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Quest information

Starting Point for Dragon Slayer.
  • Developer: Paul Gower
  • Members Only: No
  • Start Point: Champions' Guild
  • To Start: Talk to Guildmaster
  • Quest Length: Long
  • Minimum Requirements:
    • 32 Quest Points
    • 37 Prayer is recommended for Paralyze Monster
    • 33Magic is needed for Telekinetic Grab (boosts such as the Wizard Mind Bomb can be used).
  • Required Items:
    • Plank x3
    • Steel Nails x12
    • Hammer x1
    • Unfired Bowl x1
    • Wizard's Mind Bomb x1
    • Lobster Pot x1
    • Silk x1
    • Anti-Dragon Breath Shield x1
    • Coins x2,030
  • Combat:
    • Zombie Rat (Level 13)
    • Ghost (Level 25)
    • Skeleton (Level 31)
    • Zombie (Level 32)
    • Melzar the Mad (Level 45)
    • Lesser Demon (Level 79)
    • Elvarg (Level 110)

To start the quest, talk to the Guildmaster in the Champions' Guild, which is located south-west of Varrock.

Quest walkthrough

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He will tell you to find Oziach. Oziach lives at the north-west corner of Edgeville. He will tell you that only the greatest warriors will be able to wear his rune plate mail body. Finally, he will give you the quest to slay the dragon, Elvarg. Choose all dialogue options so that you know what to obtain, and where to obtain it.

To get to Crandor and defeat Elvarg, you will need 3 things: A Map to Crandor, a ship, and a shield to protect you from Elvarg's flames.

Map Piece #1

Location of the Oracle.

First, players need to travel to the Ice Mountain and climb to the peak. Speak with the Oracle and a riddle will be given to you.

You will need these items:

  • Unfired Bowl x1 (Mix a bucket of water with clay to obtain soft clay. Use soft clay on a Potter's Wheel and make an unfired bowl)
  • Wizard's Mind Bomb x1 (Purchase Wizard's Mind Bomb in Falador)
  • Lobster Pot x1 (A lobster pot can be purchased at a fishing store in Port Sarim)
  • Silk x1 (Silk can be purchased from the silk trader in Al-Kharid)

Once you have obtained all four items head into Dwarven Mines. At the north-eastern part of the mines is a sealed door. Enter with all four items and obtain your first map piece. Two more pieces remain.

Map Piece #2

Location of Melzar's Maze.

Food is highly recommended for lower levelled players.

First, players need to travel to Melzar's Maze with the key that is obtained my talking to Oziach. To obtain this map piece, you will have to navigate through the maze, defeating monsters along the way.

  • Red Key: Players need to kill Zombie Rats (Level 13) until a Red Key is dropped. Use the Red Key on the north-west door. If you use the key on the wrong door, you will have to start over.
  • Orange Key: Players need to kill Ghosts (Level 25) to obtain an Orange Key. Use the Orange Key on the door north of the ladder.
  • Yellow Key: Players need to kill Skeletons (Level 30) to obtain a Yellow Key. Use the Yellow Key on the south-west door.
  • Blue Key: Players need to kill Zombies (Level 31) to obtain a Blue Key. Use the Blue Key on the northern door.
  • Magenta Key: Players need to kill Melzar the Mad (Level 45) to obtain a Magenta Key. Use the Magenta Key on south-west door.
  • Black Key: Players need to kill a Lesser Demon (Level 79) to obtain a Black Key. Use a Black Key on the northern door.

Open the chest and obtain the second map piece. One more piece remains.

Map Piece #3

Location of Port Sarim's Jail.

Travel to Port Sarim's jail. Kill the goblin, Wormbrain, with Range or Magic and he will drop his piece of the map. Use Telekinetic Grab to retrieve it. You cannot pay the goblin 10,000 for the Map piece as in RS2

Ship to Crandor

Travel to Port Sarim and talk to one of the sailors. He will sell you his ship for 2,000 Coins. Once you have bough the ship, climb down to the bottom of ship to repair it.

You will need these items:

  • Plank x3 (Obtained in the wilderness at the graveyard)
  • Steel Nails x12 (Requires Level 34 Smithing and 6 Steel Bars)
  • Hammer x1 (Can be purchased at a General Store)

Once you have repaired the ship, you will need to find a captain. Travel to Draynor Village and speak with Ned. He will agree to sail you to Crandor when you are ready.

Anti-Dragon Breath Shield

Travel to Lumbridge Castle and talk to the Duke. He will give you the Anti-Dragon Breath Shield. You MUST have this shield equipped or Elvarg's flames will inflict serious damage on you.

Final Battle

Before you sail to Crandor, make sure you have the map, sufficient armour, food or potions and 30 Coins. Travel to Port Sairm and enter your ship. Speak to Ned and he will sail you to Crandor. Travel to the top and climb down into Elvarg's lair. Elvarg will drain your prayer so be prepared. Remember you have to survive three rounds of combat in order to eat food or use potions.

Defeat Elvarg and you will automatically complete the quest.

To escape Elvarg's lair, head passed the lesser demons and open the odd looking wall and climb up the rope. You will then arrive on Karamja. From there you can pay 30 Coins to sail back to Port Sarim.

Quest rewards

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Quest Points Experience Gold Other
2 ?? Defense
?? Strength
Ability to wear Rune Platemail body

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