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The Recruit a Friend programme is a way of supporting our players who bring their friends into the game. Previously, the benefits of bringing a friend to RuneScape were, of course, the game itself and the camaraderie of a shared gaming experience. With the Recruit a Friend programme we have added some extra benefits to playing with your friends!

To recruit a friend you just need a RuneScape account and a registered email address.

So how does it work?

recruit a friend.jpg
Recruit a Friend Page

Players who have signed up to the programme can invite up to 50 friends every month through email. Just fill in the following:

  • Your friend's email address
  • A personal greeting (to be used in email subject field) - optional
  • A personal message (to be used inside email body) - optional
  • Your name (to be used in From field)

You can also use a direct link that we provide. This link can be used an unlimited amount of times and is intended to be used on your website, blog or social network page.

To do this, go to this web page and click 'invite your friends now'. You can also send out invites via the Recruit a Friend tab on your Account Settings page.

You will also see a summary of your bonus days, and your invitations on this page.

Tracking Your Recruits

recruit a friend tab.jpg
recruit a friend status.jpg
Recruit a Friend Status Page

Every time you recruit a new friend, their name will be added to the invite status web page. This is accessible via your Account Settings page.

At each stage of the recruitment process, your recruit's entry will be updated:

  • When you send an invitation
  • When they have read the invitation
  • When they have made an account
  • When they have subscribed for a month

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  • For your friend:
    1. If your friend create an account directly from your referral link they will receive a starter pack (see below).
    2. If your friend subscribes within 30 days of creating their account (with a minimum of 28 days of membership) they will received 10% additional xp for 7 days (see below).
  • For you:
    1. If your friend subscribes within 30 days of creating their account (with a minimum of 28 days of membership) you will receive 7 days of membership.
    2. If your friend subscribes within 30 days of creating their account (with a minimum of 28 days of membership) you will received 10% additional xp for 7 days (see below).
    3. For everyone that makes an account via your referral link, you will receive 5% of the xp that they earn as bonus xp (see below).

You, as the recruiter, will be notified when your friend - the recruit - at each stage of the process.

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Starter Pack

Type Options
Hat leather cowl.gifLeather cowl, wizardhat.gifWizard hat, wizardhatdark.gifWizard hat
Body leather body.gifLeather body, normals.gifCape, priesttp.gifPriest gown (Top)
Weapon bronze sword1a.gifBronze sword, bronze 2handed1a.gifBronze 2h sword, bronze scimitar1a.gifBronze scimitar
bronze longsword1a.gifBronze longsword, bronze warhammer.gifBronze warhammer, bronze battleaxe.gifBronze battleaxe
bronze halberd.gifBronze halberd
Money coins.gif500x Coins
Food cake.gifCake

New players who have created an account via a referral link will receive a mystery cracker when they log in for the first time. Your recruit can pull this cracker with any player, but it would be nice to do this with you. In the cracker your recruit will receive one of each type of the items on the right:

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Bonus XP

You will receive bonus xp if your friend subscribes within 30 days of creating their account (with a minimum of 28 days of membership). This xp is 5% of whatever your friend earns - 10% if you play nearby your friend on the same world. If you are not on the same world as your recruit (or you are offline), your bonus xp will still be stored for you.

Note that your bonus xp will be in the same type of xp that your recruit earned e.g. if your recruit earns Woodcutting xp, then your bonus xp can only be gained by Woodcutting.

Bonus xp is stored in your bonus xp pool until you have earned enough that it can double the xp that you earn. For example, if you have 5 xp stored in your pool, but craft an item for 15 xp, no bonus xp from your pool will be used. If, however, you craft an item that gives 5 xp, the bonus xp pool can be used, and so you will actually earn 10 xp for crafting that item.

The contents of your bonus xp pool for each skill is displayed on the Statistics interface (underneath Current, Next Level, Remainder).

Bonus xp does not expire after 7 days unlike additional xp - you will get this as long as you are a member.

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Additional XP

Both you and your recruit will received 10% additional xp for 7 days if your friend subscribes within 30 days of creating their account (with a minimum of 28 days of membership).

Additional xp is different to bonus xp as it is used immediately as opposed to waiting until your xp pool is large enough to double the exp you earn.

For example, if you craft an item for 10 xp, you will receive 11 xp for crafting that item during the 7 days that the additional xp is active.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why change the Recruit a Friend system?

2. Wasn't it called Refer a Friend before?

3. Why does the bonus xp have to be earned through skilling?

4. Does the bonus xp stack with other bonus xp providing events and items?

5. Do I have to be a member to receive my bonus xp?

6. Why are my recruits on my friends list?

7. What happens if I recruited my friends under the old scheme?

8. I've suddenly lost my bonus membership credit. Why has this happened?

9. What if my recruit recruits a friend, do I get xp from them too?

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