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RuneScape Classic, also known as RSC or RS Classic, is the first version of RuneScape and was superseded by RuneScape 2 (2004-2008), RuneScape HD (2008 - 2013) and then RuneScape 3 (2013 onwards), which is the current main focus of Jagex.

Though support and related services, such as content updates have been officially stopped, Jagex has patched small issues found within RSC, including fixing a chat issue between RSC and the main game, along with a few other community oriented fixes.

Development History

RuneScape Classic was initially developed by Andrew Gower, one of the founders of Jagex as a re-write to the partially developed Devious MUD, and was released on 4th January of 2001. Following the support of Paul Gower and Constant Tedder they founded Jagex to oversee the running of the game. As part of this process additional staff were hired and the members expansion was released on 27th February 2002 following it's announcement on 4th October 2001.

During the following 3 years Jagex continued to develop RuneScape Classic and released content updates. On 29th March 2004 they released RuneScape 2 and allowed players to transfer across their game profile to the new game. Free access to RSC was discontinued on 4th August 2005.

Access Requirements

Only two types of Members' accounts can play RuneScape Classic: At this time, there are no plans to re-open RSC in the future though the game remains open to support the loyal players who choose to play it. Though RSC is open only to qualifying accounts with active Membership, continuous subscription is not required to prevent loss to access rights. In the event of a lapse in subscription players will be unable to log in to RSC until they resubscribe.

Of the three available game servers, Classic 1 is available only to Veteran members who logged in during the 6 month period before the initial closure of RSC. The Classic 2 and Classic 3 servers are available to all qualifying members.

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The Log In Screen for RuneScape Classic

Community & Forums

Within the RuneScape Forums exist three forums dedicated to RuneScape Classic and its community.
  • RSC Community - For RSC related trades, duels, events & clans
  • RSC Discussion - For any RSC topic not covered by the other forums
  • RSC Feedback - For feedback and discussion about RSC & the RSC forum section
These forums are open to all Members and qualifying free-players with access to the RuneScape Forums and are located at the bottom of the main forum index.

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