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Warning: Spoilers below
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Reason: This page reveals plot from several quests

It is only through the protection of Saradomin that we can achieve peace and harmony. With him as our lord and defender, we need not fear again.

Also known as Blue Giant
Gender Male
Tier 3
Alignment Order and Peace
Symbol Saradomin's symbol
Colours Blue, light blue, dark blue, gold, white
Original race Human
Quests The World Wakes
The Death of Chivalry
Missing, Presumed Death
Location Empyrean Citadel
Lumbridge (During BoL)
Edgeville Monastery
Guthix's Chambers
Examine Locked in battle with his rival, Zamorak. (At the BoL)

Armed for battle.

The god of order and wisdom, above all else.
Saradomin's chathead

Saradomin is the god of light, pleasantry, purification, order and wisdom. His followers believe him to be the epitome of goodness and purity. He is characterised by a concern for order and peace, and a hatred for all that he views as evil, and is generally considered an opposing equal to Zamorak.

Saradomin wants the world to acknowledge that he is the best protector of the world, and the other gods should be cast out so that he can look after the world. He believes that in this way, mortals won't have to worry about the conflict of the gods.

After the God Wars he retreated to the world of the Icyene, no longer able to return to Gielinor due to the Edicts of Guthix. While banished from Gielinor, he focused on building his relationship with the Icyene, all the while looking for other ways back into Gielinor.

Once the edicts of Guthix faded from Gielinor, Saradomin was the first god to return.

Saradomin's symbol is a four-pointed star, which also represents the Prayer skill. He is associated with the colours blue, white and gold. He is also known to wear blue robes with golden trim, including a special helm.


The Battle of Annakarl

Saradomin's chathead during the Third Age
Commander Zilyana saved by Saradomin
Commander Zilyana saved by Saradomin

Commander Zilyana is a loyal follower and commander of Saradomin, she has some involvements to him and has participated in the Battle of Annakarl.

During the Ritual of the Mahjarrat quest Saradomin makes an appearance in a vision of this battle, after touching the Stone of Jas. This event in the quest revealed new information about the God Wars.

It is also known that after the Saradominist defeat at Annakarl, Saradomin himself arrived to save Commander Zilyana and speak of his enemy Zamorak's true nature and the origin of his godhood.

Return to Gielinor

Saradomin during the Third Age
Saradomin during the Third Age

With the collapse of the Edicts of Guthix at the end of The World Wakes, Saradomin was the first god to return to Gielinor.

During The Death of Chivalry quest, Saradomin asks the player and Sir Owen to prevent the Kinshra from obtaining and using a powerful weapon.

Searching for the remnants of Guthix's power, Saradomin fought with Zamorak for control of a large portion of these divine tears in The Battle of Lumbridge.


As one of the largest religious groups in Gielinor, Saradominists may be found almost anywhere. They are predominantly human, however, and thus tend to be concentrated in the three human kingdoms. While they are generally presented as a morally positive group, not all quests require - or even allow - players to side with Saradominists. In the Dorgeshuun quest series, for instance, players oppose the Saradominist zealot group H.A.M..

Followers of Saradomin serve as the protagonists in many quests while Zamorakians often serve as the antagonists. This is particularly true of those available to beginners or taking place in Morytania.

=Saradominist Orders and Organisations

Saradomin-aligned Races and NPCs

Saradominist Holy Sites

  • Entrana, an island in the central sea, is perhaps the greatest holy site of Saradomin. Armour and the weaponry of war are prohibited from entering the island, as the monks who reside there believe deeply in peace. According to legend, Entrana is the place where Saradomin took his first steps in the realm of Gielinor.
  • The Monastery of Ice Mountain is a quiet, relatively isolated complex where Saradominist monks may retreat to spend their lives in reflection and prayer.
  • The Abbey of Saint Elspeth Citharede is the home of an all-female Saradominist order focused on sacred music.

The Battle of Lumbridge

Main article: The Battle of Lumbridge

Saradomin as seen at The Battle of Lumbridge

Shortly after the removal of the Edicts of Guthix, Saradomin intervened with Zamorak's attempt to claim a large concentration of Guthix's energy west of Lumbridge. The clash of power between the two caused a massive explosion that formed the Lumbridge Crater. Both sides established camps and sent followers out to gather the residual energy.

After 10 weeks of stalemate between the gods, Saradomin was able to draw more power from the energy his followers had collected and struck down Zamorak. As a result, Saradomin rose to tier-3 while Zamorak was reduced to tier-5.

The podium where Saradomin stood during the battle can still be found north of the crater.


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