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Rogues' Den

Removed Content
This article is about a piece of content that has been removed from the game. Information is kept for historical purposes only.
This article is about a previous area of content under Burthorpe containing a range of Thieving and Agility traps. For the factory that replaced this area see the Flash Powder Factory
Brian O'Richard in the starting area
Sneaking around the Rogues' Den


Map of Burthorpe, with the minigame location marked with a red star
Map of Burthorpe

The Rogues' Den used to be located under the Toad and Chicken pub in Burthorpe. The player could simply use a trapdoor behind the bar and travel down the ladder. However since the installation of the Flash Powder Factory, this is no longer possible.

Three characters were part of Rogues' Den: Brian O'Richard, Martin Thwait and Emerald Benedict.

Brian O'Richard was the owner of the maze and explained it's content to would be adventurers. Brian also gave players a gem to gain access to the maze itself. The gem provided help on the maze at any point.

Martin Thwait owned the Lost and Found store. He sold useful items including stethoscopes, to help players pick the safes. For more information on the safe/Thieving area, view the Thieving - Extra Features page.

Finally, Emerald Benedict provided banking services.


Anyone could enter through the pub trapdoor to the starting area, but to enter the maze itself players required at least level-50 Agility and Thieving. Level-80 Thieving allowed the player to use a range of shortcuts in the maze.


Mystic jewel inventory icon

No items were allowed in the maze other than the items players got from the maze and the enchanted jewel given to them by Brian.

The maze

Text spoken by Brian

When players had spoken to Brian and accepted the challenge of the maze, he gave them a enchanted jewel to teleport them out, should they get stuck.

With nothing equipped and only the jewel in their inventory, players could pass through the northern grill to enter the maze. If they were wearing or carrying anything else, Brian would not allow them entry. Emerald Benedict could be used to bank any items the player was carrying.

In many areas of the maze, there were doors to the 'viewing area'. Players who entered this area forfeited their progress in the maze, but could view the maze from above and watch others attempting to get through, or simply plan their route.

Each time the player passed an obstacle, their Agility or Thieving level would be drained. This required players to choose their routes wisely based on their total Agility and Thieving levels, as each obstacle drained a different amount.

Agility and Thieving levels would not be restored inside the maze, so waiting for them to do so was not advised. If a player tried to pass an obstacle with insufficient points, they would fail the obstacle and be returned to the staff.

Agility obstacles

A player passing through contortion bars
Contortion bars were simple enough to get around. Players could imply click on the option to enter them and would then pass through, deducting 5 Agility levels.
A player diving past a pendulum
For beating the pendulum, 3 Agility points were deducted temporarily. To pass it, players could simply click the other side, and their character would time the jump through.
A player walking across a balance bridge
For the price of 4 Agility points, players could easily cross the log from one side to another.
A player diving over a circular saw in the floor
The risk of jumping a blade took more than courage; it also required 3 Agility points to succeed.
A player grasping hand-holds over a pit
For each hand-hold the player traversed, an Agility point will be taken. For the entire ledge, 4 Agility points would be taken (7 on a later ledge).
A player diving past a blade in the wall
The risk of jumping a blade took more than courage, it required 3 agility points to make.
A player diving under a circular saw in the wall
For daring to make and survive this deadly leap under a spinning sawblade, 3 Agility points were taken from your total.
A spinning blade
These spinning blades were deadly to your efforts in the maze, so it was best to avoid them at all costs. No points were deducted from you, but being touched by a blade like this would cause players to fail the maze instantly.
A player hiding in an alcove to avoid a pillar of blades
The second of the deadly spinning blades, again it was advised to avoid these at all costs by hiding in the alcoves nearby. If players were touched by them, they instantly failed the maze

Thieving obstacles

A player investigating a wooden floor trap
This floor trap took players straight out of the Rogue's Den if they failed them. To de-activate them, 1 Thieving point was necessary.
A player investigating a tiled floor trap
These floor traps took players straight out of the Rogue's Den if they failed them. To de-activate them, 1 Thieving point was necessary.
A player investigating a spike trap on the floor
This floor trap took players straight out of the Rogue's Den if they failed them. To de-activate them, 1 Thieving point was necessary.
A player investigating a spike trap in a wall
Failing to search these walls took players straight out of the Rogue's Den if they failed them. To de-activate them, 1 Thieving point was necessary
A locked grate
These required level 80 Thieving to open and gave access to a shortcut in the maze, or further chances of gaining treasure. For successfully picking the lock, 10 Thieving points was necessary.

Puzzle doors

Depending on the route taken in the maze, players might have encountered a puzzle door. To get the door open, players were required to used their wits to solve the mind-bending trickery.

The second puzzle door was located in a room with puzzle pieces. Clicking the door opened up the puzzle.

If at any point players failed the maze, they were teleported out unharmed and had to start again if they wished to make it to the centre. They were still be awarded experience to those skills they used in the Den.

Before they made it to the center of the maze, they would have had to get past some guards (if they didn't already, on a different path.)

To get past these guards, they needed to pick up the nearby flash powder (by looking for red dots on their mini-map). With this in their inventory they could click on it to 'use' it and then select the guard before he got too close. The players' character then threw the powder which stunned the guard. The player could now run past them.

Once the player reached the centre of the maze, they would find a number of safes. By clicking on one of the safes, the player could attempt to crack it open and hopefully get a reward!


After picking the safe, the player was teleported out and congratulated by Brian. They also received experience in Thieving and Agility, gaining more experience based on how far they managed to get in the maze.

It was possible that a player could fail to pick the final safe and get no loot from it. Persistence was key to success.

Items gained from the safes included pieces of rogue armour, which are untradable and provided stats towards all defence bonuses - although they were mainly a status symbol to show the wearer's status as a rogue!

Please note that the damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down) when using the Legacy combat system.

details title.png statistics title.png bonuses title.png
item title.png level title.png class title.png armour title.png accuracy title.png damage title.png prayer icon.png constitution icon.png strength icon.png magic icon.png ranged icon.png
Rogue mask Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rogue mask inventory icon
Rogue top Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rogue top inventory icon
Rogue trousers Members icon 0 None 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rogue trousers inventory icon
Rogue gloves Members icon 0 None 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rogue gloves inventory icon
Rogue boots Members icon 0 None 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Rogue boots inventory icon

Aside from the rogue armour, it was also possible to get a (stackable) 'rogue kit', for all of the player's rogue needs.

Each rogue kit could be used to build either a spade, chisel, rope or tinderbox; perfect for when exploring new areas, not knowing what the owner might need to take!

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