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Royal crossbow

member badge tiny.pngRoyal crossbow
royal crossbow.gif
Tradeable No
Equipable Yes
Stacks No
Quest item No
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Protect on Death No
Examine Inflicts heavy damage in prolonged encounters.
Weight 4kg

The royal crossbow is a heavy crossbow that requires 80 Ranged to equip.

This crossbow is designed to be very strong in prolonged fights, while not extremely effective in short brutal fights where you need lots of damage very quickly. To this end there are 2 special damage mechanics on this crossbow:

  1. Instead of normal hits, the crossbow sets a damage over time effect on the target with each hit. These effects accumulate with each other. This works in the following manner: it does X damage on the hit, then queues up 2 more “ticks” of X damage. So each hit does 3X damage overall. Additional attacks during this period won’t interfere with the damage waiting to be applied from previous hits (up to a certain amount).
  2. The damage per tick depends on the state of the crossbow. The crossbow is in the normal state by default; after attacking the same enemy for a prolonged period, the crossbow gets a lock on the creature and awakens. In an awakened state the crossbow will do more damage against the creature it has a 'lock' on. You will be able to attack other creatures without losing this 'lock' however it will only do increased damage against creatures it has a 'lock' on. When you kill the creature, or haven't attacked it for a while, the crossbow will return to its dormant state.

The crossbow is not effective in PvP as it cannot become awakened by attacking another player.

To forge the bow, bring a Coral crossbow to Thurgo along with the four crossbow components below:

royal frame.gif
Royal frame
qbd sight.gif
Royal sight
bolt stabiliser.gif
Bolt stabiliser
torsion spring.gif
Torsion spring

Thurgo, found at Mudskipper Point, can assemble all of these into a Royal crossbow (unforged), which is not usable, if you have at least 70 Smithing.

After he has infused the parts together to the coral crossbow, you must take it to the Queen Black Dragon and brandish it - right-click the crossbow and select "Brandish" - when she uses the "Forging Fire" attack on the last phase. You will know when she uses this attack when the message appears: "The Queen Black Dragon gathers her strength to breathe extremely hot flames.". Watch your lifepoints while she is performing this attack as you brandish the crossbow as she can deal thousands of life point damage if you do not heal adequately. After forging the crossbow, you are ready to use it for combat.

This crossbow will degrade after using it for too long, but as it's already been forged once; Thurgo can repair this - you'll just need to bring him 4 more crossbow components. Note that once you have forged the crossbow, you do not need to brandish it again at the QBD if you need to repair it.

Combat Statistics
In Legacy mode, damage and life bonus values will be divided by 10 (and rounded down).
Equip: 80 Ranged
No use requirements
Slot: Class: Type: Level:
weapon slot.jpgshield slot.jpg Ranged Bolts icon 80
Damage: Accuracy: Armour:
1020 1924 0
Ammunition: Bolt
Speed: Speed 6
constitution icon.png prayer icon.png strength icon.png ranged icon.png magic icon.png
0 0 0 0 0

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