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Members iconRantz
Released 18 May 2004
Race Ogre
Quests Big Chompy Bird Hunting
One Small Favour
Recipe for Disaster
Achievements Unknown [Edit]
Location Feldip Hills
Examine A large dim looking humanoid.

Rantz is an ogre who lives in the east of the Feldip Hills with his children, Fycie and Bugs. First encountered during the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, he shows players how to hunt chompy birds. After the quest, players who kill a large number of chompies (minimum of 30, maximum of 4000) will be able to claim some of Rantz' feather hats.

Rantz is also encountered during Recipe for Disaster, when players must run an errand for him in order to learn how to catch jubblies. Players will also have to do a "small favour" for Rantz during the One Small Favour quest.

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