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RuneScape Pre-Paid Game Cards

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Awesome news!!

You can now grab more than just membership using a rather fancy RuneScape Pre-Paid Card.

Simply head down to your nearest store (using the handy store locator), and scoop up a Pre-Paid Card with a value attached, rather than the traditional amount of membership days, and you’ll be able to redeem the card for a combination of membership, spins, and RuneCoins!


They come in two tasty flavours, using American Game Cards as an example, either a $10 card, or the supersized $25 version, and can be used to grab the following packages:

$10 Card

  • 25 days of Membership + 5 Keys
  • 30 Days of Membership
  • 350 RuneCoins
  • 20 Keys
  • 10 Keys and 175 RuneCoins
  • 1 Bond and 12 Days of Membership
  • 1 Old School Bond and 12 Days of Membership

$25 Card

  • 90 days Membership
  • 50 days of Membership + 32 Keys (Includes 160 Hearts of Ice)
  • 50 days of membership + 400 RuneCoins
  • RuneScape 80 Keys (Includes 430 Hearts of Ice)
  • 1000 RuneCoins
  • RuneScape 25 Days, 30 Keys and 330 RuneCoins (Includes 150 Hearts of Ice)
  • RuneScape 4 Bonds
  • 4 Old School Bonds

Amazing scenes!

As outlined above, this example uses US dollars, although these cards are now available in a variety of regions!

Please be aware that the items on Game Cards - such as Bonds, RuneCoins and Keys - can only be redeemed in RuneScape not OldSchool RuneScape.

However, Membership on Game Cards can be used in both RuneScape and OldSchool RuneScape; and Game Cards can be redeemed for Old School Bonds on the package selection page.

How to redeem your shiny new Pre-Paid Card

To top your account up with goodies, simply head on over to the Subscription Page, hit Redeem Card, and throw in the freshly revealed code found behind the silver strip on the rear of the card:


When you hit the Redeem button below the card PIN entry box, you’ll be presented with a multitude of tempting options:


(note: $25 card shown above)

Simply select the package you’re after and hit Redeem. You’ll then be shown the following screen, so you get a chance to check out your selection before going ahead:


Simply hit Continue if you’re happy with your choice, and you’ll be swimming in membership spins and RuneCoins in no time!

If you’ve decided another package is more to your taste, hit Cancel and you’ll be returned to the selection screen.

All that’s left to do is dive onto your account and reap the rewards!!

This is an answer from the Billing FAQ page found here

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