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Sir Amik Varze

Sir Amik Varze
Chathead for Sir Amik Varze
Released 6 April 2001
Race Human
Quests Black Knights' Fortress
Recruitment Drive
Recipe for Disaster (Freeing Sir Amik Varze)
A Void Dance
Achievements Unknown [Edit]
Location White Knights' Castle
Examine In the White Knights' Castle: Leader of the White Knights.

Sir Amik Varze is the leader of the Knights of Falador. As King Vallance, the current monarch of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, is bedridden, Sir Amik currently rules in his place.

During the Black Knights' Fortress quest, Sir Amik asks the player to investigate the Black Knights' activities. After the player thwarts their plot, Sir Amik recommends the player for membership of the Temple Knights during the Recruitment Drive quest, and directs the player to apprehend the criminal Solus Dellagar during the Wanted! quest.

Sir Amik is also a member of the Lumbridge Secret Council encountered during Recipe for Disaster - to rescue him from the Culinaromancer's magic, players must prepare a creme brulee using a variety of exotic ingredients.


  • Like many knights in RuneScape, Sir Amik Varze's name is a play on a word or phrase, in this case "ceramic vase."

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