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Ranged is a very flexible and useful skill to develop as part of your arsenal. It allows you to attack opponents from great distances, using a variety of projectile weapons. The bow and arrow is the most common weapon used by rangers. However, you can also train your Ranged skill using other weapons, such as throwing knives, darts and javelins.

To get started in the Ranged skill you will need a basic bow and some arrows.

shooting a cow.png

You can buy ranging equipment, such as bows and arrows, from archery stores in:

Archery shopLook for the archery shop symbol on your minimap to help you find the exact location of such stores.

To wield a bow in your inventory, simply left-click on it. Then left-click on a set of arrows in your inventory to store them in your quiver. You are now ready to attack your opponents.

Bows are the favoured weapon of rangers. Shieldbows are more powerful, but at the price of rate of fire. Shortbows have a quicker rate of fire, but they sacrifice power to achieve this.

Arrows and other ammunition do not provide any form of attack bonus or defence bonus, but the stronger the ammunition you use, the more damage you will inflict on your enemies. This is like the way damage increases with higher level melee weapons.

Like all other forms of combat, you must select a monster or player that you wish to attack by left-clicking on them to begin the fight (you can also press the 'T' button on your keyboard and then left-click the enemy you wish to attack). This can be useful for starting combat with an ability rather than an auto-attack. You will now begin to fire arrows at your chosen target until you are interrupted by another monster or player, die or defeat your foe.

As you fire your arrows, some will miss, lodging into the ground next to the monster. After the battle, you can retrieve the arrows and use them again. Please note there is an 80% chance of keeping any projectile and that anything you fire will only remain for a couple of minutes, so be prepared to lose a few if you are training for a long time!

You cannot attack a monster or player if you do not have a direct line of sight (for example, if there is a tree or wall between you and your enemy). When enemies are attacked by ranging, they will attempt to run and attack you in hand-to-hand combat. If you decide to shoot at a monster from the other side of an obstacle, then the monster will not be able to retaliate, thus saving you from taking damage.

Be warned that some monsters have the ability to use Ranged attacks and will attack you from a distance. The most accomplished rangers will use the terrain to gain an advantage over an enemy, as they are relatively weak in hand-to-hand combat.

Getting Ranged Experience

Experience in Ranged is provided to you each time you kill an enemy. The amount of damage you do will determine how much XP you are given, so enemies with more health are worth more XP, but typically harder to kill. If you only partly contribute to the kill of an enemy you are awarded experience for the damage you inflicted.

Using the Ranged Powers interface, you can choose where you want your XP to go. For Ranged, your choices are:

Choice XP
Ranged Defence
Balanced tick.gif tick.gif
Ranged tick.gif cross.gif
Defence cross.gif tick.gif

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (ranged).gif
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars Members icon can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.

Training Hints and Tips

  • When possible, use fences, gates and obstacles to your advantage. You will gain a greater advantage over your opponent by doing so, especially when fighting melee opponents.
  • You could consider training against other players in Castle Wars, The Duel Arena, TzHaar Fight Pits, the Wilderness, and Clan Wars.

Ranged Boosts

Ranging cape inventory icon
The Ranging cape, Ranging cape (t) or Ranged master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.
It is possible for Members to drink ranging or extreme ranging potions to temporarily increase their Ranged skill. Please see the Herblore section for more details.
rangers aid m.gif
The ale for today's bowmen, Ranger's aid, is not one that can be brewed - its recipe a closely held secret of the owners of the newly refurbished Poison Arrow pub in East Ardougne. The barkeep, Marion, will gladly sell you a pint of Ranger's aid for 25 coins, or, to give your arrows that little extra zing, Ranger's aid (m) at 50 coins. Ranger's aid will boost your Ranged skill by 2, but temporarily reduce your Defence by 2-6 points. The mature version boosts Ranged by 3, but decreases Defence by 3-7. Both will also heal your life points by 10.
A red Spicy stew, amongst other things, has a random chance to increase your Ranged level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Ranged. Of particular note is the Spirit scorpion, whose special move can poison your Ranged attacks while you fire them.

Useful Items

ava attractor.gif
You must complete Animal Magnetism to receive Ava's attractor or accumulator. You must complete Do No Evil to receive Ava's alerter.

Ava's items works through a combination of hard science and strange magic, which allows them to accumulate lost arrowheads, as well as arrow shafts and feathers, as you wander the landscape. Because of the laws of magnetics, the Attractor will only gather iron or steel arrowheads.

If you complete Ava's quest with a Ranged level between 30 and 49, you will receive Ava's Attractor, which will collect iron arrows; if you have a Ranged level of 50 or higher, you will receive Ava's Accumulator, which will collect steel arrows. You can also get Ava's Alerter which can detect the metal boxes that elite clue scrolls are found in. If you have the Attractor but later reach a Ranged level of 50, you can talk to Ava who will explain what she needs to upgrade it to an Accumulator in order to collect steel arrows.

Every so often Ava's device will manage to pick up a few other metallic items like throwing knives and clockwork mice. In addition to this, the device will collect most of your own arrows as you fire them, saving you from having to pick them up.

The device will not pick up sagaies or bolas.
scrimshaw of cruelty.gif
The Scrimshaw of cruelty and Superior scrimshaw of cruelty last for 3 or 4 hours respectively and have a chance to inflict a bleed or poison effect on your enemy for each successful Ranged attack.
scrimshaw of ranging.gif
The Scrimshaw of ranging and Superior scrimshaw of ranging last for 3 or 4 hours respectively and can increase your Ranged critical hit chance. The normal scrimshaw increases this chance by 2.5% whereas the superior version increased this by 2.7%.
sharpshooter aura.gif
The sharpshooter, greater sharpshooter, master sharpshooter and supreme sharpshooter increase your ranged accuracy by 3%, 5%, 7%, and 10% respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What order do I set up the dwarf cannon?

2. When can you claim on the dwarf cannon warranty?

3. My cannon has disappeared. I was standing next to it and nobody has stolen it. What happened?

4. Sometimes my dwarf cannon shoots twice, what is going on?

5. What affects my max hit?

See Also

Ranged Related Skills

The following skills help with the Ranged skill:

  • Prayer - Providing positive benefits to aid in your combat. For members, your Prayer List can also be swapped for Curses which can give negative effects to your enemies.
  • Summoning - If you are struggling to fend off more difficult enemies, the familiars that you can summon through the Summoning skill can help.
  • Magic - If you have gem-tipped crossbow bolts you may like to try enchanting them. Each type of gem can have a different enchantment imbued into it which can unleash a special Ranged effect, so that certain bolts become far superior against certain foes.

    In your Standard Spellbook you will discover the spell 'Enchant Crossbow Bolt'. This is a collection of spells that allows you to enchant whatever gem-tipped bolts you happen to have on you. As it is the gem that stores the enchantment, only gem-tipped bolts can be enchanted in this way.

    If you have the appropriate type of bolt equipped or in your inventory, the correct Magic level, and the requisite runes, you will be able to enchant your bolts. Each casting of the spell will enchant up to ten of the same type of bolt (it will only enchant fewer if you do not have ten equipped or in your inventory).

Ranged Related Quests

For quests that give Ranged experience as a reward, please refer to the Quest Experience Rewards page.

Ranged Related Minigames

  • Ranging Guild's ranging competition - The Ranging Guild contains a ranging competition minigame that grants Ranged XP.

    ranging guild.jpg
    Location of the Ranging Guild
    Located in the Hemenster region, south-west of Seers' Village and north of Ardougne, you must have at least level 40 Ranged to enter.

    Once in there, you can take part in the game. To train, join the archers in the middle tower. You will need a longbow due to the distance to the rival towers.

    Speak to the competition judge and, for 200 coins, you may compete.

    ranging guild competition.jpg
    Taking part in the ranging competition
    In the competition, you earn tickets. You can redeem these tickets for items from the ticket merchant, located in the northern part of the complex.

Ranged Related Distractions and Diversions

  • Tears of GuthixMembers icon - If Ranged is your weakest skill, try the Tears of Guthix D&D.
  • Champions' ChallengeMembers icon - Although no reward experience is provided, this D&D will grant you the appropriate XP for using Ranged to defeat the champions.

Ranged Related Equipment

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