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Shooting Star

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One of the rewards for Shooting Star (invisible Mining boost) lasts for a set amount of time after it is granted. This is in-game time; if you log out, that time will only continue to count down once you log back in.


shooting star intro.jpg
A star begins to fall

Despite the best efforts of scientists and philosophers, Gielinor frequently refuses to obey what should be sensible laws of science. With all of that crazy magic flying around, though, this isn't an especially surprising state of affairs, and in general the scientists and philosophers just sit in their libraries and pretend it's not happening. Unfortunately, it's rather hard to ignore a massive rock landing in your backyard concealing a sprite who has fallen from the sky.

As Gielinor enters a new area of its particular universe, it also enters a belt of these 'stars', which are actually home to the star sprites. They don't enjoy being knocked out of the sky by roving planets, though, and will handsomely reward anyone who can free them from their damaged home so they can find a new one and get back up into the great beyond.


Anyone can find a shooting star, and will be rewarded if they are the first to do so, but you will need a Mining level of at least 10 to mine the star itself. To mine the thickest, hardest layers, however, a higher Mining level will be extraordinarily useful.

A pickaxe, Inferno adze, or Dwarven Army Axe is also required.

Getting Started

mining star.jpg
Mining a shooting star

Shooting stars are a relatively common phenomenon regardless of where you are, although the majority of them disintegrate as they enter the atmosphere, leaving the star sprite free to find a new rock by themselves. Those who live in the larger stars or arrive from certain angles, however, will crash into the earth and need to be rescued.

To rescue a star sprite, you first need to identify where and when a shooting star is likely to fall. The easiest way to determine this is to simply head to a telescope in someone's house and have a look. If one is on a collision course, you will be presented with some information based on angles, speed of approach and so on.

star information.jpg
Estimated impact location and time

Of course, telescopes on Gielinor can only offer a 'best guess', so you'll find that different times and different people will get different results. The information you can glean from observing a shooting star will gradually become more accurate the closer it gets to landing, or the more advanced your telescope is.

The Observatory, south of Ardougne, specialises in studying this sort of phenomena and maintains a noticeboard indicating when recently arrived stars landed and who, if anyone, was first on site.

When you know where a shooting star is going to land, you can head there and try to mine your way through the outer layers to free the star sprite and get your reward. If you are the first person to attempt to mine it, you will be rewarded with a hefty chunk of Mining experience (there is no Mining level requirement to claim this bonus). This experience bonus can be figured by multiplying your Mining level by 75.

Star Size Level Experience
(Per stardust fragment)
9 90 210
8 80 145
7 70 114
6 60 71
5 50 47
4 40 32
3 30 29
2 20 25
1 10 14

Shooting stars come in a variety of sizes, and the larger they are the harder the outer layers will be. An exceptionally large star can have as many as nine layers, while very small stars will only have one or two. Because of the remarkable hardness of a large star, only the most experienced miners will be able to penetrate its shell until the more brittle layers are exposed. You can find out how large and hard a star is by prospecting it.

It's an arduous task getting through the layers of a star, so it may take a great deal of time unless there are several people working at it at once. You'll probably need some help to get to the centre anyway, as you can only carry a maximum of 200 stardust at a time. When the star sprite is finally freed, you can chat to them to claim your reward.

Note that star sprites are a little suspicious of people with pickaxes whacking holes in their homes (even if that home has crashed), and so will only offer to reward your work once per day. If you want to rescue another star sprite, you'll need to wait until midnight (game time).

Crash Locations

Shooting stars land near banks and existing mines throughout the world of Gielinor.

Name Locations
Asgarnia Crafting Guild mining site
Falador East Bank
Rimmington mining site
Mining site north of Dark Wizards' Tower
Crandor or Karamja Mining site in north-west Karamja
Gold rocks south of Brimhaven Dungeon entrance
South Crandor mining site
Mining site near Nature altar
Gem site in Shilo Village
Fremennik lands or Lunar Isle Mining site south of Keldagrim entrance
Jatizso mine
Lunar Isle mine
Miscellania coal mine
South of Neitiznot runite rock
Rellekka mine
Kandarin Mining site south of Legends' Guild
Mining site north of Ardougne Monastery
Coal Trucks
Yanille Bank
Mining site east of Fight Arena
Kharidian Desert Al Kharid Bank
Al Kharid mining site
West of Duel Arena
Mining site north of Uzer
Mining site west of Nardah, near Vultures
Nardah bank
Quarry (granite mine)
Misthalin South of south-east Varrock mining site
Eastern Lumbridge swamp mine
Mining site near Champions' Guild
South of Varrock East Bank
Morytania or Mos Le'Harmless Burgh de Rott Bank
Canifis Bank
Mos Le'Harmless Bank
Piscatoris, Gnome Stronghold or Tirannwn North of Gnome Stronghold Bank
Outside the gate south of the sheep pen in Lletya
Mining site south of Piscatoris Fishing Colony
(Warning: These sites are potentially dangerous)
Mining site south of entrance to Lava Maze
North of entrance to Mage Arena
Mining site near Pirates' Hideout
Mining site north of Edgeville, near Air Obelisk
Runite rocks north of Lava Maze
Mining site south of Dark Warriors' Fortress
South-east Wilderness Volcano


Star sprite

Star sprites, being magical creatures, are capable of using the stardust you gather from their homes to create objects and items, and are more than happy to do so. To claim your reward, simply chat to the star sprite while it stands around in the remains of its star. Note that you can only claim a reward once per day, so you might like to hold onto your stardust until you have some more (up to the maximum of 200). Rewards (for turning in 200 dust) include:

  • 50,002 gold coins
  • 152 Cosmic runes
  • 52 Astral runes
  • 20 Gold ore (noted)

Turning in less than the maximum dust will garner proportional rewards, e.g. 100 dust will give half the listed amounts of each reward item.

There is also a chance that gems can be found in the various layers of the star. The harder layers have been subject to the greatest heat and pressure, so you are much more likely to find one in the largest stars with the hardest shells. Wearing a charged Amulet of Glory and/or a charged Ring of Wealth provides more gems when mining in general, and has the same effect on stars.

In addition to these material rewards, mining a star will grant you the ability to mine additional ore when mining for up to 15 minutes. This bonus stacks with Varrock smithing armour received from the Task system. You will also be able to mine more than the regular 50 red sandstone for that day.

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