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worldmap globe.gif The official world to play Quick Chat is 96. worldmap globe.gif

The Quick Chat feature enables you to talk quickly and clearly in a variety of situations. You can access normal Quick Chat by simply pressing the 'Enter' button on a new line in the chat window, or clicking the Quick Chat icon next to your name at the bottom of the chat window.

  • Friends Quick Chat: To access Friends Quick Chat, right-click the Quick Chat icon and select 'Friends Quick Chat' or type two forward-slashes ('/') followed by enter.
  • Clan Quick Chat: To access Clan Quick Chat, right-click the Quick Chat icon and select 'Clan Quick Chat' or type two forward-slashes ('//') followed by enter.
  • Guest Clan Quick Chat: To access Clan Quick Chat, right-click the Quick Chat icon and select 'Clan Quick Chat' or type three forward-slashes ('///') followed by enter.
  • Private Quick Chat: To access private Quick Chat, right-click a name in your Friends List and select 'Quick Message'.

While the above commands allow you to enter and then return to your previous chat channel, the following commands allow you to stay within a channel until you choose to leave it (by swapping to another channel):

Command Description
/p Public You can also left click on the 'Public' button to activate this.
N/A * Private
/f Friends You can also left click on the 'Friends' button to activate this.
/c Clan You can also left click on the 'Clan' button to activate this.
/g Guest Clan

* Click on a player's name in your friend's list to send them a private message, press Tab on your keyboard to reply to a private message or right-click a person's name in the chat window and click 'Message'.

You can continue to use the forward slash commands within these channels. For example, if you enter the friends chat channel using /f you can send a message to the clan chat using // and be returned to the friends chat.

Also worth note is that if you no longer wish to say something, pressing Esc on your keyboard will delete any unsent text. Esc also returns you to public chat from your current channel, if there is no unsent text in the chatbox.

When you have selected Quick Chat, you will see that your chat window changes to show a selection of chat categories, which open out into a variety of options:

quick chat.jpg quick chat selection.jpg

You can click on these headings to open subsections to help you construct sentences. The table below shows the basic options and their subsections, along with a brief explanation of what each section is used for.

Quick Chat Option Subsections Explanation
General Responses
General chat includes things like greetings, compliments, requests for help and quick responses to simple questions.
Trade/Items Trade
Trade/Items covers requests for and information about trades and items.
Skills All skills have a subsection Skills covers any common questions or comments you have regarding any RuneScape skills.
Group events Organising
Group fighting
Combat minigames
Fun stuff
Skill-based minigames
Add me, please
You can use the group events chat to arrange expeditions to minigames, the Party Room and so on, as well as getting help in other cooperative activities.
Community Queries
The clans section enables you to quickly organise your clan to prepare for events or discuss your clan with other people.
Inter-game FunOrb
You can use the inter-game chat option to keep in touch with friends on FunOrb, as well as arranging to go off to a minigame or to train your skills together.
Context-sensitive Subsections vary depending on where you are Context-sensitive chat depends on your location or what you have been training, and you will notice that it often changes to match whatever your current activities are. It moves you directly to the relevant menu, so you can quickly access appropriate chat options.

Most of the options will always be the same, while the last depends on where you are or which skill you last gained experience in. If you are playing a minigame, for instance, it will provide some Quick Chat options to help with that minigame. The normal default is 'Attack'.

You can select one of these categories by clicking on it, or pressing the letter it corresponds to. So, if you wanted to make a general comment, like greeting someone or saying goodbye, you would press 'G'. To then reach the 'Help' menu, you can press 'E'.

Each of these categories will open out into a few subcategories to refine what you want to say. You can continue to click on the options or press the relevant keys.

Quick Chat hot keys

Enter Opens Quick Chat
Backspace Goes back to the last menu of options
Home Returns to the start of the Quick Chat menu
Page Up / Page Down Scroll through options
F9 Opens a list of quick responses to other Quick Chat phrases or questions
F10 Opens context-sensitive menu
F11 Repeats your last Quick Chat phrase
Escape Closes Quick Chat
/ then Enter Opens Clan Quick Chat

To help you find the phrase that you need, we have added a search option to the Quick Chat menu. To find a phrase, open the Quick Chat menu, click 'Search', or press Enter, and start typing. If the words that you type appear in any of the Quick Chat phrases, you will be presented with the phrases that most closely match what you would like to say. You can then select the phrase that you need from the list.

The following areas have context-sensitive chat options when you are there:

Please note: if your account has been restricted to Quick Chat until you are of a suitable age, you will not be able to view other players' chat, unless they are using Quick Chat.


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