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Ranged Abilities

The ranged abilities interface is an action window. It allows you to view and activate all of the Ranged-based abilities that you have access to.

As with the majority of action windows you can adjust its size, swap and dock it with other interfaces, and move it around your game window.

Powers icon

If not visible on the game screen, you can access the ranged abilities interface by clicking on the powers icon in the ribbon and going to the Ranged tab.

Ranged Abilities
Ranged Abilities

Although it can be modified, the first time you see the ranged abilities interface, it will likely resemble the image to the right.

All of these abilities can be added to your action bar in any order that you wish.

Spell Details

All of the action windows from the powers interface will allow you to hover over an individual ability or spell to see information about it. Details such as a description of the spell/ability, what requirements it has, how much adrenaline it costs (if any), how many runes it requires (if any), and the cooldown time required before you can cast/use it again.

Ability Description Requirements Cooldown (secs) Type Adrenaline Bar
Generated Required Removed
Piercing Shot ability icon Piercing Shot Shoot your target with a shot dealing 94% weapon damage, or 125% weapon damage if they're stunned. - 3 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Snap Shot ability icon Snap Shot Fire 2 shots in quick succession dealing 100-120% weapon damage on your first shot and 100-210% weapon damage on your second shot. - 20 Threshold 0% 50% 15%
Deadshot ability icon Deadshot Boom! Fire a deadly shot at your target which deals 188% weapon damage instantly, and a further 313% weapon damage over 6 seconds. 2 Ranged 30 Ultimate 0% 100% 100%
Snipe ability icon Snipe Members icon Take aim at your target, dealing 125%-219% weapon damage after 1.8 seconds, disabling protection prayers in PvP. Combo Attack. 5 Ranged 10 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Dazing Shot ability icon Dazing Shot Shoot an arrow that detonates on contact with the target, dazing them. Deals 157% weapon damage. Target suffers a 10% decrease to accuracy on their next attack. 8 Ranged
Requires a 2-handed ranged weapon.
5 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Binding Shot ability icon Binding Shot Fire a shot which interrupts your targets attack for 3 seconds and binds them in place for up to 10 seconds and dealing 100% weapon damage. 10 Ranged 15 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Needle Strike ability icon Needle Strike Members icon Launch painful needles at your target that reduce their resistance to critical hits. Target takes 157% weapon damage. Your next attack against the target has a flat 5% increase to damage dealt. 12 Ranged
Requires dual-wielded ranged weapons.
5 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Tight Bindings ability icon Tight Bindings Fire a shot which stuns your target for 3 seconds and binds them in place for up to 10 seconds and dealing 200% weapon damage. 15 Ranged 15 Threshold 0% 50% 15%
Fragmentation Shot ability icon Fragmentation Shot Fire a shot which fragments on impact, causing your target to suffer damage equal to 100-188% weapon damage over 6 seconds. If the target moves location, they suffer 2x damage. 20 Ranged 15 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Escape ability icon Escape Members icon Leap backwards up to 7 metres to help maintain range from your target. 30 Ranged 20 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Rapid Fire ability icon Rapid Fire Members icon Rapidly fire at your target, dealing damage equal to 94% of weapon damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, initially binding the target for 6 seconds. Combo attack. 37 Ranged 20 Threshold 0% 50% 15%
Ricochet ability icon Ricochet Fire a shot which ricochets off your target, hitting 2 additional nearby targets for 100% weapon damage each. 45 Ranged 10 Basic 8% 0% 0%
Bombardment ability icon Bombardment Members icon Fire a volley of shots into the air, which come raining down dealing 219% weapon damage to your target and all adjacent enemies. 55 Ranged 30 Threshold 0% 50% 15%
Incendiary Shot ability icon Incendiary Shot Members icon Fire an explosive shot at your target, which will detonate after 3 seconds dealing damage equal to 250-350% weapon damage. Critical strikes generate 10% adrenaline for 30 seconds. 66 Ranged
Requires a 2-handed ranged weapon.
60 Ultimate 0% 100% 100%
Shadow Tendrils ability icon Shadow Tendrils Members icon Shadow tendrils whip at your feet multiple times in quick succession for 33-250% weapon damage. They then strike your opponent once for 66-500% weapon damage. 75 Ranged 45 Threshold 0% 50% 15%
Unload ability icon Unload Members icon Unload both your weapons at your target's current location for 6 seconds. Every 2 seconds, all targets standing at that location will take damage up to 150% of weapon damage. Each subsequent hit gains an additional 10% damage. Combo attack. 81 Ranged
Requires dual-wielded ranged weapons.
60 Ultimate 0% 100% 100%
Death's Swiftness ability icon Death's Swiftness Members icon Create a shroud of death at your location for 30 seconds. While you remain within the shroud, your ranged damage will be increased by 50%. If your target stands within the shroud, they will be hit for 10%-20% of weapon damage every 2 seconds. 85 Ranged 60 Ultimate 0% 100% 100%


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