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Rules of RuneScape


The 'Rules of RuneScape' are in place to help us all enjoy an engaging, safe and above all enjoyable RuneScape environment.

We have provided the tools for our players to customise their social experience as they see fit. Utilising their Friend List and Clan functionality players can help maintain contact with others they may meet on their adventures. Similarly the Ignore List is in place to limit exposure to those that players may not wish to interact with.

If however, you witness another player presenting a serious risk to other players or the integrity of our game, the Report Abuse feature is in place to allow players to escalate these problems directly to us.

Players who feel that they have been falsely accused of committing an offence can check if the offence can be appealed via the 'Account Management' page.

The RuneScape rules are organised into three categories: Honour, Respect and Security. Please take some time to familiarise yourself with these rules before playing RuneScape.


Macroing and third-party software Real-world trading Account sharing and buying or selling accounts Multiple logging-in
Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage in our games may not be used. Game items must only be exchanged for other items/services within the game. Each account should only be used by one person. You may log into multiple accounts at once, but they must not interact to exploit gameplay mechanics.

Knowingly exploiting a bug Jagex staff impersonation Scamming Advert blocking
Players must not use any cheats or errors which they may find in our software. Players must not attempt to impersonate Jagex staff in any way, for any reason. Do not try to persuade another player to give you their password or bank PIN. Players may not deliberately block or hide the adverts.

Unofficial Player Run Games Of Chance Encouraging others to break the rules
You must not advertise, organise, promote or take part in any unofficial player run games of chance where in game money or items are staked on the outcome of a random in game activity. You must not encourage or help others to break any of the Rules of Conduct.


Inappropriate language or behaviour
You must not use any language which is offensive, racist or obscene. Also includes discrimination, solicitation, threats, bullying and spamming.


Asking for or providing contact information Advertising other websites
For privacy and safety, players must not ask for personal details. Players should refrain from actively advertising in any of our games or forums.

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