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RSC - Dragon slayer

This content is from RuneScape Classic and is only available to qualifying members.
You may have been looking for the Dragon Slayer RuneScape article.

Quest Information

Starting Point for Dragon Slayer.
  • Developer: Paul Gower
  • Members Only: No
  • Start Point: Champions' Guild
  • To Start: Talk to Guildmaster
  • Quest Length: Long
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • 32 Quest Points
    • 37 Prayer is recommended for Paralyze Monster
    • 33Magic is needed for Telekinetic Grab (boosts such as the Wizard Mind Bomb can be used).
  • Required Items:
    • Plank x3
    • Steel Nails x12
    • Hammer x1
    • Unfired Bowl x1
    • Wizard's Mind Bomb x1
    • Lobster Pot x1
    • Silk x1
    • Anti-Dragon Breath Shield x1
    • Coins x2,030
  • Combat:
    • Zombie Rat (Level 13)
    • Ghost (Level 25)
    • Skeleton (Level 31)
    • Zombie (Level 32)
    • Melzar the Mad (Level 45)
    • Lesser Demon (Level 79)
    • Elvarg (Level 110)

To start the quest, talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild, which is located southwest of Varrock.

Quest Walkthrough

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Quest Rewards

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