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Q&A:Old School RuneScape

Blog written by Mod Pips on 20th February 2013
Mod MMG, Mod Pips, Mod Etch, Mod Mark, Mod Phillip, Mod Venger and Mod Daezhun answer your questions.
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Free-to-play Related Questions

If we reach 250,000 votes, will there be ANY opportunity for F2Pers to play?

Mod MMG: While we would love our free player community to be able to play too, it’s only after 750,000 votes that we could afford to offer a free service.

Will you be considering making this poll open to the free players? If you do, you should make it only open to the free players the last 48 hours of the poll, and put certain restrictions on who can vote (ex. must have played for over 30 hours in-game, or certain amount of total level as to prevent spam accounts from voting). Thank you for reading and I hope to hear some feedback from you all.

Mod MMG: No, we won’t be opening this up to free players in the last minute. This will remain a members-only vote as the service will still largely be funded by the members, so we need to accurately gauge the level of interest/support.

I believe the false rumour that is circulating around free players being able to vote is currently hurting the poll, as there are clearly many free players who are openly supportive but still sitting on the fence at the moment, perhaps with false hope of a last-minute vote.

Dear Jagex, will we players, have to log on using our emails? Or will we be using our account name to log in?

Mod Pips: It will be whatever you currently do for the main game.

Will non-members ever be allowed to vote? Sorry if you have already been asked this!

Mod Pips: No. Members only, and that won't change.

I understand that this was partially answered in the first question, but I will ask it from a different perspective: Will you consider the possibility of F2P access to 2007RS if the F2Ps watch video advertisements? (For example, 15 minutes worth of video advertisements for 2 hours of gameplay in RS2007)

Mod MMG: No, we don't have any current plans to provide any ad sponsored service, besides I think you would need to watch an insane amount of videos for even two hours of gameplay. If we get over 750K votes, we will certainly introduce a free service again.

Will it be possible at some point for normal members to play as F2P on Old School servers?

Mod MMG: Hopefully - if we hit 500K votes - all members will have access to the service for free! I've just seen that we are only 10K away from hitting the 250K level!

No trial accounts should be able to vote.

Mod Etch: Trial accounts cannot vote.

General Questions

What will this game be called? Is its official name "Old School RuneScape" now or are you just using that as a description?

Mod Etch: Yes, it's Old School RuneScape. Does what it says on the tin.

What made you look for an older version of the game? What was your motivation?

Mod Pips: We've seen players talking about and requesting another 'classic' version of the game for some time, but we saw this sentiment really grow in the last few months. The major event was us unearthing an old backup from back in the day, and doing some experimental work to see how complete it was and how likely it was to work with our current infrastructure.

As I understand you will be able to change your name in the 2007 servers, by changing your name on the main game. Is this correct? Also, will any progress we make on the early release be saved or rolled back, like is it a test or does it actually count? It originally said that the poll would last for 2 weeks but now it is ending early on this Friday?

Mod Philip: Yes, you can change your display name for the main game to change it on the Old School servers.

Any progress in the early access will be retained - we are not planning on rolling back. This is for real!

The poll will not end on Friday - you can still vote once the servers are open to determine the level of service we offer.

Mod Pips, I think what Utaoki means is if we don't reach 250k/500/750k votes, but later on we gain sufficient players, would a development team be hired to support new content?

Mod Pips: We wouldn't rule it out, but right now we're just focused on the outcome of the vote.

A lot of people are confused with the display names/account names and what will actually be used. Can you explain it more?

Mod Pips: The log-in process doesn't change from the current 'main' game - it will be the same as it is now.

I'm very sad to see you won’t add any updates without +500k votes... aren't we good enough?

Mod Pips: At 250k there would be a small development team and they would be able to make some occasional updates to the game while also keeping on top of live issues. However, yes: to warrant more regular and larger scale updates, the 500k votes threshold needs to be exceeded.

What happens if we get 250k votes and you do the promise you say you will do but you get over 750,000 members playing the game?

Mod Etch: Who knows what the future will bring? But in the immediate future, we will be looking at the outcome of the vote.

Jagex, is it possible that the day you guys release 07Scape servers, that all of RuneScape will crash? And we'll all lose our items+stats? Don't you think that's possible?

Mod Philip: I don't think that will happen - we'd have to mess up quite a bit *and* be very unlucky. Even if it did happen, we have some pretty serious backup systems that would allow us to recover from catastrophes, so you wouldn't lose everything.

1) Was it frustrating/fun working on re-introducing 07Scape? (Considering that you have to start ALL OVER again).

2) How much time have the dev team spent on the 07Scape servers in total thus far? (Cumulative Time Spent).

Mod Philip:

  1. Pretty good fun - I have enjoyed it anyway. It is quite interesting reading the code from back then.
  2. I can't really answer for everyone else, but I have probably spent about 80 hours on it so far (since the Saturday before the poll started), so I am pretty tired now.

What should happen if we barely miss out on the 500k mark? Like if we were to get 460k or something just barely low-balling it, would you consider that a winning 500k, or a failure and a waste of 210k votes?

Mod MMG: I've already voted twice on my personal accounts to try and help! However, if it was very close - like 20K or less away - I would certainly make up the difference and pass the vote.

Jagex, why did you choose to do a Q&A session this time, and not a live stream? In the sincerest and kindest way possible, is it because you're ashamed of showing yourselves after the mess (EoC) you released?

Mod Venger: We are most definitely planning on doing more live streams, as we really enjoy them. We just felt this format was the most efficient way to deal with the weight of questions we expected to get.

I was surprised to see over 2 million unique visits on the vote page so clearly there are a lot of people that are interested in this, but it’s a real shame that only 10% of those players registered their support so far.

@The Dude MMG... now you get it! Something must be wrong. I mean, 2 million members... the page could be glitched. Or they are confused. If nothing changes I would count at least 10-80% of those as yes votes.

Mod MMG: The 2M visits so far would be blend of both free players & members. We have tried to improve the vote page over time with less text and a clear matrix for what each tier of votes would bring.

Billing Questions

Will we be able to buy RS07 membership with the cards we get from 7-11, Wallmart, etc.? Voucher

Mod MMG: Yes, all current game cards will be able to be used to purchase old school membership.

Will the free month of membership start the 22nd or March 1st?

Mod Etch: The first free month of membership will end at 23:59 (GMT) on 31st March.

I personally use SMS (pay by text) for my membership, will there be an option for me to pay for it also? I have noticed that most special offers neglect the payment type.

Mod Pips: If the final vote count is such that an additional payment is needed, we'll definitely set up SMS payment for it.

For those of us who pay six months at a time, as I have already paid up until August, assuming we make it to 250k votes how will I be able to pay the $5 fee?

Mod Venger: This is one of the many things we are still figuring out. Please be patient while we do and we will publish a billing FAQ in due course.

I understand that my question has kind of been answered as I have the quotes below but not to the extent of what I would like what about the extra $5/15. I'm kind of confused with the answer will we have to buy a card and then pay separately the extras or will there be a game card dedicated to RS07?

Mod MMG: The cards have a monetary amount of $10 or $20 so any combination of them will allow you to gain access to both versions of the game. A vote today gets you 1 month of current membership and a free month of Old School service, hopefully if we get more than 500K votes (because we also don't want to do the extra billing engine work!) there will be no additional charge.

Will my three month membership card I used with 2.5 months left also let me play 07?

Mod Etch: If you have voted your first month of the Old School Server is free. After that time, the cost of the service is dependent on the result of the vote!

Tech Questions

Will people who make new accounts still need to use email to log-in?

Mod Philip: Yes - this will be integrated with our current account system, so it uses the same system as the current RuneScape.

Dear Jagex, will we players, have to log on using our emails? Or will we be using our account name to log in?

Mod Pips: It will be whatever you currently do for the main game.

If I am on 2 separate accounts can I play both at same time like EoC & 2007? As this isn't multi-logging accounts as technically I can't trade stuff between them as they are on different servers? If no why?

Mod Philip: So long as this is why you are multi-logging, we'd be OK with that.

Is there going to be a downloadable 2007 RuneScape Client? Specially for Mac users like myself? Now that HTML5 is coming out for Main RuneScape and old RuneScape is running on Java.

Mod Philip: We will see what we can do. I haven't got around to it yet, and I might not by Friday, but it is certainly something we want to do.

Can you add Free to Play STYLED servers? Meaning, don't allow F2P users to play 2007 scape, but create servers that emulate F2P because many people preferred Pking in non member servers with just Rune.

Mod Mark: That's a nice idea. We could do something like that, yes.

How will reports/mutes/bans, et cetera be handled on the servers? Will people who were muted/banned at the time of the backup still be muted/banned?

Mod Philip: Reporting abuse will be done via an in-game interface (the same as it was in 2007). This will hook into our current abuse reporting systems. The game will also be hooked into our current ban/mute system - not the one we had back in 2007 (so we are not restoring the ban/mute state from then). If you are muted/banned in RuneScape, you will be in Old School RuneScape.

Will there be the Old RuneScape Forums template from 2007? Or just the homepage/highscores?

Mod Philip: The forums will be the current forums, not the 2007 version. If we get enough votes, we'll be able to dedicate more resources, and this would become a possibility!

Can it be played on Mac?

Mod Philip: Yes! I have been developing it on a Mac, so I know it works fine. Apple have made it a bit harder to install Java recently, so you might have a little trouble there, and we might not get the downloadable client done by Friday, but if you can run Java applets in a browser, you should be able to play.

Will you be updating the graphics to the 2008 style HD graphics?

Mod Mark: Nope. All the graphics will be as they were back in August 2007. That's kind of the point.

Will the "Sign in with Facebook" feature work in 07?

Mod Mark: Nope, not on launch.

Will you add a resizeable/full-screen client?

Mod Mark: Sadly not, no. By the way, you have an awesome chathead.

Simple question that I haven't seen answered yet - We're getting the classic website template back, but do we get that classic login screen back? I really hope we do! Thanks in advance.

Mod Philip: Yes - purple/green flames and all!

Will the auto-log-out timer that was always so short (90 seconds) be extended to the time it is today? I think it would be a good idea since that had been a major player complaint over the years.

Mod Philip: Yeah - that has been really annoying us while we've been developing it! I think we'll change it to be the same as it is in the main game, so I don't go insane!

Will you guys consider to make it so that we can play both the 2007 AND the 2013 servers at the SAME time using the SAME account? I have a thread regarding this issue on the HLF with about 140 posts, a lot of them being supportive to the idea and agreeing with me that without this, we won't be playing the 07 servers as much, or not at all.

Mod Venger: We are pretty sure we covered this one before. Unfortunately it's not technically possible to do this, however you will be able to chat across services.

So will the system requirements be the same for Old School RuneScape? Thanks.

Mod Philip: You'll need the same sort of Java version as today (so not very old versions from 2007), but apart from that the requirements will be closer to the 2007 requirements than today's requirements.

Will the Old School RuneScape be able to support being recorded by FRAPS? (did 2007 servers use DirectX/OpenGL?)

Mod Etch: Not FRAPS but there are other software tools available.

Will you give each player a choice between the 317, 459, and 474 game frames?

Mod Philip: We won't be giving a choice initially. If we get more votes, we'll be able to make more changes in the future.

Is there any chance on changing the Tab & Chat interface to the one on the 5th of August 2007?

Mod Philip: The backup is from the 10th August 2007, so everything that was live then will be available.

Release Date

Is the release date this Friday the 22nd?


What time on Friday will you be releasing the servers?

Mod Philip: We are working to get them out as soon as possible, but there is a lot to do. We'll keep you informed - it might be quite late though!

What are you requirements for Friday's “Early access"?

Mod Etch: You need to have voted... so go vote!

Servers will be up this Friday but it hasn't been two weeks, votes are still coming in, does this mean the voting is being cut off? =[

Mod Etch: No, voting will not end! We have already passed 50K votes and we promised to bring it back. We really wanted to bring this to you as soon as humanly possible. Remember, though: it will be rough around the edges to begin with.

Will everyone who is a member have access this Friday to RuneScape 2007?

Mod Etch: Everyone who has voted can.

How is it this Friday when the poll ends on Friday the first?

Mod Pips: The poll smashed through the minimum 50,000 votes threshold on the opening day of the poll, which meant we knew quickly that the service was coming back. From that point we've been working really hard to get it up and running.

Would people who haven't voted yet but vote before the 22nd have access to the server opening on Friday?

Mod Philip: Yes! Vote! If you vote at any point before the poll ends, you will have access.

Will the free month of membership start the 22nd or March 1st?

Mod Etch: The first free month of membership will end at 23:59 (GMT) on 31st March.

I purchased membership just now so I could vote, will I get access to the server on Friday?

Mod Etch: Yes indeed, everyone that votes can play!

Is the release on Friday going to be a beta, or is it a full release?

Mod Pips: We're calling it an Early Access release - it will be the real deal, but will probably be rough around the edges. We don't intend to reset the servers or perform roll backs, so everyone can start their progress this weekend.

When will I be able to play the 2007 version of RS?

Mod Pips: If you've voted it will be (all going well) this coming Friday!

You are doing an early release late Friday. Will you be closing down the '07 servers after a period of time, or will we be able to continue playing it until you release the full version? Also, if that is the case, would you be able to confirm at this time if the game will re-reset once you upload the FULL '07 game, and any progress we have made will have to be redone? Thank you in advance. LOVE how you guys are doing all of this.

Mod Pips: We're not planning to do a reset - it'll be the real deal.

Will the Early Access release be just this Friday or the whole weekend? Also, will you pick PMods just from their gameplay of Old School RuneScape and a fresh new team? It's until the full release. PMods in the current game will be PMods in Old School. Vice versa.

Mod MMG: I'm happy to report the service will start for good from Friday onwards (provided of course the team don't run into any major issues but we are truly doing our best to bring it online quickly).

Is it an actual launch of the server or just early access? Like when the voting ends does the 2007 go offline and then will it come back on or once it's up on Friday will it stay up?

Mod Etch: Once the early access is up on Friday it will stay up, how many improvements and fixes are made will, again, very much depend on the outcome of the vote...

Is it being released THIS FRIDAY - 22ND?

Mod Etch: Yes, THIS Friday. Everyone's kind of busy here at Jagex.

Will this "rough version" be the permanent version, I mean... will any progress in the game we make on the 22nd be in the final version of 07? Thanks.

Mod Etch: Barring any major technical issues the progress you make in the 22nd will stay. Remember the level of updates and fixes we can make to the game depends on the level of votes we receive.

Mod Pips: Yes, progress will be retained - we're not planning a reset once it's live.

First I just wanna say how happy I am this is finally happening! At first how rough are things going to be? What should we expect?

Mod Pips: Really glad you're happy with it In terms of how rough; apart from the more severe bugs which we're fixing prior to Friday, any less critical issues or glitches that were there in August 2007 may still be present in the re-release. There may be isolated sections of content which are temporarily disabled for launch if we cannot fix them properly in time - hopefully this won't be necessary.

Will there be JMods on Friday on the release day? I hope so! I'm excited to see part of Jagex team supporting us!

Mod Daezhun: Definitely! We'll be in-game with you all.

Game-Specific Questions

Will chat filter be brought back?

Mod Philip: Yes it will. The game will be as it was back in 2007, including the chat filter. However, if we have a big enough development team to look after, then we can think about actual game updates.

Will you ever consider 2x XP weekends or double loot weekends when the game has picked up, say when a majority of people are starting to get 100+ combat?

Mod Mark: No. Just like the lack of a Grand Exchange, the XP rates are part of the charm of the Old School game. The game will be just as it was back in 2007. That includes XP rates. Generally speaking the concept of double XP weekends or increased XP gains weren’t introduced until 2010-2011.

Could you not update the server since it is a Old School server and should stay that way?

Mod Mark: Don’t worry – any updates that we decide to release will be done so by working with the Old School community. We will only go with updates that the overwhelming majority of players want. Don’t forget that if we don’t hit 500k votes, there won’t be any significant updates to the game anyway.

Is there any way that we can get Clan Wars in? Ever since EoC it has been destroyed. I know there are many people who miss Clan Wars.

Mod Mark: It's possible for us to get anything in, it's just a matter of development time. Right now, we're focusing on the things that existed back then. As I said above, if we get a big enough vote to get a dedicated development team on the 07 game, then anything's possible!

Will there be Tutorial Island?

Mod Pips: Yes!

What is the official rule about trading gp for 07scape gp?

Mod Mark: Good question. There is no way for us to support cross-product trading. If you made a trade on one game in the assumption that you'd get a trade on a different game then you'd be relying on trust alone. There aren't any rules or guidelines on this matter. Its up to the individuals involved.

Firstly, shout-out to W00ters! Mod Marks fc, and the question: Do you think members will eventually ask for more recent content and eventually it will defeat the object of having an Old School server as it will be filled with up to date content?

Mod Mark: Hey W00ters! (that's my fc by the way).

To answer your question... I doubt it. The amount of time it would take to add all the new content we have added since is HUUUGE! And of course, by the time it was done there would be even more content to add! The team dedicated to the main game is very big - hundreds of people.

Don't forget that all content that we add will be done so by deciding with the 07 community, and only if we have a dedicated dev team on it.

How do you feel that the community is split 50/50 on bringing back rares? Could they be implemented as treasure trails?

Mod Mark: Nice idea! The community is often split regarding specific updates, and the 07 community will be no different. The plan is to work with the 07 community and anything we do will need to have the support of an overwhelming majority of the players.

Am I correct in thinking Stronghold of Security was released 2006? So, I assume it will be in Barbarian Village, then. I want my 10k.

Mod Mark: Yes, you are correct. The stronghold was launched in August the previous year. Go get your 10k

Hello there Jagex Mods, I would like to be confirmed on if the music tracks are the newer or older ones.

Mod Etch: It will be all the audio from 07. Old School!

Will there be advertisements (banner or otherwise) displayed?

Mod Philip: For members, there will be no advertisements. If we hit the vote target to open for free players, free players will be shown adverts, as in the current game (and as in 2007!).

Upon the Friday launch, will we be given task-specific worlds such as a world for Barbarian Assault, a world for Pest Control, a world for Trade, etc? Approximately how many worlds will we see? (15, 25, 50?)

Mod Philip: Back in 2007, we didn't put labels on the worlds like that, so no. There will be around 50 or so worlds initially, and we'll see if we need to add/remove worlds from that based upon demand.

How do you plan on starting the economy from 0? Or are you going to give everyone a starting block because starting from zero is very difficult.

Mod Mark: I'm confident the economy will adjust, there is no reason why it can't. Certainly items will have different player values than they do in the current game. In many ways, it will be quite exciting to see what happens!

The Evil Chicken returns...well, at least I hope so. Well, Jagex, after scrolling through pages and pages of posts (skipping a few here and there) I still do not see the answers to what I am wondering. Do we begin as level 3? If not, does our bank transfer between EoC and 2007 RS? If we skill on the 2007 server does the XP increase if we log into the EoC server? I guess I'm just not seeing the big picture and wondering what to expect.

Mod MMG: Yes, everyone will feel the exhilaration of being a level 3 noob again for a short period of time. No bank transfer, XP siphon or any other link with the main game - except, of course, for friends chat and private chat.

Randoms. Will these be in the game since they were in 07?

Mod Mark: Yes, randoms will be there. I'm looking forward to meeting up with my old matey the drunk dwarf.

In March of 2009, specifically the 17th, you guys made a vital update. It was a 'Route-finding' update. For the longest time whenever you clicked to move, your character would take a couple steps in the opposite direction before running in the actual direction you clicked in. This is more of a quality of life issue more than a "nostalgic" issue. I'm sure nobody loves a technical limitation like this one. Are there any thoughts on fixing this for the release or maybe within a couple months?

Mod Philip: We were not planning on making that change immediately as we want the authentic 2007 experience as much as possible - if it has support, we might make it later.

Will worlds still be labelled by location? Eg British worlds were 81, 82, 83... etc.

Mod Venger: Yes, but we have not decided exactly how at this time.

I heard that rares will be introduced back into the game by way of veteran accounts that originally completed the events. (Party Hats and Santas). Is this true? (Please be true, because I was not aware that accounts had to be transferred into RS2. I had a party hat and santa too!)

Mod Mark: No, that's not true. As mentioned above, there will be no rares on launch, but we could consider adding them to the game in some way if we had a dedicated dev team to support the 07 servers.

Will the drop rates of items remain the same (Barrows) or will they be reset to what there previously were.

Mod Mark: The drop rates will be the same as they were back in 2007.

Will players be able to select if they are a warrior adventurer or a skiller like way back in RuneScape?

Mod Mark: Wow! You're really old school! Nope, you won't have to do that. It will be the old character design screen... but not that old!

Jagex, were emotes in RuneScape in 2007? Because I feel the need to portray my emotions in-game. :p

Mod Etch: Yes - including the old dance emote, which was pretty awesome!

Jagex, where is Nex in 07Scape? Is she not born yet or something?

Mod Mark: She will be just a twinkle in Mod Chris L's eye.

Will we have back our tutorial island?

Mod Etch: Yes, yes and yes! Old School...

WOOOT WOOOT! Promise us to not introduce the GE at all, I want NO BONUS XP stuffz.

Mod MMG: Agreed.

What's the best boss back in 07?

Mod Mark: Well, Jad was there, as were the Barrows Brothers. Personally, I'm looking forward to fighting an old school KBD.

What if we have clans in the current RuneScape? Will they be transferred over or will we make separate clans?

Mod Pips: The current game's clan system didn't exist back in 2007. So no, it will not be transferred.

Will there be a veteran world or area for people who made their account on or before 2007?

Mod Pips: This isn't something we're thinking about yet. A massive part of the love for RuneScape in 2007 wasn't just the game but the community. So we're reticent to add artificial divisions in Old School RuneScape.

I missed the old school Jad! One question about Fight Caves, though: if I remember correctly there was a period where if you disconnected or logged out in between waves you would lose your progress and have to restart everything. Will that be changed in 07, or was that done already in 07?

Mod Mark: I *think* we added the checkpoint system before then, which would allow you to log out between certain waves.

Is there any promotion for the current RS when we sigh up and log in to 2007?

Mod Mark: It's something we are thinking about right now. Ideally we would like to let all our players know about the great updates we are doing in the main game, but quite how we do that we are unsure about. Something like a message on log-in might work.

Is the world map going to remain as it is currently, or will it return to looking incomplete as it was back in 2007?

Mod Mark: Well, firstly there was no world map button on the main interface. It was a link at the top of the screen to a separate window that would open up. We’re going to provide a static image of the world map that you can open up as a launch requirement, but the old world map will take a little longer to get working.

5 worlds is not enough, that works out at 2000 max per world, 100,000 people. If 250k have voted and Friday I'm pretty sure well over 100,000 will be trying to log in. How are you going to cope with the high demand?

Mod Philip: I don't think we'll have more than 100,000 *concurrent* players. Our players are spread around the world, in different time zones. If we do look like we are going to start exceeding it, we have plenty of server capacity to put up more worlds fairly quickly.

Dear Jagex, When you say bug abuse/exploitation is going to be un-tolerated and users who do so will be banned, does this include simpler ones such as taking advantage of small graphicals before they are fixed for fun and to relive the old days? I've always felt glitching was a large part of the RuneScape community when it comes to graphical glitches. Obviously abuse of bugs such as dupes should be banned, but I don't see it necessary for graphical glitches.

Mod Pips: To be honest, while we're not happy with graphic glitching, that's not what we're as concerned about. Anyone exploiting bugs for material gain will get a perm ban across both services.

Dear any Mod, can we get the XP control like in EoC where you can choose to train attack strength or defense or all 3 because the problem is what if someone has a pure and they mess it up like say they accidentally get 7 defense instead of 1 zerker 45 -48. Since you won't roll back can we expect something maybe down the road to control the exp training? So people won't quit if they accidentally mess it up or get tricked like with a salamander or Butterfly net?

Mod Mark: That's something we could add in the future if we hit that magic 500k vote, given that a change like that would require significant development time. I think many people, though, might not want that change. I hear a lot of chat about the "skill" of making a pure and for many people, avoiding those circumstances was part of that skill.

Should I make my other character a member for one month to try and get the count over 500 so we can have Old School RuneScape free? Is it still possible to vote more? Is it allowed to vote on all our member characters?

Mod Philip: The votes are per account, not per person. So yes: you can vote on multiple accounts.

How much of a problem do you see in Tutorial Island at the very beginning of the game? Hundreds if not thousands per world all trying to cut one tree or kill a rat or mine the copper/tin ore will be quite problematic!

Mod Mark: Yes, you're quite right that there will be issues with that island if we have thousands of players running through it at the same time. Cool yes, but not great if everybody is competing for resources just to get off Tutorial Island. We are currently working on a variety of methods to deal with this problem to make the experience fun for everyone but let's be honest: the competition for noob resources is going to be pretty crazy in the main game, too.

Community Questions

Does anyone have a time machine I can use?

Mod MMG: Yes! We have one in the Atrium.

Since you're answering live through this thread, is it possible at some point you'll conglomerate?

Mod Etch: Yes, the team will work through the night to produce a digest for you in the morning (GMT). We'll get a news post up to let you know where it is.

Do you JMods vote as well? You guys should be on our side!

Mod Pips: We're very excited about it, yes! Many of us have voted.

Are the JMods as excited as we are?

Mod Pips: Excited, anxious, tired, happy - so many emotions as we're on the cusp of opening (re-opening?) another service for the community!

I played RuneScape almost religiously until about 2008.

Mod Etch: Great to see you back!

So is the Q&A over guys?

Mod Etch: Officially, yes, but there's some pizza left and we enjoy chatting with you all.

Are you guys over at Jagex shocked or surprised about the support and response you have received towards the return of 07?

Mod MMG: I was surprised to see over 2 million unique visits on the vote page, so clearly there are a lot of people that are interested in this, but it’s a real shame that only 10% of those players registered their support so far.

Will be there a summary of this live FAQ?

Mod Etch: Yes - there will be a digest up tomorrow.

A question to any mod! Who is your favorite "old school" Pker?

Mod Mark: Clearly the answer is... me Fear my l33t skills. Honestly though, all sorts of players have impressed the hell out of me with their amazing skills. They know who they are and they were (and in most cases, still are) awesome.

Will there be JMods on Friday on the release day? I hope so! I'm excited to see part of Jagex team supporting us!

Mod Daezhun: Definitely! We'll be in-game with you all.

Thank you for answering our questions.

1) Will the strict rule enforcement of 2007 make a return? Players used to be punished for scamming and spamming, which I think was one of the reasons the community was so great.

2) Will you change the rules to make luring and/or gambling bannable offences? Both of these have an incredibly detrimental effect on the community and are against the spirit of the game.

3) I don't trust the community to know what is best for the game. If there are polls on content updates, they would probably vote to include the GE and the GWD. The whole point of the servers is that they lack updates. Can you please promise us not to let the servers get ruined by later updates?

Mod Daezhun: I'll try and reply to this as briefly as possible.

The rules will be the same as the current game. A member of one is a member of both, so we have to keep uniform rules across the board. The rules have evolved over time, and we have adapted based on how the community has changed. Each player has grown with us and changed over the years, and the rules that are in place currently reflect these overall changes. We shan't be going back to the old rules.

As for question number 3, this year is very much about the community and as such it's about the choices that the community makes. We have to trust that the community has its own best interests at heart just as we do for the community.


Just saying thank you for doing this for us. =)

Mod MMG: Thank you, the team and I are glad to be able to be part of this.</span>

TBH we should all send Jagex some coffee, they're kicking ass with getting this done in a week. Good job you guys.

Mod Etch: Can you send some donuts too?


Will current Player Moderators of RuneScape hold the same status in the OSR servers?

Mod Philip: Yes - PMod status is related to your RuneScape account, not to your character, so PMods in RuneScape will be PMods in Old School RuneScape.

Will there be Player Moderators selected to help Jagex keep these new free of unwanted people who's reasons are purely to upset others?

Mod Daezhun: We've had a lot of discussions surrounding this with our PMod team, and yes: we do want there to be PMods active in the Old School RuneScape. PMods in Old School Servers will also be PMods in the current RuneScape.

1) Many players have expressed their concern over the likeliness of having to pay membership on the OSS servers AND current RuneScape – Will separate payment options exist such as how FunOrb can be paid with or without RuneScape?

2) Will current Player Moderators of RuneScape hold the same status in the OSS servers?

3) Resources will be crowded by players in the early stages of the game (naturally) and possibly even after the population settles down - is there any plans as to how many servers/worlds will be used to accommodate the players of Old School RuneScape?

PS: Thank you for letting people try out the servers before the poll ends – you have truly outdone yourselves with this ‘update’; very professionally done!

Mod MMG: We did look at both options: a higher standalone price for just Old School RuneScape servers, as well as the option of bundling it with existing membership. While the total cost for either option would be the same, we felt that going with the latter option was preferred since it had the extra benefit of allowing players to still readily play the main game and not being isolated on any one service.

Naturally, if we get enough support for this there will not be any additional membership fee, so register your vote now if you haven't already done so.

It would be awesome to see the community breakthrough the 250K level before this live Q&A was over!

As far as game resources are concerned there will be ample new game worlds to handle the amount of players that have voted.

Thank you for the kind sentiment, I know the team really appreciate it.

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