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squid cape icon.png The content on this page is available through Solomon's General Store. If you would like access to this feature in game, you will need to purchase it through the store.

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Baby Skypouncer
Adolescent Skypouncer
Adult Skypouncer
Food N/A
Level 1 Summoning
Quest No
Type Legendary
Growth stages 3
Colours 16
Examine A fabled beast from the icyene plane. A sighting of this noble creature was thought to bring luck in battle.

The skypouncer is a legendary pet available from Solomon's General Store for 1300 (1170 for members) RuneCoins. As with all legendary pets, the skypouncer will grow as it earns pet points. It starts off as a baby and can grow to an adolescent and finally an adult.

The skypouncer has 6 emotes (2 per growth stage). Playing with your pet by using the emotes will enable it to gain pet points more quickly and will therefore let your pet grow faster. If you want your pet to grow even faster, you'll need to feed it a pet treat.

As well as being able to interact with your pet via emotes, it also has access to three special abilities: forage, deposit and scavenge. Each ability is unlocked at a different growth stage. Your pet will be able to forage for items from birth, but will unlock the deposit ability when it becomes an adolescent, and the scavenge ability when it is an adult.

Once your pet has grown to a stage, you can change its appearance to any of the previous growth stages (this does not affect the pets abilities).

The skypouncer can fight other legendary pets if one is nearby.

Unlike most pets you do not interact with the skypouncer via an item in your inventory. Instead this pet is summoned via the pets interface and is interacted with via the Summoning icon on the Combat Bar. Simply right-click this icon to interact with your pet.

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