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What are runes?

Runes are weightless stones that have been imbued with power and can be used to cast spells. They are the basic catalysts used to train the Magic skill, and serve as focuses for the innate magical powers of their users.

Runes can be mass produced by crafting runes out of rune essence or pure essence at Runecrafting altars, bought at Rune shops, found as monster drops, or purchased from other players in person or over the Grand Exchange.

Types of runes

There are various kinds of runes that can be found and used in Gielinor. Each type has different properties, and is therefore used in different spells. The chart below lists all of the runes available in Gielinor.

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Rune Description
arune.gif Air rune One of the four elemental runes, used in a wide variety of spells.
erune.gif Earth rune One of the four elemental runes, used in a wide variety of spells.
frune.gif Fire rune One of the four elemental runes, used in a wide variety of spells.
wrune.gif Water rune One of the four elemental runes, used in a wide variety of spells.
brune.gif Body rune Used in curse spells
mrune.gif Mind rune Used in strike spells and the Magic Dart spell
crune.gif Cosmic rune Used in enchantment spells and some Lunar spells
chrune.gif Chaos rune Used in bolt spells, the Crumble Undead spell and some Ancient Magicks spells
nrune.gif Nature rune Used in transmutation spells, some Lunar spells and spells to immobilize a target
drune.gif Death rune Used in a variety of medium and high level spells, including blast and surge spells, Teleblock, Vengeance and Ancient Magicks
lrune.gif Law rune Used in teleport spells and some Lunar spells
srune.gif Soul rune Members icon Used in high level spells on the normal and Ancient spellbooks
blrune.gif Blood rune Members icon Used in high level spells, mostly combat spells such as Wave and Surge spells and those in Ancient Magicks
astral rune.gif Astral rune Members icon Used in spells from the Lunar spellbook
dustrune.gif Dust rune Members icon A rune which represents earth and air
lavarune.gif Lava rune Members icon A rune which represents earth and fire
mudrune.gif Mud rune Members icon A rune which represents water and earth
mistrune.gif Mist rune Members icon A rune which represents water and air
smokerune.gif Smoke rune Members icon A rune which represents air and fire
steamrune.gif Steam rune Members icon A rune which represents fire and water
armadylrune.gif Armadyl rune Members icon Enhanced version of an air rune. Used solely for casting the Storm of Armadyl spell.


  • Though runes up to Law are available for Free to play players to use, they can only craft runes up to Mind.
  • All runes except for Soul runes can be crafted at their Runecrafting altar. Soul runes can only be crafted randomly at the Ourania Altar (also known as the ZMI altar).
Warning: Spoilers below
If you do not want to learn about certain game content before experiencing it, do not read below this line.
Reason: The next section will spoil portions of the quests Meeting History and Rune Mysteries.


Runes were first created by Guthix in the First Age using the Stone of Jas. They were given to the mortal races of Runescape, who learned to use their powers. Runes remained in common use until the God Wars, after which the secret of runes was lost altogether.

Sometime during the Fourth Age, a man known only as V------- located the stone of Jas and gained the power of magic. The rocks near the stone had undergone a transformation due to its presence, and V------- and his followers were able to focus his power into these rocks to create runes. These rocks are known today as rune essence.

After the re-discovery of runes, the Moon Clan, a group of Fremennik who practiced the art of magic, sought to simplify the rune crafting process. For this purpose, they created dolmens made of rune essence in places of powerful elemental power and focused the power to create altars that could fill essence with the power of a specific rune. With the creation of these altars, the modern form of Runecrafting was perfected.

Later during the Fourth Age, all of the altars except the Astral Altar were destroyed by Fremennik who disapproved of the creation of runes by mere mortals. The secret of Runecrafting was lost to all but the Moon Clan, whose magical powers eventually progressed beyond the need for runes, leading to Runecrafting being forgotten even by its founders. Runes themselves remained in use even up to the present day, where Runecrafting has been rediscovered during the events of the Rune Mysteries quest.

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