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Ranged FAQ

What order do I set up the dwarf cannon?

To successfully setup a dwarf cannon, you will need to first place the base, then the cannon stand. Next, you place the barrel on the stand and finally place the furnace on the cannon. You should now have a complete and functional dwarf cannon ready to destroy your enemies.

Now you will need to load in your steel cannonballs - the cannon can hold thirty balls at a time. After these run out you will have to reload the cannon.

Which bows can non-members use?

Standard short/longbows, Oak short/longbows, Willow short/longbows, Maple short/longbows.

When can you claim on the dwarf cannon warranty?

The dwarf cannon can only be claimed back using the dwarf cannon warranty.

A dwarf cannon, or missing parts of a dwarf cannon, can be claimed if you die while it is set up, or if it rusts.

You cannot reclaim your dwarf cannon if you are killed and do not have the cannon as one of your three kept items, you trade it, drop it, or use the high alchemy spell on it.

My cannon has disappeared. I was standing next to it and nobody has stolen it. What happened?

The dwarf cannon decays after a certain amount of time. When this happens, the cannon will vanish and you will need to go and see Nulodion. He will be able to supply you with another.

Sometimes my dwarf cannon shoots twice, what is going on?

Indeed, the dwarf cannon is known occasionally to fire twice at a single target. This is the way the dwarves originally intended for the cannon to work.

The reason it now fires only one at a time is that, with the cannon firing continually at the higher speed, the dwarf engineers could not keep it cool enough, resulting in the barrel melting slightly. The cannonballs would then begin to damage the inside of the cannon, until it blocked up completely and its furnace exploded.

You need not worry, though: the occasional double shot will not cause you or the cannon any harm.

How do I train my Ranged skill?

Remember, you have the ability to attack your opponent from a distance. Think creatively! When possible, use fences, gates and obstacles to your advantage. You will gain a greater advantage over your opponent by doing so, especially when fighting melee opponents.

Give yourself adequate protection by wearing the best ranger's armour you can acquire. If you do not have ranger's armour, then wear any armour that does not reduce your bonuses.

It is a good idea to start with simple creatures. Training on low level creatures requires fewer arrows, and helps to build up your Ranged level faster.

As your Ranged skill improves, gradually move on to tougher opponents. Before progressing onto tougher creatures, try to get the best weapon available to you at your current level.

Finally, you could consider training against other players in Castle Wars, the Duel Arena, TzHaar Fight Pits, the Wilderness, and Clan Wars.

What affects my max hit?

The things that will affect your maximum hit with Ranged are the type of weapon, and the material it is made from, along with the material of your ammunition.

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