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This article is about items that are released for events such as yearly holidays or via RuneFest. For information on the emotes released during holiday events, see Holiday Emotes and for items which were released as part of a Game Card purchase or other promotion, see Promotional Items.

Every year the people of Gielinor celebrate the passing of the seasons with holiday events. There are also one-off holiday events to celebrate once in a life time achievements. The items below are won during these events.

Holiday Events

Year Item Description


2001 pumpkin.gif Pumpkin These were dropped in October 2001, lucky players picked them up and kept them. They can be eaten to restore 140 life points. They were manually dropped by Jagex Staff.
2002 mask blue.gif Halloween mask These were dropped in October 2002, lucky players picked them up and kept them, you can wear them to cover your entire head.
mask red.gif
mask green.gif
2003 scythe.gif Scythe The scythe was dropped for Halloween 2003. Like the bunny ears, this was also untradeable and, if lost, a replacement can be found by visiting Varrock clothes store.
2005 zombie head.gif Zombie head For insulting a zombie south of Lumbridge you not only unlocked the 'Scared' emote, but also made a zombie lose his head!

This head was used to scare the nearby children of Lumbridge to drop their sweets. You could also talk to the head or display it to other people. If you have lost your zombie head, you can find one by talking to Diango in Draynor Village.
2006 skelhead.gif skeltop.gif skellegs.gif skelgloves.gif skelboots.gif Skeleton costume Diango had some issues with ghosts at Hallowe'en, and he needed to get rid of them before he got too far behind with his Christmas schedule! Players who 'busted' the ghosts were rewarded with a full skeleton suit and mask. Aside from this trick-or-treat disguise, players could unlock the 'Scared' emote.
jackolantern.gif Jack lantern mask A further reward was available to those who chopped the roots of the evil tree that had grown through the floor of the toy factory: a Jack o'Lantern mask.
2007 reaper hood.gif Grim reaper hood Death opened the dark portal to his house at Hallowe'en, all in the interests of getting some wandering adventurers to tidy up for him. Surviving all the horrors and terrifying visions of Death's eerie abode isn't easy, and players who made it through were rewarded with one of Death's spare hoods - all the better to reap with! They were also taught the secret of raising the dead to grab their ankles with the 'Zombie hand' emote.
2008 warlock.gif Warlock costume After her skeletal ox, Babe, became too ill to pull her caravan, Maggie the witch asked players to help her gather the delicious Hallowe'en candy that she had heard so much about. Players had to travel around Rimmington, Port Sarim and Draynor, trick-or-treating the locals in order to obtain lots of scrumptious treats for Maggie.

Players that succeeded in gathering enough treats were rewarded for their efforts with either a witch's costume, or a warlock's costume.
witch.gif Witch costume
2009 eek.gif Eek The Grim Reaper found an unwanted spider in his bath and was too busy to get rid of it. Willing diplomats were sent to the Spider Realm where they chatted to the Spider Queen and agreed to cover the Reaper's home with customary spiderwebs. Players who were exceptional at covering Grim's house were rewarded with Eek, an enthusiastic spider who can be chatted to and placed in your POH menagerie, and a fetching web cloak.
spidercape.gif Web cloak
2010 bone brooch.gif Bone brooch As a bony bachelor, Grim doesn't get the opportunity to let his hair down often. So, when Pumpkin Pete offered to put on an impromptu Halloween party at his home, Grim was remarkably happy to oblige. The entertainment came in the form of dancing spiders, werewolf backing singers and the renowned Zabeth Corvid: a musician who Grim has followed ever since he reaped him. For getting the entertainment back on track, players were rewarded with a bone brooch, which could transmogrify them into a pile of bones with one touch.
2011 lanyard.gif Deathcon lanyard Death was asked to organise a Halloween convention in his clan’s citadel. You helped him and some of his other clan members to put a few finishing touches to the convention space. Free players and members were rewarded with a lanyard and a t-shirt. You could also unlock the Living on Borrowed Time emote.
tshirt.gif Deathcon t-shirt
hourglass2.gif HourglassMembers icon Members were rewarded with an hourglass.
sock mask.gif sock mask flipped.gif Sock mask The sock mask was given to players who correctly solved the puzzle at deaths citadel. It required players to work with Runefest attendees, where both teams were given half the puzzle.
2012 unhallowed cloak.gif Unhallowed cloak Team Heinous versus Team Righteous; evil versus good. This Hallowe'en event required players to dismiss ghosts and gather their ectoplasm. Handing in your ghostly loot to a team would help to take control of the cities of Falador and Varrock. The ectoplasm was used to purchase a set of robesMembers icon (only the cloak being available to free players) for one faction or the other (but may be changed after being obtained).
hallowed cloak.gif Hallowed cloak
unhallowed hood.gif Unhallowed hoodMembers icon
hallowed hood.gif Hallowed hoodMembers icon
unhallowed torso.gif Unhallowed torsoMembers icon
hallowed torso.gif Hallowed torsoMembers icon
unhallowed robe skirt.gif Unhallowed robe skirtMembers icon
hallowed robe skirt.gif Hallowed robe skirtMembers icon
unhallowed gloves.gif Unhallowed glovesMembers icon
hallowed gloves.gif Hallowed glovesMembers icon
unhallowed boots.gif Unhallowed bootsMembers icon
hallowed boots.gif Hallowed bootsMembers icon
ectoplasmator.gif EctoplasmatorMembers icon The EctoplasmatorMembers icon, a device to allow for gaining prayer xp for killing ghosts, could also be bought or obtained by killing ghosts.


2001 cracker.gif Christmas cracker Christmas crackers can be pulled for a partyhat and other miscellaneous items. To pull a cracker, use it on another player.
blue partyhat.gif green partyhat.gif white partyhat.gif red partyhat.gif yellow partyhat.gif purple partyhat.gif Partyhat
2002 santa hat.gif Santa hat Santa hats were a drop which lucky players picked up. They can be worn on your head.
2004 yoyo.gif Yo-yo The next holiday event came with the arrival of Santa over both members and non-members worlds. If you visited Santa, he gave you a yo-yo, which you can use to do a variety of tricks. Diango replaces any lost yo-yos.
2005 hat1.gif hat2.gif hat3.gif hat4.gif scarf1.gif scarf2.gif scarf3.gif scarf4.gif Hats and scarves In December 2005 there was a Christmas crisis, and players were asked to help Diango who had a huge order of toys placed by a mysterious customer. He hired a band of itinerant pixies to manufacture the order, but they turned out to be totally hopeless. There were four hats, obtainable for helping make and deliver boxes of marionettes to the members' gates. For the scarves, you had to paint baubles, box them and give them to the fairies.
red puppet.gif blue puppet.gif green puppet.gif Marionettes After this, you could also use some more baubles on Varrock's Wintumber tree. When fully decorated, a present appeared underneath, a fully working puppet just for you, available in a variety of colours. If you lose your hats, Diango will replace them, and a replacement puppet can be found in the Christmas workshop.
2006 reindeer hat.gif Reindeer hat Children were childernapped from Musa Point at Christmas, and only the old sea dog Shanty Claws knew how to get them back. Players who went into the secret depths of the gublinch caves and froze childernappers with snowballs were rewarded with a reindeer hat (which can be 'operated' to activate an emote)
wintumber tree obj.gif Wintumber treeMembers icon Members also received a festive Wintumber tree to decorate their house, so they can feel the Christmas spirit all year round!
2007 snow globe.gif Snow globe Snow imps ran rampant around the cities of RuneScape calling forth drifts of magical snow. Players were able to collect snow for snowball fights and to build snowmen together. Players could also travel to the Land of Snow, domain of the Queen of Snow, to make other 'combat' snowmen, which would happily fight amongst each other for everyone's entertainment. Players were given enough to shake and kick holes in the ground. The Queen of Snow gave them the gift of a snow globe (for snowballs all year round) and snowmen taught them how to do the ever so funky 'Snowman dance' emote.
2008 santa coat.gif santa trousers.gif santa gloves.gif santa boots.gif Santa costume When Jack Frost escaped from the Land of Snow, valiant players were asked to track him down with the help of a snow imp. Jack wasn't too keen on going home just yet, though, and adventurers had to use his own trickery against him in time for the Queen of Snow to take charge of her belligerent and snotty teenaged son.
ice necklace.gif Ice amulet Players that defeated Jack Frost were rewarded with a Santa costume and were allowed to keep the ever-so-pretty ice amulet.
2009 xmas ghost hood.gif xmas ghost top.gif xmas ghost bottoms.gif Christmas ghost costume Ebenezer Scourge stole the Queen of Snow's Christmas feast and imprisoned Santa in a bid to get some peace and quiet. Hungry adventurers teamed up with snow imp pals to scare old Scourge out of his miserly ways. As part of the plan, players created a 'Ghost of Christmas' costume, which they were able to keep afterwards.
candy cane.gif Candy cane Santa, once freed, also rewarded players with a wieldable candy cane. As a snow imp might put it: "It's fer fightin' not fer eatin'." It's not good fer fighting', mind, but it looks nice.
2010 salty claws.gif Salty claws hat The Daemonheim barbarians have not had the opportunity to let their hair down and celebrate the few victories they have had in the demon halls. Recognising this, one Thorvar Crittersmash has returned to the people he grew up with, and organised a Fierce Christmas Competition to celebrate the strength of the Fremennik. Problems arose when few believed that Thorvar was who he said he was, and they forced him to prove his worth in their dungeons... For finding the props for the Fierce Christmas Competition (and Thorvar's hat), players were rewarded with a Salty Claws hat and a snowman cannon.
snowman cannon.gif Heimland games souvenir
2011 christmas wand.gif Christmas wand This year, our event focuses on some of the oldest and dearest characters of RuneScape: the wizards of Wizards’ Tower! Unknown to many (aside from Party Pete), wizards are among the hardest partiers in RuneScape, and their events are often the result of ten wizard mind bombs too many. Make a feast using a multi-cannon! Chase rogue decorations around as they make a bid for freedom! Cover the Wizards’ Tower basement with snow emitters! Tease Timmy, the imprisoned demon! Even join in with the creation of a snowman army! Rewards include a new Chaotic Cookery emote (based on the aforementioned cannon-based cookery) and a curious new wand.
sparkles.gif SparklesMembers icon Members also received a brand new pet.
2012 santa beard.gif
gift of giving (active).gif
snow impling jar.gif
Santa beard
Gift of giving (active)
Petey / Susy / Eddy / Lucy Members icon
Players had to help out with the pet Christmas this year, to creating reindeer out of stray dogs, fixing up dog houses and catching snow implings.
santa sack.gif Santa sack Players who took part in the Christmas community event had the chance to get a santa sack.
mince pie.gif
christmas tree hat.gif
christmas pudding amulet.gif
festive mistletoe.gif
Mince pie
Christmas tree hat
Christmas pudding amulet Members icon
Festive mistletoe Members icon
Players who wanted to help out Santa Claus could gather up presents and trade them in for rewards. Presents could be exchanged on their own, or in collections.

To start collecting presents, players had to “Inspect” the present and choose the “Start collection” option. To add presents to a collection players had already started, they used the other presents on the collection item. Players could see which presents the collection had in it by opening the collection. Players could also trade presents with others if they needed a particular colour present.

The presents were available on the Squeal of Fortune and from killing monsters.

tradeable gift rewards.jpg
Reward combinations

The items had the following benefits:
  • The mince pies heal up to 800 life points (depending on your Constitution level - they are most effective at level 40 and above).
  • The festive mistletoe allowed players to perform an emote.
  • The christmas pudding amulet gave bonus XP (originally it doubled XP gained - up to 68,800 - while worn).
2013 festive cracker.gif Festive crackerMembers icon The festive cracker is an item won during the Christmas period that when pulled has a chance to give various rewards including the black Santa hat.
tinsel scarf.gif Tinsel scarf Unlocked by getting 750, 1000 or 2000 naughty or nice points during the 2013 Christmas event.
festive jumper.gif Festive jumperMembers icon
san'tar spawnling.gif San'tar spawnlingMembers icon

Valentine's Day

2013 Heartbreak pendant inventory icon Heartbreak pendant Members icon Players could trade Valentine hearts - won on the Squeal of Fortune and from skilling - for these XP boosting pendants. They gave 1.5x XP in a chosen skill up to 34,400 charges.

When first worn, players would have to choose from one of five available skills to attune the pendant towards. The available skills were determined as being either the five highest (lovestruck) or lowest (heartbreak) skills that a player had (determined by XP, not level). Note that a Dungeoneering level of 120 counted as a level 99 for the heartbreak pendent and would be chosen by default for the lovestruck pendant.

The pendants could be re-attuned, but their charges could not be replenished.
Lovestruck pendant inventory icon Lovestruck pendant Members icon
Broken heart inventory icon Broken heart 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon These weapons and off-hand item could be purchased with Valentine hearts - won on the Squeal of Fortune and from skilling. They could be changed into their different versions by right-clicking their icon in a player's inventory.
Cupid bow inventory icon Cupid bow 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Rosethorn wand inventory icon Rosethorn wand 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Noisette triangle key inventory icon Noisette triangle key These food items could heal 200 hit points. They also provided a temporary +2 level boost to the relevant skill:
  • Noisette triangle key - Dungeoneering
  • Chili chocolate - Firemaking
  • Coconut dream - Herblore
  • Dwarven delight - Mining & Smithing
  • Rose essence truffle - Runecrafting
  • Vanilla fudge log - Woodcutting
A random chocolate could be purchased with Valentine hearts - won on the Squeal of Fortune and from skilling.

Chocolates could also be won on the Squeal of Fortune.
Chili chocolate inventory icon Chilli chocolate
Coconut cream inventory icon Coconut cream Members icon
Dwarven delight inventory icon Dwarven delight
Rose essence truffle inventory icon Rose essence truffle
Vanilla fudge log inventory icon Vanilla fudge log
2014 Spear of despite inventory icon Spear of despite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon These weapons could be purchased with Valentine love notes - won on Treasure Hunter and from skilling. They could be changed into their different versions by right-clicking their icon in a player's inventory.
Staff of adoration inventory icon Staff of adoration 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Crown of misery inventory icon Crown of misery These crowns could be purchased with Valentine love notes - won on Treasure Hunter and from skilling.
Crown of hearts inventory icon Crown of hearts
Caramel cup inventory icon Caramel cup These food items could heal 200 hit points. They also provided a temporary +3 level boost to the relevant skill:
  • Caramel cup - Divination
  • Lemon truffle - Agility
  • Mint fondant - Herblore
  • Hazelnut praline - Woodcutting
  • Strawberry creme - Firemaking
  • Almond toffee - Smithing
A random chocolate could be purchased with Valentine love notes - won on Treasure Hunter minigame and from skilling.
Lemon truffle inventory icon Lemon truffle
Mint fondant inventory icon Mint fondant
Hazelnut praline inventory icon Hazelnut praline
Strawberry creme inventory icon Strawberry creme
Almond toffee inventory icon Almond toffee
Box of Valentine chocolates Box of Valentine chocolates This box is given for free when purchasing chocolates using Valentine love notes. If a full set of chocolates was added to the box players were granted two new titles and a small XP lamp.
2015 Aegis of devotion Aegis of devotion 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon These weapons could be unlocked by crushing and scattering rose petals - won on Treasure Hunter and from skilling. They could be changed into their different versions by right-clicking their icon in a player's inventory.
Ardent mace Ardent mace 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Off-hand ardent mace Off-hand ardent mace 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Bulwark of revenge Bulwark of revenge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Heartseeker crossbow Heartseeker crossbow 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Off-hand heartseeker crossbow Off-hand heartseeker crossbow 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Members icon
Lovers medallion Lovers medallion These items could be unlocked by crushing and scattering rose petals - won on Treasure Hunter and from skilling.
Haters medallion Haters medallion
Crown of the fallen Crown of the fallen
Efficiency Efficiency These emotes could be unlocked by crushing and scattering rose petals - won on Treasure Hunter and from skilling.
No More! No More!
Love potion Love potion Love potions could be bought with rose petals - won on Treasure Hunter and from skilling.


2002 easter egg.gif Easter egg Easter eggs were a drop which lucky players picked up. They can be eaten to restore 120 life points.
2003 bunny ears.gif Bunny ears In April 2003, the first of the untradeable holiday items appeared. If you lose your bunny ears, you can get them replaced by visiting the clothes shop in Varrock.
2005 rubber chicken.gif Rubber chicken The Easter Bunny made an appearance, and needed your help giving out eggs if you were to claim a reward. The Bunny gave you a basket of eggs to give out to other players within two minutes. After skipping around and giving out eggs, you were given a rubber chicken, which can be used to 'Whack' other players, or do a chicken dance. Diango replaces lost chickens.
2006 easter ring.gif Easter ring The Easter Bunny needed help giving out eggs yet again. He tried to hypnotise bunnies to take eggs to the children, but it simply wasn't working. Players who found out about the plot and helped the Easter Bunny not only unlocked a festive 'Bunny hop' emote, but also received the 'Easter ring' - a magical ring that transforms the wearer into a Easter egg similar to the ones available. If you have lost your ring, Diango will replace it.
2007 chickensuit.gif Chicken costume The Easter Bunny tried to cut corners with Easter, ordering animated chocolate rabbits that could deliver themselves. Needless to say, it all went wrong! Diango accidentally made kebbits instead, and these soon hopped away from the hapless Easter Bunny. Players who helped the Bunny retrieve the kebbits, crush them in a very strange bowling arena and then get back his priceless rabbit mould were treated with the chicken suit and enhanced 'Flap' emote.
2008 chocatrice cape.gif Chocatrice cape The giant rabbit himself asked players for a hand raising a chocatrice to smite some thieving critters that ate all the Easter eggs. Players who managed to tame the gooey beast and restock the Easter Bunny's supply of molten chocolate were rewarded with a fancy new cape that can be operated to perform a new emote.
2009 carrot of doom.gif Easter carrot The Easter Bunny was looking to retire, but his lazy, good-for-nothing, spoilt brat of a son and hare has absolutely no interest in taking over from his dad. Those generous adventurers who lent the bizarre bunny a hand had to convince his wayward child that there's profit in supplying RuneScape with holiday treats, not to mention fixing up the whole Egg Plant... Players that used the power of words (and a few tools) to bring Easter Bunny Jr. face-to-face (or twitching-nose-to-twitching-nose) were rewarded with the Easter Carrot, a mighty weapon capable of defeating precisely nothing.
2010 squirrel ears.gif Squirrel ears The Easter Bunny Jr. had taken on his father's role with gusto, but found that he'd bitten off more than he could chew with his ambitious plans for a more cosmopolitan Easter. A stalwart adventurer was needed to kick the factory's rag-tag staff into gear and produce sugary treats for all. Players who helped the Easter Bunny complete his order were awarded this rather fetching set of squirrel ears. Those who completed the order on schedule received a more potent pair capable of summoning an additional fuzzy companion.
2011 sunbeam crown.gif Sunbeam crown Players were asked to fight an evil tree to signify the handover of the Year, but things took a turn for the worse when the ritual turned out to be ineffective. Free players and members were rewarded with a sunbeam crown and an Invoke Spring emote. Members could fight an evil hawthorn tree to gain an icicle crown. Both crowns were permanent, although they could only be charged until the week commencing 31st May; the crowns gave information on the location of evil trees and teleported players to evil tree saplings. A teleport expended one charge from a crown; each crown had two charges by default and could hold a maximum of 30 charges. If a player killed an appropriate evil tree in the Land of Holly and Hawthorn (an evil holly tree for the sunbeam crown, and an evil hawthorn tree for the icicle crown) the crown gained two more charges. Each crown could be used 30 times before they became ineffective.
icicle crown.gif Icicle crownMembers icon
2012 eggy handcannon.gif Eggsterminator Using their Eggsterminator, players could turn hatchlings into sweet treats to be turned in to either the Chocotrice or the Evil Chicken during the event. It was offered as a permanent reward to members completing at least 3 full hunts.
chocolate egg on face mask.gif Chocolate egg on face mask Given for completing a hunt for the Chocotrice.
egg on face mask.gif Egg on face mask Given for completing a hunt for the Evil Chicken.


2008 cornucopia full.gif Cornucopia Turkeys fled the Thanksgiving carnage and found themselves in RuneScape. Obviously, they didn't realise what they were waddling into, and adventurers across the land were able to hunt them down mercilessly, or simply spot the more cunning birds who took some notes from the penguins and disguised themselves. Players who either spotted all of the disguised turkeys or slaughtered enough of the less intelligent birds were rewarded with the cornucopia, which can be filled with 140 life points' worth of food. Players who lose theirs can recover it from Diango. If you miss the event, you might be lucky enough to find a cornucopia dropped by chickens.
2011 mackers item.gif MackersMembers icon Captain Turkerton sent a clear message to King Roald about Thanksgiving: if you want to keep gobbling his friends and family then prepare for a turkey invasion! The protest ended successfully, with an alternative feast taking the place of the traditional turkey.

Those who helped Captain Turkerton were rewarded with a new herald cape crest and a (enchanted) Give Thanks emote. Members also came away with MackersMembers icon the turkey as a pet.
2012 turkey cooked.gif drumstick cooked.gif Cooked turkey and drumsticks This years event had spawns of turkeys appear in Varrock palace at certain times in certain worlds which players killed. Players could then pick up and cook the meat for a feast they would never forget.

April Fools'

2012 peahat.gif Peahat
A historical event of the ages, peahats were found on the ground in all of the major metropolises of RuneScape. Wearing one would show your undying appreciation for peas, and can be bought from Diango if you happened to miss one.

Cryptic Clue Fest

2009 magnifying glass.gif Magnifying glass Those who succeeded in unravelling the mystery of 2009's Cryptic Clue Fest were given the magnifying glass.
2010 investigators hat.gif investigators coat.gif investigators trousers.gif Investigator's outfit Cryptic Clue Fest II proved to be even tougher to crack for players in 2010, but those who persevered received this intelligently designed investigator's outfit.
2011 avalani s hat.gif avalani s top.gif avalani s robe.gif Avalani's outfit Awarded for completing Cryptic Clue Fest III. This event also served as a teaser for the Clan Citadels update released as this event ended.
rock fragment.gif Rock fragment
2012 diamond crown.gif Diamond crown Awarded for completing Cryptic Clue Fest IV.
diamond sceptre.gif Diamond sceptre
2013 festive cracker.gif Festive crackerMembers icon Awarded for completing Cryptic Clue Fest V. Clues were given from December 20th to December 24th 2013 and the Clue Fest ran until January 3rd 2014.

Unlike previous years, the rewards from previous events were not unlocked for completing Cryptic Clue Fest V.

Recurring Seasonal Events

Introduced Item Description
2011 Hati head inventory icon Hati headMembers icon Many brave hunters teamed up to track down and take on Hati, the legendary wolf, before he could terrorise the residents of Rellekka (or devour the moon). As a trophy, members were able to take the fur of the defeated lupine in the form of a cosmetic winter hat.
Hati gloves inventory icon Hati pawsMembers icon These gloves provided members a fixed amount of bonus combat experience earned when equipped.
2012 Hati cloak inventory icon Hati cloakMembers icon This cloak was awarded to members who helped defeat Hati.
Hati boots inventory icon Sköll bootsMembers icon Hati's brother Sköll terrorised the Fremennik. For defeating the wolf that would devour the sun, members were rewarded with a pair of wolf skin boots. These boots provided a fixed amount of either woodcutting or agility bonus experience earned when equipped.
2013 Sköll amulet inventory icon Sköll amulet Members icon Hati and Sköll returned in 2013 to once again upset the local population of Rellekka. Defeating Sköll this year would provide a chance to get a decorative Sköll amulet.
2014 Valkyrie spear inventory icon Valkyrie spearMembers icon Eir required your help to find her missing equipment. Slay Hati, slay Sköll, or train your Divination skill, and you had a chance to retrieve one of the items. This item could be received multiple times, but you had to trade with another player to receive the second item needed. The rewards were bonus XP in either Prayer or Divination, and cosmetic overrides of Eir's equipment.
Valkyrie helmet inventory icon Valkyrie helmetMembers icon
2013 Butterfly legs inventory icon Butterfly legs Catching butterflies for the guthixian druids, players could share the memories of Guthix and earn rewards in the Tribute to Guthix event.
Butterfly top inventory icon Butterfly top
Butterfly mask inventory icon Butterfly mask

Commemorative Items

Year Item Description
2009, 2010 golden hammer.gif Golden hammer In celebration of Jagex winning the Golden Joystick UK Developer of the Year Award in both 2009 and 2010, we awarded all players with a golden cracker, inside of which was the golden hammer. This is a wieldable hammer that can be used for smithing, and which has two emotes attached to it (the Brandish emote for 2009 and the Spin emote for 2010).
2010 pretzel.gif Oktoberfest pretzel The Varrock Tourist Office employed the services of Pretzel Bert, otherwise known as 'Bert', to celebrate the longstanding Oktoberfest. The festival is an opportunity to drink the existing stocks of beer before the new season begins. Players who visited Pretzel Bert received a pretzel to eat, giving them 1 life point of health. This item disappeared once the Oktoberfest event finished.
2011 lit cake.gif 10th Anniversary cake To celebrate 10 years of RuneScape, Party Pete allowed his famed drop parties to tour the globe. Impromptu parties sprang up in the streets, and players were able to gain candles and cake from the drop party balloons. Ten candles could be placed and lit on the cake to create a 10th Anniversary cake, commemorating a great achievement that could never have been possible without those who have enjoyed and explored RuneScape. Thank you for a fantastic decade!
2011 furyshark.gif Fury shark The fury shark was dropped by WildyWyrms in the Wilderness for a period of two weeks. Anyone who dealt damage to a Jagex Mod-controlled WildyWyrm found a fury shark in their inventory, while those who killed a conventional WildyWyrm had a small chance of receiving one. These sharks were ready to be eaten for a bumper 230 life points in combat, or 280 life points outside of combat, and would protect an item on death in a similar fashion to the Protect Item prayer. The fury shark rotted away into nothingness on the week commencing 28th March, 2011.
2011 Açaí inventory icon Açaí Guarani, a traveller from a distant rainforest, brought with him to Tai Bwo Wannai a delicious fruit called açaí, which he happily served to all who passed his way.


Year Item Description
2010 Flagstaff of Festivities inventory icon Flagstaff of Festivities Those who have bought tickets for the RuneFest 2010 event will be emailed a code for an item to be gained in game. By right-clicking on Diango in Draynor Village or Ianto in Prifddinas and selecting "Redeem code", these players are able to type in their exclusive number and gain the flagstaff of festivities. The flagstaff can be wielded, or placed proudly in the ground as long as no other flagstaff is nearby. Other players can then read it to see which player owns the flag and to view details of the event. When a flagstaff is placed, you will keep a flagstaff item in your inventory. This item can be wielded or right-clicked to recall the placed flagstaff, or right-clicked to find its location on the world map.
2011 RuneFest 2011 Hood inventory icon RuneFest 2011 Hood The RuneFest 2011 Hood was given to those who attended RuneFest 2011 in Old Billingsgate, London. It was given in the RuneFest Goodiebag on a scratch card, once the player has the code, they must redeem it with Diango or Ianto. this code can only be used once, and if lost they can re-obtain their hood from Diango or Ianto. It is purely cosmetic and only obtainable for people who went to RuneFest 2011. The RuneFest hood was designed by 'Marikdebie'. Players were able to enter their designs and ideas into a competition in which one design would win and be implemented into the game. As of RuneFest 2013, the hood can be recoloured.
2011 Golden scythe inventory icon Golden scythe This item was a reward for the first 25 player to complete their puzzle at RuneFest 2011. This item has no stats, and is purely cosmetic. It is the first limited item in game, and only 25 players own one.
2013 RuneFest 2013 Cape inventory icon RuneFest 2013 Cape The RuneFest 2013 Cape was given to those who attended RuneFest 2013 in the Tobacco Dock, London. It was given in the RuneFest Goodiebag on a scratch card, once the player has the code, they must redeem it with Diango or Ianto. This code can only be used once, and if lost they can re-obtain their cape from Diango or Ianto. It is purely cosmetic and only obtainable for people who went to RuneFest 2013. The cape can be recoloured.
2014 Home Teleport spell icon RuneFest 2014 Teleport The RuneFest 2014 Teleport was given to those who attended RuneFest 2014 in the Tobacco Dock, London. It was given in the RuneFest Goodiebag on a scratch card, once the player has the code, they must go to Diango or Ianto to redeem it. This code can only be used once and was only obtainable for attendees of RuneFest 2014.

Golden Gnomes

Year Item Description
2010 Golden gnome hat 2010 Golden gnome hat 2010 These items were given to players who took part in the 2010 Golden Gnome awards and won their category.
Golden gnome Golden gnome
2011 Golden gnome hat 2011 Golden gnome hat 2011 These items were given to players who took part in the 2011 Golden Gnome awards and won their category.
Golden gnome Golden gnome
2013 Golden gnome hat 2013 Golden gnome hat 2013 These items were given to players who took part in the 2013 Golden Gnome awards and won their category.
Golden gnome Golden gnome
2014 Golden gnome hat 2014 Golden gnome hat 2014 These items were given to players who took part in the 2014 Golden Gnome awards and won their category.
Golden gnome Golden gnome

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