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Slayer Items

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The path of a Slayer is difficult and dangerous, throwing its followers into battle with all manner of strange and unpleasant beasts. Those that survive will find the reward isn't just extra combat experience or valuable loot, but the ability to fight with unusual creatures that defy the efforts of most fighters to kill them. These "Slayer Creatures" often require some specialised tools to dispatch them, but the promise of rare and unique rewards is a tempting one, so it makes sense to gather these items on one page for your convenience.

Slayer Equipment

See also: Slayer Equipment Table
Item Levels required Creatures affected Notes/Effects
slayer crystal.gif
Enchanted gem
None None This crystal allows you to contact your current Slayer Master and get reminders on which monster you currently need to kill.
ring of slaying.gif
Ring of slaying
Complete Smoking Kills None This gold ring has an enchanted gem embedded in it so you can wear it on your finger. As well as letting you get updates on your current assignment, each ring will offer eight teleport charges to various Slayer-related locations. Once the charges are used up, the ring will turn back into an enchanted gem. You can purchase rings from the Slayer Masters for 75 points each, or learn to make them yourself for 300 points.
masked earmuffs.gif
Masked earmuffs
Start Smoking Kills Mighty banshees To survive the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon you need an item that protects against both smoke and screaming banshees. This item combines earmuffs with a face mask, although you'll need to learn how to do so during Smoking Kills.
diving helmet.gif diving backpack.gif
Diving helmet and backpack
Start Recipe for Disaster - Saving Pirate Pete 'Rum'-pumped crabs You need this helmet and backpack to supply oxygen in underwater areas, including the 'Rum'-geon on Braindeath Island that you learn about during A Clockwork Syringe. Among its inhabitants are some oversized crabs that have had too many shots of rum for anyone's good.
ferocious ring.gif
Ferocious ring
(75 Slayer and 110 Combat to obtain)
Monsters in Kuradal's Dungeon These odd rings are a possible drop from monsters within Kuradal's private dungeon. Each ring will not only offer five teleport charges to Kuradal, but when worn inside the dungeon successful attacks will inflict an additional 40 damage, as well as behaving like a ring of life if the user is close to death.
spiked gauntlets.gif
Spiked gauntlets
1 Slayer Gelatinous abominations These gauntlets will penetrate the heart of an abomination to deal the fatal blow.
spinyhelmet.gif spiked helmet.gif
Spiny helmet
Spiked helmet
5 Defence Wall beasts These helmets protect their wearer from the grabbing hands of wall beasts. Spiny helmets are sold by all Slayer Masters, while spiked helmets are a possible reward from easy Treasure Trails.
Face mask
10 Slayer Dust devils This mask stops you breathing in harmful dust exhaled by dust devils, and is also vital in order to survive the smoke dungeon and Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon.
focus sight.gif
Focus sight
10 Slayer
20 Ranged
Any assigned monster A rare drop from desert strykewyrms, this sight is fitted over the left eye to improve your aim with a bow. Wearing it boosts your Ranged by 15% when on a Slayer task.
10 Slayer
20 Magic
Any assigned monster A rare drop from jungle strykewyrms, this odd headband somehow enhances your magical ability. Wearing it boosts your Magic by 15% when on a Slayer task.
black mask.gif
Black mask
10 Slayer
20 Strength
40 Combat
Any assigned monster Worn by the cave horrors of Mos Le'Harmless, this sinister mask boosts your Attack and Strength by 15% when on a Slayer task.
15 Slayer Banshees These earmuffs shut out loud noises, letting you avoid the harmful effects of a banshee's screams.
Bag of salt
20 Slayer Rock slugs Just like normal slugs, weakened rock slugs will quickly die once they are dosed with liberal helpings of salt.
ice cooler.gif
Ice cooler
22 Slayer Desert lizards Once a desert lizard is weakened, soaking it with ice-cold water will send the cold-blooded creature into shock, quickly followed by death.
Mirror shield
25 Slayer
20 Defence
Cockatrices and basilisks This reflective shield allows you to avoid the deadly glares of cockatrices and basilisks.
fishing explosive.gif
Fishing explosive
32 Slayer Mogres After you've sobered up Skippy near Rimmington, he'll tell you that throwing explosives into the fishing spots at Mudskipper Point will attract a rather cross mogre to fight you.
super fishing explosive.gif
Super fishing explosive
32 Slayer
Complete Kennith's Concerns
Mogres After completing Kennith's Concerns you will be able to mine rubium from the tunnels under Witchaven. When mixed with unfinished guam potion, the result is a highly unstable explosive that not only lures out mogres but damages them as well.
buglantern unlit.gif
Bug lantern
33 Slayer Harpy bug swarms Once lit, this lantern gives out an eerie light that mesmerises swarms of harpy bugs, making them vulnerable to your weapons.
witchwood icon.gif
Witchwood icon
35 Slayer Cave horrors It may be just a stick on a string, but wearing this symbol somehow protects you from the chilling roars of the horrors lurking below Mos Le'Harmless.
slayer boots.gif
Insulated boots
37 Slayer Killerwatts These boots protect you from electrocution; wearing them is vital in order to survive the shocking attacks of killerwatts.
Slayer gloves
42 Slayer Fever spiders These gloves protect you from the infectious bites of fever spiders that dwell on Braindeath Island, ensuring you don't catch any nasty diseases.
Nose peg
60 Slayer Aberrant spectres If you want to spend any length of time around these ectoplasm-covered spirits, you'll need something to cover your nose. This wooden peg should be just the job.
Slayer bell
39 Slayer Molanisks Ringing this bell in the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon will make such a racket that molanisks will be forced off the walls and within range of your weapons.
leafspear.gif leaf bladed sword.gif
Leaf-bladed spear
Leaf-bladed sword
55 Slayer
50 Attack
Turoth and kurask These monsters have especially thick hides that can only be pierced with broad-bladed weapons. The spear is sold by all Slayer Masters, while the sword is a rare drop from these beasts. Note that the sword is one-handed and has a higher attack speed, making it the weapon of choice for warriors.
broadarrow.gif broad tipped bolt.gif
Broad arrows
Broad-tipped bolts
55 Slayer
50 Ranged
Turoth and kurask Rangers have the option of using broad arrows or bolts in combat. Arrows are sold by all Slayer Masters, but you can purchase the ability to make these and broad bolts using Slayer Points and your Fletching skill. The Slayer Masters will happily sell you arrowheads and unfeathered bolts.
Slayer's staff
55 Slayer
50 Magic
Turoth and kurask To slay these monsters using magic, you will need a staff capable of casting the Magic Dart spell. The slayer staff is such a weapon and is sold by all Slayer Masters; you will also need one death rune and four mind runes per cast.
crystal chime.gif
Crystal chime
56 Slayer
Started The Path of Glouphrie
Warped terrorbirds and tortoises The purifying tone emitted by this chime will temporarily cleanse warped tortoises and terrorbirds, making them vulnerable to attack.
Fungicide spray
57 Slayer Mutated zygomites This extra-strong fungicide is perfect for dealing the fatal blow to the zygomites hiding around Zanaris.
Rock hammer
75 Slayer Gargoyles Strong enough to break stones, use this on a weakened gargoyle and watch them go to pieces.
staff of light.gif
Staff of light
75 Magic
75 Attack
Turoth and kurask The most powerful battle mages seek out a staff of light, a rare drop from ice strykewyrms. Like the slayer staff it can cast the Magic Dart spell, but it will add 15% to any magic damage dealt while wielded and has a 1 in 8 chance of not consuming any runes used to cast combat spells. The staff's special attack, Power of Light, will reduce all melee damage suffered by 50% for one minute when activated.
slayer helmet.gif
Slayer helmet
10 Defence
Complete Smoking Kills
Any assigned monster This helmet combines a nose peg, earmuffs, spiny helmet, face mask and black mask into one item. As well as boosting Attack and Strength by 15% when on a Slayer task, it carries reasonable defence bonuses and is subsequently prized by expert slayers. To make a helmet you must purchase the secret from any Slayer Master for 400 Slayer Points.
full slayer helmet.gif
Full slayer helmet
10 Defence
20 Strength
20 Ranged
20 Magic
Complete Smoking Kills
Any assigned monster Adding a focus sight and hexcrest to a slayer helmet produces this highly useful piece of equipment. Not only does the helmet have small attack and defence bonuses for Magic and Ranged, it will now boost Attack, Strength, Magic and Ranged by 15% when on a Slayer task.

Unique Drops

See also: Slayer - Extra Features#Unique Drops
Item Monster
bronze boots.gif
Bronze boots
Cave crawler
Dark/Light Mystic gloves
Rock slug
Desert lizard
Dark/Light mystic boots
Desert lizard
Infernal mage
iron boots.gif
Iron boots
Cave slime
steel boots.gif
Steel boots
Harpie bug swarm
Dark/Light mystic hat
Infernal mage
Wall beast
granite helm.gif
Granite helm
Terror dog
brine sabre.gif
Brine sabre
Brine rat
black boots.gif
Black boots
mithril boots.gif
Mithril boots
leaf bladed sword.gif
Leaf-bladed sword
Black/White mystic robe bottom
Aberrant spectre
black mask.gif
Black mask
Cave horror
brackish blade.gif
Brackish blade
'Rum'-pumped crab
Black/White mystic robe top
granite legs.gif
Granite legs
Skeletal Wyvern
focus sight.gif
Focus sight
Desert strykewyrm
Granite maul
adamant boots.gif
Adamant boots
amulet ranging.gif
Amulet of ranging
Jungle strykewyrm
rune boots.gif
Rune boots
dragon boots.gif
Dragon boots
Spiritual mage
Abyssal whip
Abyssal demon
dark bow.gif
Dark bow
Dark beast
staff of light.gif
Staff of light
Ice strykewyrms
ferocious ring1.gif
Ferocious ring
All creatures in Kuradal's Dungeon

Skill Boosters

slayers respite.gif For a quick boost, drinking a slayer's respite will temporarily boost your Slayer level by 1, while drinking the mature ale will boost it by 2. This ale can be brewed with a Cooking level of 49, using four wildblood hops as the key ingredient.

wild pie.gif Eating a piece of wild pie isn't just good for healing; it will also temporarily boost your Slayer level by 5.

weak survivalists potion.gif survivalists potion.gif strong survivalists potion.gif When raiding the dungeons of Daemonheim, you may encounter certain creatures that require a Slayer level to kill. If you need a boost, drinking one of the survivalist's potions might give you the needed level, provided that you or someone in your party has the Herblore level to make them.

  • The weak potion boosts your Slayer level by 3 + 2% of levels.
  • The normal potion boosts your Slayer level by 4 + 4% of levels.
  • The strong potion boosts your Slayer level by 6 + 6% of levels.

Dragon Slayer Gloves

dragon slayer gloves.gif

There is a set of gloves available from the Fist of Guthix that anyone interested in Slayer should look to purchase. Dragon slayer gloves are an excellent tool for adventurers embarking on Slayer assignments to kill dragons. While wearing these gloves, you will receive 15% more Slayer experience for each dragon you kill and +10% to your Attack against dragons on a Slayer task. You need a Slayer level of 70 to wear dragon slayer gloves, and they will crumble to dust after killing 1,000 dragons on Slayer tasks.

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