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Latest Version:

Release Date:
29th April 2015

What's new:
Fixed an issue that prevented chat timestamps being displayed in your local time zone Download Now:
RuneScape - Windows
RuneScape - Mac
Old School RuneScape - Windows

Version History

1.2.5 (29 April 2015) - Fixed an issue that prevented chat timestamps being displayed in your local time zone

1.2.4 (30 March 2015) - Added Support for launching the client directly from the RuneScape website. Updated icons for Windows and Mac OS.

What is it?

The RuneScape game client allows you to play RuneScape directly from your Windows or Mac desktop.

You don't need administrator rights on your computer to use it, and on Windows it also allows you to play without installing Java.

An Old School RuneScape version is also available.

Download and Installation


Mac OS

Starting the game

Look for the RuneScape icon in your Start Menu or Applications folder to start the game.

NEW: You can also launch the RuneScape game client directly from the website. Click the "Play Now" link on the website to start playing.


The client doesn't open automatically when I click "Play Now" on the website

Uninstalling the RuneScape Client

To uninstall the RuneScape Client from your computer, please follow the relevant steps below.

Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8

Mac OS X

Settings for advanced users

As it's open-source software you can get OpenJDK and the code used to create the RuneScape game window here.

The downloadable client has a method for allowing multiple settings files, which may be used in combination with separate shortcuts to allow the use of the client software to access both the live game and other versions of the game including old school servers and Beta servers (if available).

For more information on how to enable this feature in the client, please refer to Multiple Configuration Setup and prm Files.

Further support

Technical help is available from Jagex customer support or on the RuneScape technical forums.

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