battle of Lumbridge style manner, however. That's not quite Zaros's way any more.

Minutius V - How many quests do you guys think you'll release this year?

Mod Osborne: More than last year. And there will be plenty of lore inbetween the quests. I think you'll be happy with the number.

janayen - why is it impossible to finish the quests ? no matter how many times I try it seems impossible to do, I like long quest but to spend years to finish is not fun. specially now that the game is really slow, liked it better wen it was fast.

Mod Osborne: There is a deal of variety in the length and difficulty of quests. For every complex one, there's a straightforward one round the corner. If you're having trouble, take a break from it - we do what we can to make sure that quests can be restarted at any point.


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