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Shattered Heart

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If you wish to opt out of Shattered Heart and receive no strange rocks while skilling, you will be given the opportunity when you first discuss the statue with the archaeologists at The Varrock Museum.
Tilling the earth

The Second Age was a chaotic time when magic was largely unharnessed by the mortal races. The supply of runestones was limited to those created by Guthix himself, so for scholars engaged in magical study they were a valuable commodity over which wars were often waged.

The detritus of such battles can be found to this day. Farmers may be heard to curse as yet another plough breaks upon shards of masonry lodged in a field, miners may unearth artefacts resonating with ancient power or runecrafters may find that runestones form into anomalous shapes, arcane echoes moulding the essence independently of the craftsperson’s will.

More often than not these articles are discarded or left to gather dust on a mantelpiece, but there is knowledge to be gained from these remnants of a lost age. Such artefacts are steeped in history and the memory of stone is long. Anyone wishing to learn more should present their findings to the archaeological team at Varrock Museum. They will gladly recount the tale of the hapless mage Dahmaroc; a worldy scholar and craftsperson who had the misfortune to be born into an era of strife.


You will need to be a member to find rocks and to access all skills needed, but there are no minimum level requirements.

Getting Started

Hard at work.

While training your non-combat skills, you may occasionally receive a strange rock. Visit Varrock Museum to have the stones appraised and you will discover that these are parts of the statue of Dahmaroc; a mage who was turned to stone during a duel and whose cursed remains have been scattered across the world.

Initially, you will only be able to obtain 2 rocks from any particular skill. When you have received the first rock for a skill, the drop chance for the second will be reduced by half. Once you have received 2 rocks from practising a skill you will receive no more from that skill until the statue is rebuilt entirely.

Note: You cannot receive any statue pieces while training Dungeoneering within Daemonheim.

Actions that can yield a rock include those detailed below. It's a good idea to mix up your training. Perhaps try out a new skill in which you've yet to dabble:

  • Agility: Completion of the following courses:
    • Tree Gnome Stronghold course (basic or advanced).
    • Agility Pyramid course.
    • Barbarian Outpost course (basic or advanced).
    • Ape Atoll course.
    • Wilderness course.
    • Werewolf course.
    • Bandos' Throne Room course.
    • Dorgesh-Kaan course.
    • Brimhaven Agility Arena (one chance per 10 tickets)
  • Cooking: Cooking fish.
  • Construction: Building items in your POH that generate Construction XP (flatpacks, building furniture, etc).
  • Crafting: Making gold jewellery; making items from leather or dragonhide; making molten glass or making it into glass items; throwing clay on a potter's wheel (but not firing) Making things on spinning wheel.
  • Farming: Harvesting vegetables, hops, herbs, flowers, bushes or fruit trees; planting seeds or saplings.
  • Fletching: Making unstrung bows or crossbow stocks.
  • Fishing: Fishing with any Net, Cage, Harpoon, or Rod.
  • Firemaking: Lighting a fire using any logs and a tinderbox. training firemaking at kiln in clan citadel
  • Herblore: Combining unfinished potions with secondary ingredients, not including barbarian mixes; cleaning herbs (with a spare inventory space);Combining herbs and vials of water into unfinished potions.
  • Hunter: Tracking; checking box and deadfall traps; practising falconry.
  • Mining: Mining ore, coal, clay or stone; mining in the Living Rock Caverns (coal and gold); mining in the Lava Flow Mine.
  • Runecrafting: Crafting runes; siphoning runic creatures and runic energy nodes in runespan
  • Smithing: Smelting normal ores; smithing items from normal bars; making cannonballs.
  • Thieving: Picking pockets; stealing from stalls; stealing from chests.
  • Woodcutting: Cutting any wood or ivy; training at the sawmill; producing timber in clan citadels

You can talk to Barnabus Hurma, within Varrock Museum, to get your mitts on a statue collection bag. These bags will automatically store any statue pieces you gain from a skill activity, and can be filled with your library of rocks. When you have two corresponding statue pieces in your bag, simply empty the bag and use the rocks on the statue base. You may also 'Look-in' the bag to check how many you have currently collected.

If you lose or drop the statue collection bag, you will also lose its contents. This means that you'll have to complete skill tasks to regain the rocks you lost.



By acquiring a pair of stones from a particular skill you may add a piece to the statue, which will grant additional experience in that skill. The higher your current level in the relevant skill, the more XP you will receive as a reward.

The formula for the experience gained by adding your rocks to the statue is x2 - 2x + 100, where x is equal to your current level in the skill of the particular rock.

For example, using the Herblore strange rocks at level 70 will grant

702 - (2 × 70) + 100 = 4860 experience added to your Herblore skill.

There is a piece of the statue for each of the non-combat skills mentioned above. Each one is made up of 2 strange rocks found while training. Once you have obtained a pair, you will receive no further strange rocks from that skill until you have completed the entire statue.

The first time the statue is rebuilt, your Kudos with the museum's research team will increase, and you will receive a statue plinth which can be placed in the study of your house. You can then start gathering rocks to build a new statue, but you will be unable to complete it until a week has passed since you last completed a statue.

Each time you complete a statue in the museum (including the first week), you will be given a replica statue piece to add to the plinth in your house (though they must be added two at a time, like in the museum). Because there are a total of 30 statue pieces, and you can only complete one museum statue per week, it will take a minimum of 30 weeks to complete the replica statue in your house. This statue is, and will remain, purely cosmetic, although having completed it at some point is a requirement to obtain a trimmed completionist cape.

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