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Random Events

Points towards Random Event rewards can no longer be gained or spent. Rewards can be purchased for a nominal amount of Coins. All Music Tracks that could be unlocked through Random Events are unlocked to all players.

In the old days of RuneScape you might have experienced a strange, unexpected event, or notice something peculiar taking place nearby. These random events typically involved the sudden appearance of an unusual animal or person, who would ask you to perform a quick task for them or solve a puzzle. Completing the random events didn't take long, and if you were lucky, you might have profited from it!

Random events would teleport you to unusual locations that were or were not part of RuneScape itself. You would not be able to leave until you either successfully completed the random event, or failed in the attempt. If you successfully completed the random event you would be returned to the spot you were taken from; if you failed, you would be teleported to a random location.

Nowadays random events can be accessed at your own leisure should you wish to reminisce.

Note that some random events were retired permanently, either before the events were stopped from teleporting you to them, or after. See the Retired random event page if you are interested in these.

Types of random event

Bee-keeper (west of Catherby)
Bee Keeper random event
Speak to the Bee keeper if you want to learn about how to make honeycomb and wax, as well as what you can do with them. He can also offer you insect repellant.

Previously you would need to help him out by taking the four pieces of the new hive and showing him how they connected. Fail in the task, however, and you'd find yourself confronted by a swarm of angry bees.
Cap'n Arnav's Chest (central Brimhaven)
Pirate's Chest random event
Cap'n Arnav has a new house in Brimhaven, but he's still having trouble with lockable objects.

Previously this rather generous pirate lived alone on a desert island, spending too much time in the sun. If you helped him open his treasure chest, he was more than happy to demonstrate his gratitude.
Certer (south entrance of the Grand Exchange)
Certer random event
Niles, Miles and Giles can be found at the Grand Exchange finding happiness with teaching players about bank notes.

Previously, their strange penchant for subjecting adventurers to seemingly pointless identification tests kept them happy.
Drill Demon (Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza)
Drill Demon random event
Drop and give me twenty! Come on, private, show me what you've got! The Drill Demon can be found wandering around the circus tent keeping the crowds entertained with his military songs.

Previously, the Drill Demon would whip you into shape, and he would not accept any shirking. Press-ups, star jumps, sit-ups - you had to work hard to impress, but if you followed his orders, he'd favour you with a reward.
Evil Bob (ScapeRune - Fairy Ring code CIS)
evil bob1.jpg
Evil Bob is always on the lookout for human slaves to serve him on his mysterious island. He'll whisk you off to ScapeRune without a moment's hesitation, where you'll be forced into a life of perpetual servitude.

Previously, the only way to escape is to wait for Bob to fall asleep, but he won't take his cat-nap before he's had something to eat...
Evil Twin (southern Varrock)
evil twin.jpg
Life's hard when you have an evil twin, as Molly knows only too well. Constantly being mistaken for her sister Moira has nearly resulted in her arrest, and she gets plenty of bad looks from her new neighbors in Varrock.

Previously, Molly had managed to capture her wicked sister, but the evil girl used a spell to drag some innocent bystanders into prison with her! Players had to pluck the evil twin out of the crowd to earn Molly's gratitude.
Freaky Forester (western McGrubor's Wood)
freaky forester.jpg
This peculiar chap has a distaste for pheasants, believing they are mutating and invading the forest.

Previously the forester had a fondness for the birds. It seemed that the important thing was the number of tail feathers the pheasant had. He would ask you to hunt out a pheasant and if you did not pick the right bird the Freaky Forester would be displeased.
Kiss the Frog (southeast Enchanted Valley - Fairy Ring code BKQ)
Kiss the Frog random event
Now they are both human, the prince and princess are on their froggymoon in the Enchanted Valley.

Everyone knows that the only way to turn a frog back into a prince (or a princess, for that matter), is to give it a kiss. Previously, you had to kiss the correct frog to break a spell. If you were willing to help out, there was a reward in it for you.
Gravedigger (central East Ardougne)
Gravedigger random event
This short-sighted gravedigger was never very good at his job, even now in his new home in Ardougne he doesn't seem to be doing very well.

Previously, he had managed to put five coffins in the wrong graves. If he'd looked more closely at the headstones, he might have known where each one was supposed to go! You had to help him by matching the contents of each coffin with the headstones in the graveyard.
Mysterious Old Man (northern Draynor Village)
Maze random event
The Mysterious Old Man has retired from helping adventurers through mazes and has moved to a house in Draynor. Talking to him about "Abductions?" will lead to him say a 'code' to summon Evil Bob who will appear and abduct the Mysterious Old Man for a change.

While the Mysterious Old Man is away with Evil Bob, you can go inside his basement for a trip down memory lane.

Previously, the Mysterious Old Man helped you navigate a labyrinth. Players who found their way to the centre of the maze earned a handsome reward; and the quicker they managed it, the bigger the prize!
Mime (Falador party room)
Mime random event
My mum always used to tell me: “if you suddenly find yourself on stage with a mime artist, just copy everything he does, and you'll be fine.” While this used to be right, the mime is more of a performer for your entertainment, than someone you should copy.

Previously the mime would perform a series of acts and you had to then mimic his performance.
Pillory (western Seers' Village, southern Varrock and north-eastern Yanille)
Pillory random event
Hapless adventurers may find themselves locked in the pillory, a sort of one-person prison cell, where they will quite probably be pelted with rotten tomatoes. If you get caught pickpocketing a Pillory guard you may find yourself in one of these cells.

Previously, getting out should have required you to identify the correct key for the lock...
Prison Pete (Port Sarim Jail)
Prison Pete random event
It seems that Prison Pete will be incarcerated forever. Having been released from his previous cell he was unable to face the world and took up residence in a new prison.

Previously, poor Prison Pete was trapped in the mirror world of ScapeRune for years, and you were imprisoned with him! To secure Pete's escape – and yours – you had to find the key to the prison in a weird balloon animal.
Sandwich Lady (East Ardougne market)
sandwich lady.jpg
Feeling hungry? I thought so. The Sandwich Lady likes to make sure that adventurers are well fed, and from her stall in East Ardougne she can feed the world with bread based goods.

Previously she would spirit them away to her magical sandwich shop for a quick snack. She could be a bit short-tempered, though, and if you took something you had not been offered she'd get really angry!
Surprise Exam (Varrock museum)
Surprise Exam random event
Found in his office under the stairs, you can talk to Mr. Mordaut about a multitude of interesting topics that might improve your kudos with the museum.

Previously, the Mysterious Old Man seemed to think you needed a bit of intellectual exercise, and would teleport you to Mr. Mordaut's classroom. Sat among a peculiar bunch of pupils, you would need to undertake a test of pattern-recognition.


Various costumes can be purchased from Iffie at Thessalia's Fine Clothes shop in Varrock. Some costumes come with emotes which are unlocked when a single item from that costume is purchased (if you've not already unlocked that emote).

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