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Runecrafting Challenges

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Task Target Lodestone Level Hand In
Air Runes
Craft essence into air runes: 125
125 Varrock 1 Runecrafting
Mind Runes
Craft essence into mind runes: 125
125 Falador 1 Runecrafting
Runespan I
Siphon water, mind or air runes from the Runespan: 75
75 Lumbridge 2 Runecrafting
Water Runes
Craft essence into water runes: 125
125 Lumbridge 5 Runecrafting
Runespan II
Siphon water, mind or air runes from the Runespan: 83
83 Lumbridge 5 Runecrafting
Earth Runes
Craft essence into earth runes: 156
156 Varrock 9 Runecrafting
Runespan III
Siphon earth, water or mind runes from the Runespan: 145
145 Lumbridge 9 Runecrafting
Fire Runes
Craft essence into fire runes: 184
184 Al Kharid 14 Runecrafting
Runespan IV
Siphon fire, earth or water runes from the Runespan: 198
198 Lumbridge 14 Runecrafting
Body Runes
Craft essence into body runes: 610
610 Falador 20 Runecrafting
Runespan V
Siphon fire, earth or water runes from the Runespan: 302
302 Lumbridge 20 Runecrafting
Cosmic Runes
Craft essence into cosmic runes: 555
555 Lumbridge 27 Runecrafting
Runespan VI
Siphon cosmic, body or fire runes from the Runespan: 275
275 Lumbridge 27 Runecrafting
Ourania Altar Members icon
Craft essence into runes at the Ourania (ZMI) Altar: 480
480 East Ardougne 30 Runecrafting
Chaos Runes
Craft essence into chaos runes: 240
240 N/A 35 Runecrafting
Runespan VII
Siphon chaos, cosmic or body runes from the Runespan: 280
280 N/A 35 Runecrafting
Astral Runes Members icon
Craft essence into astral runes: 625
625 N/A 40 Runecrafting
Runespan VIII
Siphon astral, chaos or cosmic runes from the Runespan: 260
260 N/A 40 Runecrafting
To Stealing Creation Members icon
Craft runes from class-3 or higher sacred clay in Stealing Creation: 5
5 N/A 40 Runecrafting
Nature Runes
Craft essence into nature runes: 800
800 N/A 44 Runecrafting
Runespan IX
Siphon nature, astral or chaos runes from the Runespan: 262
262 N/A 44 Runecrafting
The Great Orb Project
Complete 1 game of Great Orb Project: 1
1 N/A 50 Runecrafting
Law Runes
Craft essence into law runes: 788
788 N/A 54 Runecrafting
Runespan X
Siphon law, nature or chaos runes from the Runespan: 265
265 N/A 54 Runecrafting
Death Runes
Craft essence into death runes: 444
444 N/A 65 Runecrafting
Runespan XI
Siphon death, law or nature runes from the Runespan: 190
190 N/A 66 Runecrafting
Blood Runes Members icon
Craft essence into blood runes: 659
659 N/A 77 Runecrafting
Runespan XII
Siphon blood, death or law runes from the Runespan: 145
145 N/A 77 Runecrafting
Runespan XIII
Siphon soul, blood or death runes from the Runespan: 145
145 N/A 90 Runecrafting


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