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Runecrafting - Extra Features

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The content on this page is mostly available for all players.
There could be some parts within this section that are for members only. These will be indicated accordingly with a member badge tiny.png icon.

Training Hints and Tips

  • Wear the Boots of Lightness and a spotted/spottier cape while Runecrafting. These reduce your weight and allow you to run for longer periods of time. The penance gloves will also decrease your weight. you can claim them as reward from the barbarian assault activity for 150 points in each role.
  • When mining essence, wear as little as possible. This will keep your weight to a minimum, allowing you to run longer.
  • Use pouches if you have them. They allow you to carry more essence per trip and will save you time in the long run.
  • Use teleporting jewellery to get closer to altars. The ring of duelling will get you close to the fire altar while the amulet of glory will take you close to the entrance of the Abyss.

Summoning Familiars

Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Runecrafting. Of particular note is the abyssal lurker, who can carry seven essence for you, which all adds up!

Also, any aspiring wizards who have completed the Rune Mechanics quest will be rewarded with a rune guardian pet. This logical and loveable animated lump of rune essence doesn't eat food like other pets. Rather, it can be sustained by taking it to any of the rune altars, where it will energise itself. It will also change colour to reflect the last altar it fed on (excluding Ourania Altar). If you'd like more than one rune guardian pet, you can leave your current one in your house's menagerie then go and talk to Clerval for a new grey rune guardian pet. Finally, if you take a set of infinity robes and your rune guardian to one of the elemental altars - air, water, earth or fire - you can use those robes (hat, top and bottom, but not gloves and boots) on the altar to change their colour too. To change them back, simply use them on your rune guardian.

Runecrafting Training in Dungeoneering

It is possible to train all of your skills while dungeoneering, and Runecrafting is no exception. Monsters will drop essence, which can be taken to the altars in Daemonheim and converted to your choice of rune. You can also gain Runecrafting experience by completing runecrafting skill doors.

Quests Giving Runecrafting Experience

To view quests that reward you with Runecrafting experience please see the Runecrafting Rewards page.

Runecrafting Gloves

There are three sets of gloves available from Fist of Guthix that anyone interested in Runecrafting should look to purchase. Air, earth and water Runecrafting gloves give double the normal experience when you are crafting runes of the same type as your gloves. The gloves will crumble to dust after you have used 1,000 essence in this way.

You need a Runecrafting level of 10 to wear air Runecrafting gloves, 20 to wear water Runecrafting gloves, and 30 to wear earth Runecrafting gloves.

The Runecrafting Guild

The Runecrafting Guild, being a place of research and filled with the wonders of magical experimentations, holds more than just the two recruiting scientists in charge of the Great Orb Project. Within its walls you will also find that the mages have been very busy indeed...

The Omni-Talisman member badge tiny.png

omni talisman.gif

The omni-talisman is a remarkable object created by Elriss to enable the devoted runecrafter to access almost every altar freely. If you are able to show her a talisman for each of the Runecrafting altars, she will grant you a hefty chunk of Runecrafting experience for each, as well as the omni-talisman.

There are twelve in all: ■ Air ■ Blood ■ Body ■ Chaos ■ Cosmic ■ Death ■ Earth ■ Fire ■ Law ■ Mind ■ Nature ■ Water.

Note:- This does not include the astral talisman (does not exist), or soul talsiman (content not yet in-game) or the elemental talisman.

To craft an omni-talisman into a tiara or staff, take it to Wizard Korvak, who can be found staggering about in the Runecrafting Guild, jumping at shadows and being generally terrified of everything.

If the Omni-talisman is lost for any reason (including combining it with a tiara, staff or Wicked hood), a new one may be obtained by speaking to Elriss. The talismans don't need to be shown to her again to get a replacement.

Wizard Korvak member badge tiny.png

In addition to helping you convert the omni-talisman into tiaras and staves, Korvak will also replace a lost medium abyssal pouch and repair any other pouches you have - of course, his experiences have cost him his sanity, so expect to have to pay for his services.

The Rune Altar Map

Dominating the Runecrafting Guild you will doubtless notice a massive map of RuneScape. This is no ordinary map, of course - mages would never leave something so impressive alone - and can be used to locate the mysterious ruins that hide Runecrafting altars. To locate an altar, simply use a talisman on it and it will highlight it for you, along with a short description to help you find your way.

Boosting Experience Gain

pendant of runecrafting.gif
The pendant of Runecrafting and the prized pendant of Runecrafting can boost your XP gain depending on your level, the prized pendant providing a larger boost. To activate your bonus XP, you must right-click the pendants and choose 'Gain xp'. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the pendant becomes a cosmetic item.
master runecrafter robe.gif
Each individual item in the master runecrafter set (hat, robe, skirt and boots) grant 1% extra XP each. A complete set will grant an additional 1% XP bringing the total to 5% for the whole set.

Wicked Hood


The Wicked Hood is a members benefit for the Magic and Runecrafting skills. It gives small bonuses to magic and can produce runes and rune essence as well as allowing limited teleports to some runecrafting altars. You can also upgrade it using talismans (see below).

When you reach level 5 in Magic or Runecrafting you will be offered the hood on a flyer written by Tam McGrubor. You can then collect the hood from McGrubor himself at his booths in Burthorpe (the blue dot on the map to the left). If you are a free player that has subscribed as a result of seeing McGrubor's advert, you will be able to teleport straight to his booth the first time you enter a members world.

The hood performs several abilities that will be useful:

Ability Description
Consume Talisman Consumes (and destroys) any talisman used on it. This allows the hood to act as a talisman of that type. This can only be used once per talisman type. An omni-talisman will also need to be consumed and this will act in the same way as if you added them all one-by-one but this doesn't include the astral talisman or elemental talisman which also need to be added to complete the hoods functions.
Note:- Some players prefer to create an omni-talisman rather than to add the talismans all separately since the hood will still require you to add the omni-talisman anyway (However this requires level 50 to gain access to the runecrafting guild).
Adding the omni-talisman to the hood will complete the talismans you haven't added and will ignore the ones you have consumed already (not including the astral and elemental talismans).
Make Runes This ability produces 100 free-to-play runes or 5 member runes of one type, taking as many runes as your inventory will allow. The type of runes you can choose from is limited to the talisman types that your hood has consumed. You can only use this ability once per day. Should your hood have consumed an elemental talisman however, you can do this twice per day.
Make Essence This ability produces up to 100 rune essence. If your hood has consumed an omni-talisman, this will be pure essence. You may use this many times a day until you have claimed all 100 essence.
Teleport Twice per day you can teleport to an altar for which the appropriate talisman has been consumed.

wicked hood.jpg
Wicked hood interface

The interface, accessing by clicking the hood, shows you the remaining actions you have for the day. To make a rune, click the 'Make Runes' button, followed by the rune you would like to make. You can teleport to a rune altar by clicking 'Teleport' followed by the appropriate rune. Essence can be made by clicking the 'Make Essence' button.

Should you lose your hood you can reclaim it from the booth at any time, but you may only have one hood. The hood does not drop on death.

If you have purchased Wicked items from the Runespan you can get more essence and runes per day as well as an additional teleport for owning the full set.

Item Essence Rune Claim
Wicked cape +25 per day +1 per day
Wicked legs +25 per day +1 per day
Wicked robe top +25 per day +1 per day

Tectonic energy member badge tiny.png

Tectonic energy

Dropped by Vorago, tectonic energy is used to craft high level magic armour. You will also need to purchase stones of binding from the Magic Guild in Yanille.

Item Stone of binding Tectonic energy Level Runecrafting XP
Tectonic mask
Tectonic mask
1 14 91 Runecrafting 500
Tectonic robe top
Tectonic robe top
3 42 93 Runecrafting 1500
Tectonic robe bottom
Tectonic robe bottom
2 28 92 Runecrafting 1000

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