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RuneScape Bonds are an in-game item - purchased on our website and tradeable in-game - which can be redeemed for RuneScape membership, keys on the Treasure Hunter minigame and runecoins.

RuneScape Bonds give you more control and freedom than ever before: pay for your membership with in-game funds; securely give membership to a friend anywhere in the world as a gift; and access more content by trading RuneScape Bonds in-game for items or gold.

The RuneScape Bonds interface can be accessed - along with Treasure Hunter, and Solomon's General Store - via the extras button on the ribbon.


Table of Contents
RuneScape Bonds are in-game items that allow you to pay for selected account-related and out-of-game benefits with in-game resources. RuneScape Bonds are initially purchased just as you would purchase membership - but they can then be freely gifted or traded with other players. They can be redeemed for membership, Treasure Hunter keys, runecoins and tickets for RuneFest, and we plan to offer the option to purchase items from the Jagex Store in the future.

You'll be able to freely determine how you exchange your RuneScape Bonds - be it on the Grand Exchange or in player-to-player trades - and how much in-game gold you wish to buy and sell them for. Just like any other item on the Grand Exchange, the community will determine how much RuneScape Bonds are worth in relation to other items.

Acquiring RuneScape Bonds


RuneScape Bonds may be purchased via our website's billing page. They cost US$5, £3 or €4.25 (see the billing page for equivalent prices in other currencies) per RuneScape Bond and can be redeemed in exchange for 14 days membership, 8 keys or 160 runecoins. 35 RuneScape Bonds may be redeemed in exchange for a RuneFest ticket.


RuneScape Bonds may be traded with other players - either player-to-player or via the Grand Exchange. If you purchased the RuneScape Bond initially and are looking to gift or sell it you can use the normal systems as you use for any other tradeable item. It is up to you to decide the price so you can gift the item or list it on the Grand Exchange for convenience of sale.

Redeeming RuneScape Bonds

Redeeming RuneScape Bonds
Redeeming RuneScape Bonds

RuneScape Bonds can only be redeemed from within the game. Click on the 'Extras' button on the ribbon and the RuneScape Bonds section will tell you how many RuneScape Bonds you own overall. Clicking on this section will open the RuneScape Bonds interface which will provide details on how many of your RuneScape Bonds are tradeable or untradeable; and also has a button for redemption.

If you wish to redeem a RuneScape Bond it needs to be in your backpack. You can only redeem one RuneScape Bond at a time and they are redeemed in the following order: untradeable in backpack, untradeable in bank, tradeable in backpack, tradeable in bank.

After clicking the 'redeem' button you are given the option of whether to choose redemption in exchange for membership, keys or runecoins. Once they are redeemed you are then given the option to move to a members' world, go to Treasure Hunter or open Solomon's General Store.

Note that the process for getting a RuneFest ticket with your RuneScape Bonds is different (see question 22 below).

Redeeming RuneScape Bonds
Redeeming RuneScape Bonds

Converting RuneScape Bonds

Converting RuneScape Bonds
Converting RuneScape Bonds

If you have traded or been a gifted a RuneScape Bond by another player it will, by default, be in an untradeable state. In this state you can either redeem the RuneScape Bond for 14 days membership, 8 keys or 160 runecoins.

If you instead want to trade it, or give it to another player as a gift, you will need to pay a conversion fee to return the RuneScape Bond to a tradeable state. The conversion fee is 10% of a RuneScape Bond's value on the Grand Exchange at the point you wish to convert.

Use the 'Convert Bonds' button in the main RuneScape Bonds interface in order to convert your RuneScape Bonds. You can convert multiple RuneScape Bonds at once should you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

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8. Can I redeem multiple RuneScape Bonds at once?

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12. Will the amount of membership, keys or runecoins received by redeeming a RuneScape Bond change?

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14. Will the RuneScape Bond set up a recurring subscription on my account?

15. What happens when the membership redeemed from my RuneScape Bond runs out?

16. Will the RuneScape Bond cancel my recurring subscription if I add membership?

17. Will I keep my loyalty rate or my Loyalty Programme progress if I use a RuneScape Bond for membership?

18. What payment methods can I use to buy RuneScape Bonds?

19. What happens if I die with my RuneScape Bond in my inventory?

20. If I redeem my RuneScape Bond for membership accidentally, can I reverse my redemption for another choice?

21. How does this affect me if I play Old School RuneScape?

22. How can I redeem my RuneScape Bonds for a RuneFest ticket?

23. I bought a RuneScape Bond package from the website. Where did it go?

24. What happens if a RuneScape Bond that was traded to me is not paid for?

25. Can I be banned for Real World Trading if I trade another player GP for a RuneScape Bond?

26. What happens if I destroy my RuneScape Bond?

27. Why can't I trade my RuneScape Bond?

28. How do RuneScape Bonds impact staking?

29. Can I buy JCoins with my RuneScape Bond?

30. Won't this cause price crashes? I don't want my valuable items to lose their worth!

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