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Entrance to the Long Hall in Rellekka
Entrance to the Long Hall

Rellekka is the capital of the Fremennik Province, and the only major settlement. All Fremennik, returning home from sea or from raiding the softer settlements around RuneScape, can expect a riotous welcome at the town's Long Hall.

Many people consider the Fremennik to be a foolish or stupid people, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Fremennik are resourceful and clever. If you want to join the clan, be prepared to face the full extent of their cunning.


Map of Rellekka
Map of Rellekka

Rellekka lies far to the north of RuneScape and would be part of the Wilderness, but for the mountainous wall formed by the troll regions and the dwarves under it to the east.

To the south and south-east are Sinclair Mansion, the Seers' Village and Camelot, small settlements that Fremennik warriors could, should they choose, easily pillage.

Off the coast of Rellekka are the islands of Miscellania, Etceteria and Waterbirth Island.

Points of Interest

Rellekka's points of interest
Rellekka's points of interest

Rellekka is a bustling village full of traders, warriors, sailors and raucously drunk heroes of the Fremennik clan. As a result, you can expect to be able to purchase almost anything you could want from a city. The only problem is that the Fremennik are particularly mistrustful of foreigners - or 'outerlanders' - and anyone that wishes to trade there will first need to speak to their Chieftain.

Upon gaining the right to walk among them, though, an adventurer will gain access to prime Fishing spots, excellent arms and armour, Yrsa's clothes and shoes, and, of course, the finest beer in RuneScape in the largest quantities.


Brundt the Chieftain Olaf the Bard
Brundt the Chieftain
Brundt is both leader of the Fremennik tribe and a powerful warrior. He has led his tribe through harsh winters and, more recently, in expeditions against the daggermouths beneath Waterbirth Island.
Olaf the Bard
Olaf spends much of his time travelling the outer lands and singing the glories of his people to confused foreigners. When at home he sings to people that know the stories and can very probably sing along (mostly to avoid listening to his voice).
Brundt can be found enjoying himself in the Long Hall. Olaf can be found east of the Long Hall.
Sigli the Huntsman Manni the Reveller
Sigli the Huntsman
Silgi is a hunter beyond compare in the Fremennik clan. He has hunted the most dangerous beasts, including the deadly, possibly mythical, Draugen.
Manni the Reveller
Many years ago, Manni was among the greatest warriors the Fremennik could call upon. By surviving hundreds of battles he has earned the right to spend the rest of his life revelling in the Long Hall. Speaking to him proves that he has not been wasting his time there.
Sigli can be found preparing himself for his next hunt just south of the Long Hall. Manni can be found enjoying himself a bit too much in the Long Hall.
Thorvald the Warrior Sigmund the Merchant
Thorvald the Warrior
Thorvald is the greatest fighter the people of Rellekka can now call upon, and it is a bold or stupid opponent that dares test his skills. Despite his obvious power, Thorvald is a friendly man and extremely sporting.
Sigmund the Merchant
Sigmund is a canny salesman, and has sold his wares to the people of Rellekka for many years. Unlike the infamous Ali Morrisane, though, he does not appear greedy to spread himself (or people acting on his behalf) across the surface of RuneScape.
Thorvald can be found in a hut north of the Long Hall. Sigmund can be found in the market west of the Long Hall.
Peer the Seer Swensen the Navigator
Peer the Seer
As old as he is, and as bad as the Fremennik reputation may be, Peer is still a cunning man, and delights in constructing puzzles of dizzying complexity, layered over each other. If there is a proof of the Fremennik's intelligence, Peer is it.
Swensen the Navigator
Swensen is a powerful man in Rellekka, for without his maps and charts the Fremennik warriors would be unable to conduct their raids or their hunts, and their fish supplies would quickly dry up. He is interested in mazes and might offer you the opportunity to try out his own private one.
Peer stands outside his house south of the market. Swensen stays in his house south of the market.
Askeladden Thora the Barkeep
Askeladden is a young Fremennik, and currently going through the trials that will make him a fully-fledged Fremennik. He is mischievous and cunning, but good to get information from.
Thora the Barkeep
Thora once travelled RuneScape perfecting her art and serving drinks to heroes and drunkards (and drunk heroes, of course). Now she has returned to Rellekka, where she works in the Long Hall. Thora and Askeladden have a constant battle, as he tries to sneak in and drink, and she tries to keep him out.
Askeladden can be found south of the Long Hall, trying to sneak inside. Thora can be found serving the revellers in the Long Hall.
Lokar Searunner
Lokar Searunner
Not all Fremennik care to spend their time in the Long Hall, and some leave their towns and settlements to sail upon the high seas, choosing the life of the wholesale plunder merchant. Lokar is one of these, and has travelled far in his many years at sea... even to the enigmatic home of the Moon Clan.
Lokar can be found on the docks.


The following quest can be started in Rellekka:

Dangers of the North

Rockcrab (Level 102) Black unicorn foal (Level 24)
Rock crab
Rock crabs are peculiar beasts, due to their remarkable camouflage. It is almost impossible to distinguish a rock crab from a normal rock until you wander too close and it reveals itself by trying to nip off a piece of your flesh for dinner.
Black unicorn foal
If unicorns are rare, black unicorns must be considered especially rare. The black unicorn foal is a cute little creature, but undeniably evil.
Rock crabs can be found north of town. Black unicorns can be found east of Rellekka, wandering in the woods.
Black unicorn (Level 48) Hobgoblin (Level 46)
Black unicorn
The black unicorn near Rellekka is a masterpiece of evil. It cares for nothing but itself and its foals and will use its horn gladly. Luckily, most adventurers who journey to Rellekka should be capable of dealing with it.
Hobgoblins are found in most areas of RuneScape. They are basically a tougher version of goblins, generally using spears to attack.
The black unicorn can be found in the woods east of Rellekka. There are only a few hobgoblins near Rellekka, usually grouping in the north beyond the rock crabs.
Market Guard (Level 56) Warrior (Level 56)
Market Guard
The Fremennik warriors are excellent fighters and, with Fremennik weapons and armour, they don't have many weaknesses. If you're new to Rellekka, it might be best to leave them alone for a while.
The Fremennik warriors are excellent fighters and, with Fremennik weapons and armour, they don't have many weaknesses. If you're new to Rellekka, it might be best to leave them alone for a while.
Market guards can be found in the market. Warriors can be found throughout Rellekka.


  • Sailors on the docks in the north of town will take you to Miscellania and Etceteria, Jatizso and Neitiznot, Waterbirth Island and the Lunar Isle, if you are some way through the Lunar Diplomacy quest.
  • There is a bucket of milk in a hut in the east of town.
  • The mine in the north of town has silver, coal and clay.
  • There is a bronze hatchet spawn point near the hobgoblins north of the town.
  • You can get to the iceberg and penguins with the small boat to the north-east after completing Cold War

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