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Beta Content
This article contains information about content that was in beta testing, and has since been applied to the live game. The information in this article may therefore be out of date and does not necessarily reflect the content of the live game.

This page will no longer be maintained with current information but is here for historical purposes.

For details on the live game, please refer to the Game Guide.
The current beta content can be accessed here when available: Beta.
The live game may be accessed at any time here: Game.


Within this page you will find a brief overview of some of the changes that have been made to the game for RuneScape 3.

Any feedback that you have on the beta should be added to the Beta Feedback and Discussion forum and any bugs that cannot be reported in-game should be posted in the Beta Bug Reports forum. There are several different forums, so make sure you add your feedback to the correct section.

So Whats Different?

With the initial beta, the only difference you will notice is in the graphics. No content has changed for this stage. Things you may notice are:

  • You can log in much quicker - loading of assets is done after you login rather than before
  • You can see much farther - the draw distance has been extended so you can see more of your surroundings
  • You can see the sky - with the expansion of the draw distance, we've added sky boxes
  • You can see improved water and shadows - the world seems much more alive with real-time reflections from the new water shader and dynamic shadows
  • You can see a wider range of colours - the colour palette has been expanded so the world appears more vivid

Reporting Bugs

Another change to RS3 is how you go about reporting bugs. This is now done through the game itself - there's no need to report a bug through the website unless you've found a problem with the website or Old School RuneScape.

Report choice
Report choice

Image:abuse.gif To report a bug using the in-game report interface you need to click on the report button on the chat interface. This will allow you to choose whether you want to report a player or a bug. Click on 'report a bug' to open the bug report interface.

In-game Bug Report Interface
In-game Bug Report Interface

The first thing you need to do is choose a category and subcategory that best describes your bug. The drop down boxes give a list of the categories, just choose the most appropriate category from these lists.

Next you need to describe the bug. Think about:

  • What happened
  • What you were doing when it happened

In the final box, explain how you made the bug occur again. If you couldn't make the bug happen again, leave this section.

When you are ready, press 'proceed' to send us your bug.

This new feature will be added to the main game at the end of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can access the beta worlds?

2. How do beta servers work?

3. I have access to the beta, what are the requirements to play it?

4. Okay, I'm in and playing the beta - now what?

5. As I'm playing the beta with my RS2 account, what happens if I encounter a bug and lose items or progress?

6. The models, textures and animations are loading one by one and very slowly. What's happening?

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