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Combat Levels/Strengths and Weaknesses/Types/Locations

  • Revenant imp-Level: 7 Located at both entrances to the revenant area. Not needed to be lured. Very weak and 100 hp.
  • Revenant goblin Level 14 Located on west area near werewolf. Lure require is unknown. Very weak and easy to 1 hit. 140 hp.
  • Revenant goblin Level 22 Located east area near entrance. Lure by attacking and running back behind nearest torch. Wait until comes near. Easy to kill, not easy to be harmed from and 250hp.
  • Revenant goblin Level 30 Located next to pyrefiend east side. Lure by attacking and running south of the building by 1 coordinate and running 2 coordinates before you hit the east wall. Do Not go onto the 4 coordinates that are 2 east from west building wall or the dark beast will attack. (Unless you have stayed there long enough) Low defence, not very high attack and 300hp.
  • Revenant goblin Level 37 Located next to icefiend on west side. Lure require is unknown. 350 hp and easy to harm.
  • Revenant icefiend Level 40-50 Located on west side south building. Lure is unknown. 400hp Low defence Med attack.

LEVELS 52+ HIT 200+

  • Revenant pyrefiend-Level: 52' Located east side of area. Visible after entering through eastern entrance. No lure required. High attack and strength, low defence.
  • Revenant hobgoblin Level 60 Located northwest in the area next to hellhound and werewolf. Lure require is unknown. Med-High defence Med attack/strength.
  • Revenant vampyre Level 68 Located in the middle of the area next to hellhound. Lure is unknown. High attack, medium defence.
  • Revenant werewolf Level 75 Located near lvl 14 goblin. Lure is unknown. High attack, Medium defence.
  • Revenant cyclops 82 Located southeast corner near goblin lvl 22. Lure is unknown. High-Very high defence, Medium-High attack.
  • Revenant hellhound Level 90 Located in middle of area next to hobgoblin and vampyre. Lure is unknown. Very high attack, High str, Med defence
  • Revenant demon Level 92 Located on the east side in a small broken house. north of dark beast. Lure is unknown. Medium defence, high att/str.
  • Revenant ork Level 105 Located in middle of area north of cyclops. Lure is unknown. Def/Att-Med-Very high. High str.
  • Revenant dark beast Level 122 Located near the south east entrance just north of the lvl 22 goblin. Lure is unknown. High-Very high attack/strength. High Defence.
  • Revenant knight Level 126 Located south of the western entrance near lvl 37 goblin and icefiend. Lure is unknown. Very high attack. High-Very high strength. High defence.
  • Revenant dragon Level 138 Located north of demon. Not close to anything. Lure not required. Unknown attack/defence/strength. (From what I have seen, Very high attack/Strength High-Very high Defence.

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