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Runecrafting FAQ

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Do I get Runecrafting experience for each rune I create, or for each essence I use?

You will be given experience for each essence that is used up in the Runecrafting. You will not gain additional experience for being able to create multiple runes per essence.

Are the essence pouches tradeable?

No, it is not possible to trade these pouches with other players.

How do I begin to craft runes?

To craft runes, you need to obtain a talisman (an air talisman will be your first) and rune or pure essence. Once you have these, use the talisman to locate the altar, to enter and begin crafting runes.

What is the elemental talisman?

The elemental talisman is a universal talisman that can be used at any of the elemental altars. This includes the air, water, earth and fire altars. The elemental talisman can be obtained as a drop from abyssal monsters.

How can I repair my pouch?

If your pouch degrades, you can:

Where is the Dark mage?

The Dark mage is at the centre of the Abyss. He will repair degraded pouches for you.

What is the binding necklace?

The binding necklace allows combination runes to be crafted without failing. It will guarantee success when creating combined runes. This item may be used up to 15 times before it breaks and vanishes.

Why do I get two runes per essence?

It's the benefit of a high Runecrafting level. Eventually you might get 3 or more.

Can I have more than one essence pouch?

It is not possible to have more than one of each type of pouch, but if you have the Runecrafting level to hold a massive, giant, large, medium and small pouch at the same time, you will find yourself able to make many runes in one trip! You can have more than one massive pouch, but only one can be in use at once.

Which NPCs will teleport me to the rune essence mine?

The following people are the only ones that can teleport you to the rune essence mines:

What can I craft with rune essence?

You may craft air, water, earth, fire, mind and body runes with rune essence.

What can I craft with pure essence?

You may craft any rune type - except soul runes - with pure essence.

Where do I get pure essence?

You have to be a member to mine pure essence. It is found in exactly the same location as rune essence and you will automatically mine it if you have a Mining level of 30 or more.

I am a member - how can I mine rune essence?

Members can mine rune essence by using a free world.

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