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fighting gargoyles1a.jpg
The Slayer skill in action

All across Gielinor, even the most powerful adventurers will find strange beasts and weird spirits that defy ordinary combat methods. Whether through sorcery, armour or other, stranger means, these monsters are impervious to the attacks of those who have not trodden the path of the Slayer.

The Slayer skill allows you to kill those strange creatures that you may previously have thought immune to your attacks. Many of these creatures are ancient and greedy, and have amassed a great deal of wealth in their time. You'll find that by training your Slayer skill, you can earn great rewards.

To begin training your Slayer skill, you should approach the Slayer tutor, Jacquelyn Manslaughter who can be found in the south end of Burthorpe.

Important Persons

The six heroes who remember the ancient art of the Slayer still exist within the world of Gielinor; these are the Slayer Masters. Located in Burthorpe, Morytania, Edgeville Dungeon, Zanaris, Shilo Village and the Ancient Cavern, each caters to different combat levels.

Those who have completed the Smoking Kills quest, will discover a seventh Slayer Master who lives in Pollnivneach deep in the Kharidian Desert.

Players looking to get extra value for their Slayer assignments can visit Markus near The Slayer Tower.

Slayer Masters and slayer contract providers can be found by looking for the Slayer master and Slayer contracts icons on the world map.


Some areas are filled with Slayer targets and can be very useful for training your Slayer skill.

Monsters Level Range Monsters Level Range
Taverley Slayer Dungeon Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon member badge tiny.png
1 - 7 Slayer 7 - 35 Slayer
Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon member badge tiny.png Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon member badge tiny.png
7 - 39 Slayer 10 - 70 Slayer
Fremennik Slayer Dungeon member badge tiny.png The Slayer Tower member badge tiny.png
10 - 78 Slayer 5 - 85 Slayer
Kuradal's Dungeon member badge tiny.png Automaton Cave member badge tiny.png
75 - 90 Slayer 67 Slayer
Monastery of Ascension member badge tiny.png
81 - 95 Slayer

Getting Slayer Experience

Slayer Assignments

Your Slayer Master will assign you a certain number of a type of monster to slay. By killing these monsters, you will gain experience in the Slayer skill. Each of the Slayer Masters has a different pool of creatures they will assign to you, each tailored to suit different levels of the skill.

A full list of the type of monsters you may be assigned to kill and how many you may be asked to slay can be found in Slayer Masters.

fighting banshee.gif

Often, you will discover that the monster you are instructed to slay is an 'ordinary' creature - one that requires no Slayer level to kill or any special equipment - other times, however, you will need to prepare for battle with specific equipment, which can be purchased from a Slayer Master.

All monsters tend to have weaknesses - even if it doesn't take a special item to finish them off for good - and these are listed, along with the monsters' combat and Slayer levels, on the Slayer Creatures page.

If you find that the assignment you have been given is too difficult, you can find an easier alternative by visiting Burthorpe and finding the Burthorpe Slayer Master, Turael. You will not be able to do this if your original task was assigned by Turael.

Once you've completed your assignment, you can get another by returning to a Slayer Master.

Blocking Assignments

One creature can be blocked for every 50 Quest Points the player has (with the theory being that having more quest points allows for more monsters that the player may potentially wish to block. Players with 300 or more quest points can block up to 6 assignments.

Slayer Contracts member badge tiny.png

Just outside of The Slayer Tower you will find Markus. He will offer you Slayer contracts that work alongside your Slayer assignments. He offers two types of contract:

  • Normal - a contract for players who just feel like defeating the evil of the Tower
  • Special - a contract that works alongside a slayer assignment in the Tower

Completing a Slayer assignment whilst carrying a Slayer contract or a Special slayer contract scroll in your inventory will grant you additional Slayer XP and, if you speak to Markus, an extra reward.

Note that normal contracts and assignments are separate in that a kill will not count towards both activities. If you prefer to complete the assignment before beginning your contract, place the Slayer contract in your bank. Special contracts are not separate, however.

You can start a special contract if you already have a normal contract, but not the other way around.

Slayer Tasks

Main article: Slayer Tasks

Although it may seem that slayer masters only spend their time directing violent types towards the beasts of Gielinor, they are, in fact, highly focused individuals dedicated to their areas of expertise.

Each master has a side project in progress: be it training adventurers, researching the vulnerabilities of a troublesome beast or pursuing a vendetta against an old foe.

These often require fieldwork, however, and there are opportunities aplenty for an intrepid slayer to help out.

Those who perform several consecutive assignments for a particular slayer master have the chance of being offered a special task, where the master will ask for help with his or her pet project.

These tasks are optional and may be declined in favour of a regular slayer assignment; however, those who take the time to complete these tasks will find that the rewards - Slayer XP and Slayer reward points - are worth it.

Co-op Slayer

Slayer allows you to complete your tasks with another player. To access this aspect of the Slayer skill, you must have completed at least one task, one of which must be the Gelatinous abomination Slayer task available through the Troll Warzone.

Grouping up

To group with another player, you will need to click "Give me co-op Slayer options" on an Enchanted gem (right-click) or a Ring of slaying (right-click > choose "Rub" > choose "Nowhere. Give me Slayer options.").

co-op options.jpg
Co-op options interface

Depending on your current status, the options will be shown as such:

  • Invite player: If you are not in a group, select this option to invite another player to your group. The other player must be online, must not have a pending invite, must not be in a group already, and must not have the same Slayer task as you. Also, If both of you have different tasks (even if it's only the number of kills needed), the invite will not be sent.
  • Cancel pending invitation: If you have sent an invitation to another player to join your group. Clicking this will cancel the invitation.
  • View invitation: If you have been sent an invitation to join a group, click here to view it.
  • Leave group: If you are in a group, click this option to leave it.

If an option is not relevant for you, it will appear grayed out, as shown in the image to the right.

To accept an invitation, you must use the "View invitation" option on the Co-op Slayer interface.

While in a group, Slayer Masters will no longer give out challenges and only the player who gets a task will have their blocked tasks considered.

Kill Count

The number of creatures you have killed will work differently as you are now working with another player. While you are both within the same area, kills will be shared however, if you move too far away, your kill counts will only be affected individually. This means that your kill counters can become out of synch, and one player can finish the task before another.

If you finish the task before your friend, you will no longer receive Slayer XP but will continue to contribute to their kill count if you are within the same area.

Reward Points

There are two types of reward points in the Slayer skill: Slayer reward points and Co-op points.

Slayer Reward Points member badge tiny.png

Slayer Master Slayer reward points
Mazchna / Achtryn 1
Vannaka 4
Chaeldar 10
Sumona 12
Duradel / Lapalok 15
Kuradal 18

You will be offered a range of incentives for completing Slayer assignments.

For each assignment you complete for Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Sumona or Duradel, you will receive a number of 'Slayer reward points', which can be traded in for a variety of rewards. You will not receive any reward if you have Turael or Spria change your task.

There is a restriction however: points are only awarded after you complete your fourth assignment, for instance, your first four tasks will earn you no points, but from the fifth task onwards you will receive points. If you have an assignment changed by Turael, you will have to complete another four tasks before you can earn points again.

The number of points you receive depends on the Slayer Master who assigns your tasks. You will also receive bonus points for every ten and fifty tasks you complete. Points earned are also halved until you have completed Smoking Kills.

If you are working in a group, points are assigned depending on how much you contribute to the kill count. If both players kill equal numbers, the points will be split down the middle, whereas if one player kills all of the creatures, they will receive all the points and their friend will receive none.

You can trade these points in with the Slayer Masters for a variety of equipment, Slayer experience, training and other handy rewards. You'll only be able to access the 'Co-op' tab of the rewards interface if you have completed the Smoking Kills quest (these rewards also use a separate points system explained below).

Co-op points

Co-op points are only assigned when you complete assignments as a group in Co-op Slayer. For every assignment you complete as a group, as long as you did at least half of the kills, you will be assigned a Co-op point. Which can be used to purchase special rewards.

Co-op points and Slayer reward points cannot be interchanged - you cannot purchase Freezy, for example, with Slayer reward points.


To view the rewards list, right-click on your Slayer Master and select 'Rewards'.

Item Points
'Buy' tab
50 casts of Magic Dart Magic Dart (50 Death rune and 450 Air rune) 35 Slayer reward points
50 Broad-tipped boltBroad-tipped bolts member badge tiny.png 35 Slayer reward points
50 Broad arrow Broad arrows member badge tiny.png 35 Slayer reward points
Ring of slaying Ring of slaying member badge tiny.png 75 Slayer reward points
Full slayer helm upgrade 1 100 Slayer reward points
250 Slayer XP 400 Slayer reward points
Full slayer helm upgrade 2 400 Slayer reward points
Full slayer helm upgrade 3 600 Slayer reward points
'Learn' tab
Persuade Kuradal to assign you aquanites member badge tiny.png 50 Slayer reward points
Persuade Kuradal to assign muspah member badge tiny.png ^ 50 Slayer reward points
Persuade Kuradal to assign nihil member badge tiny.png ^ 50 Slayer reward points
Fletch Broad arrow Broad arrows member badge tiny.png and Broad-tipped bolt Broad-tipped bolts member badge tiny.png 300 Slayer reward points
Craft Ring of slaying rings of slaying member badge tiny.png 300 Slayer reward points
Deliver killing blows quicker 400 Slayer reward points
Craft Slayer helmet Slayer helmets member badge tiny.png 400 Slayer reward points
Learn how to fuse rings to Full slayer helmet Full slayer helmets member badge tiny.png 500 Slayer reward points
Use a new technique against Ice strykewyrms member badge tiny.png 2000 Slayer reward points
'Assignment' tab
Cancel assignment 30 Slayer reward points
Remove assignment (up to 6) 100 Slayer reward points
Remove a 7th assignment 350 Slayer reward points
'Co-op' tab
Recharge ring of slaying or ferocious ring 10 Co-op points
Recharge a fused full slayer helmet 20 Co-op points
Ability to use food on your Slayer partner * 25 Co-op points
Ability to share portent of restoration + 30 Co-op points
Squidge Squidge member badge tiny.png 50 Co-op points
Ability to share teleports 60 Co-op points
Shared potion effects + 75 Co-op points
Freezy Freezy member badge tiny.png 100 Co-op points
Shared protective equipment 100 Co-op points
Freezy Jungle skin for Freezy member badge tiny.png 125 Co-op points
Freezy Desert skin for Freezy member badge tiny.png 125 Co-op points
Freezy Wilderness skin for Freezy member badge tiny.png 125 Co-op points
Runtstable Runtstable member badge tiny.png 200 Co-op points

* Can only be used within designated Slayer areas.

+ Co-op partners will receive half the effect. For potions, this includes all common types, including flasks, extremes and overloads. For overload potions however, the partner receives the full boost rather than half, but it only lasts half the time and the partner is not injured like the drinker is.

^This requires the completion of Fate of the Gods.

Rare Slayer Creatures

The Skeletal Horror member badge tiny.png

If you have completed Rag and Bone Man, Fur 'n' Seek, and both of the Odd Old Man's wish lists, you will be able to face a creature known as the Skeletal horror. The first time you defeat it, you will receive 10,000 Slayer XP and 7,000 Prayer XP.

Once you've laid the Skeletal horror to rest, the Odd Old Man will lay out all of its bones and set about rebuilding it, and would be thankful for your help in defeating it again, one week later, so it doesn't get out and destroy the world.

You cannot be assigned to kill the Skeletal horror, but every time you do (after the first time) you will be awarded with 1,250 Slayer XP and 1,000 Prayer XP.

To make it easier on your legs, after completing Fur 'n' Seek, the Odd Old Man will enchant your Bone sack or Ram skull helm, giving it slightly better stats and the ability to teleport you to his shack, once a week.

The Jade Vine member badge tiny.png

If you have completed Back to my Roots, you will be able to grow a Jade vine in a Farming patch in East Ardougne. Should you let this plant go 'wild', it will grow into an impressive Slayer monster.

You cannot be assigned to kill the Jade vine, but doing so will earn you a handy 2,500 Slayer experience. You will also receive a small amount of Woodcutting experience. Note, though, that you must attack it with a Woodcutting Hatchet and have Secateurs in your inventory.

Bork member badge tiny.png

If you have completed The Hunt for Surok miniquest, you will be able to make an attempt on Bork in the Chaos Tunnels.

You cannot be assigned to kill Bork, but doing so will give you 5000 Slayer XP on the first kill and 500 thereafter.

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (slayer).gif
The small, medium, large and huge fallen stars member badge tiny.png can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
dragon slayer gloves.gif
Dragon slayer gloves member badge tiny.png - available from the Fist of Guthix minigame - will, when worn, grant 15% more Slayer experience for each dragon killed and +10% to your Attack against dragons while on a Slayer assignment. They will crumble to dust after killing 1,000 dragons while on Slayer assignments. You need a Slayer level of 70 to wear these gloves
mask of broken fingers.gif
The slayer masks - won from Treasure Hunter - offer while worn, amongst other benefits, additional xp for killing the slayer creature that the mask depict. The additional xp is equivalent to the Slayer level required to fight the creature. This is given regardless of current assignment, and in addition to assignment and/or contract xp. The xp awarded by the mask can be boosted by items.

Training Hints and Tips

fighting crawling hand.gif
  • If you find it to difficult to kill the creature that you are assigned, train your combat to a higher level, or go and visit the Slayer master in Burthorpe to receive an easier assignment.
  • Study the creatures' style of attack to find out the best equipment that you should use to the maximum effect.
  • Stock up on good food and Prayer potions beforehand, so you will not be distracted from your training when in need of food or prayer points.

Slayer Boosts

slayer cape.gif
The Slayer cape member badge tiny.png raises your Slayer level by 1 when equipped.
slayers respite.gif
Drinking Slayer's respite member badge tiny.png will raise your Slayer level, temporarily, by 1. The mature version member badge tiny.png will raise it by 2.
wild pie.gif
A Wild pie member badge tiny.png can raise your Slayer level, temporarily, by 5 levels.
A yellow Spicy stew member badge tiny.png has a random chance to increase your Slayer level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).

Useful Items

slayer crystal.gif
When you begin slaying you will be given an Enchanted gem. You can use this to get in touch with your Slayer Master wherever you are in the world. You can use it to ask the Slayer Master questions regarding your assignment, such as how many more monsters you have left to kill or the best methods to go about slaying these creatures. To do this, just left-click on the Enchanted gem in your inventory.
A Combat bracelet member badge tiny.png will tell you how many monsters you have left every ten you kill. For example, if you have 110 monsters then get down to 100, the bracelet will inform you that you have 100 monsters left.
black mask.gif
The Black mask member badge tiny.png increases your Attack and Strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been given to you as a Slayer assignment.
focus sight.gif
The Focus sight member badge tiny.png increases your Ranged accuracy and Strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been given to you as a Slayer assignment.
The Hexcrest member badge tiny.png increases your Magic accuracy and Strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been given to you as a Slayer assignment.
slayer helmet.gif
The Slayer helmet member badge tiny.png increases your Attack and Strength by 15% while fighting monsters that have been given to you as a Slayer assignment.
salve amulet.gif
The Salve amulet member badge tiny.png increases your Attack and Strength by 15% while fighting undead monsters.
The TokKul-Zo member badge tiny.png, while charged, grants a 10% damage bonus when fighting lava or obsidian creatures. This damage bonus stacks with the bonus of the Slayer helm and the Full slayer helmet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I don't want to do my assignment!

2. Do all Slayer Masters set all kinds of monster as assignments?

3. What happens if another player is attacking the same NPC as me? Will I still get Slayer experience?

4. Why don't the Slayer monsters give any Slayer experience?

5. My Slayer target is a shade, where can I find them?

6. I have been assigned to slay kalphites. Does this mean I will have to kill the Kalphite Queen?

7. I have been assigned the task of killing elves. I am told that I can only reach the elves when I have done the Regicide quest.

8. What special attack does the abyssal demon possess?

9. What is the best method to slay a bloodveld or jelly?

10. Do creatures in Daemonheim count towards my slayer assignment?

11. Why can't I fight strykewyrms even though I have the Slayer level for them?

12. How can I maximize my Slayer experience per hour?

13. What weapons do I use?

See Also

Slayer Related Skills

The following skills help with the Slayer skill:

  • Combat Skills - Higher Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defence and Strength levels will help you slay monsters quicker, or allow you to handle higher level monsters.
  • Support Skills - Higher Prayer and Constitution levels can be the difference between success and defeat when pitched against tougher slayer targets.
  • Artisan Skills - Higher Cooking and Herblore levels will let you create food and potions that can help you last that bit longer.
  • Summoning - Using the Summoning skill, you'll find that there are a few familiars that might be useful for training your Slayer as many of them can fight alongside you.
  • Dungeoneering - Though it is possible for members to train Slayer while Dungeoneering, it is one of the least represented skills within Daemonheim. You can gain Slayer XP if the creature you kill is part of your Slayer assignment.

Slayer Related Quests

For quests that give Slayer experience as a reward, please refer to the Quest Experience Rewards page.

Slayer Related Minigames

The following minigames help with the Slayer skill:

  • TzHaar Fight Cave member badge tiny.png - If you've been set the TzHaar Fight Cave creatures as your Slayer assignment, you should try this minigame.

Slayer Related Distractions & Diversions

The following D&Ds help with the Slayer skill:

  • Tears of Guthix (D&D) member badge tiny.png - If Slayer is your weakest skill, try the Tears of Guthix D&D.
  • Demon Raids member badge tiny.png - If you have been set demons as your Slayer assignment, try this D&D.
  • Goblin Raids member badge tiny.png - If you have been set goblins as your Slayer assignment, try this D&D.
  • Troll Invasion member badge tiny.png - If you have been set trolls as your Slayer assignment, try the combat section of this D&D.
  • Phoenix Lair member badge tiny.png - Those who have completed In Pyre Need will be able to face the Phoenix in this D&D.

Slayer Related Equipment

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