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This article is about unique challenges from Slayer Masters. For Slayer challenges from the challenges interface, see Slayer Challenges.


Although it may seem that slayer masters only spend their time directing violent types towards the beasts of Gielinor, they are, in fact, highly focused individuals dedicated to their areas of expertise.

Each master has a side project in progress: be it training adventurers, researching the vulnerabilities of a troublesome beast or pursuing a vendetta against an old foe.

These often require fieldwork, however, and there are opportunities aplenty for an intrepid slayer to help out.

The Challenges

Those who perform several consecutive assignments for a particular slayer master have the chance of being offered a special challenge, where the master will ask for help with his or her pet project.

These challenges are optional and may be declined in favour of a regular slayer assignment; however, those who take the time to complete these challenges will find that the rewards are worth it.

Master: Turael / Spria
The master's location
  • Level 3 Combat
Description: Turael has constructed a basement filled with a range of dangerous beasts. As an exercise for the promising Slayers of tomorrow, he asks that all of the creatures found within are slain in a single visit.

For those who have completed While Guthix Sleeps, Spria will offer this challenge.
Master: Mazchna Members icon
The master's location
Description: Throughout Morytania, fell whispers linger in the air and new, dark shapes shamble amid the murky morass. Mazchna requires an intrepid assistant to investigate the Morytania fairy rings and stamp out the cause of their current corruption.
Master: Vannaka Members icon
The master's location
Description: Never one to coddle, Vannaka offers up and coming Slayers the chance to prove their strength with a bout of dragon slaying. Bring him a scale from each of the four chromatic dragon types to complete the challenge. You must beat:
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black
Note that the scales Vannaka is looking for may drop from baby dragons as well as adults. The scales will only drop while the challenge is active, however, and any extras will be destroyed upon completion.
Master: Chaeldar Members icon
The master's location
  • Level 70 Combat
  • Level 40 Slayer
  • Lost City completed.
Description: Chaeldar has developed a prototype fungicide spray to counteract emergent mutations in the local zygomite population. She needs a volunteer to test her invention upon a sample of mutated zygomites and survive to bring back the results.
Master: Sumona Members icon
The master's location
Description: Sumona’s distaste for adventurers is only slightly outstripped by her hatred of kalphites. Sending willing warriors into battle with the Kalphite Queen, then, is a win-win scenario for her.

Those undertaking this challenge may bring a friend for assistance, but will only be counted as having completed the challenge if they cause the majority of damage.
Master: Duradel / Lapalok Members icon
The master's location
Description: Duradel’s given challenge is to run a purging sweep through the Canifis Slayer tower, destroying a full quotient of its inhabitants: 21 crawling hands, 8 banshees, 9 infernal magi, 7 bloodvelds, 7 aberrant spectres, 5 gargoyles, 6 nechryaels and 6 abyssal demons.

This challenge must be completed without leaving the tower.

For those who have completed While Guthix Sleeps, Lapalok will offer this challenge.
Master: Kuradal Members icon
The master's location
  • Level 110 Combat
  • Level 75 Slayer
Description: Kuradal will occasionally offer a challenge to clear out the TzHaar Fight Caves, killing 280 of the beasts on the way. This is nearly every TzHaar creature before you reach Jad, so make sure you complete a comprehensive sweep.
Master: Morvran Members icon
The master's location
  • Level 120 Combat
  • Level 85 Slayer
Description: Some small fragments of Seren have found their way into areas of great conflict. Morvran would like for you to retrieve them, so they might properly be cleansed by Clan Hefin. You'll need to kill on your own the following monsters: Falador's giant mole (hard mode), the Kalphite Queen, the King and Queen Black Dragons, the three Dagannoth Kings, the four God Wars Dungeon generals and, finally, Araxxi.


Upon completion, each of these challenges grants an amount of Slayer XP. With the exception of Turael’s challenge, all of the challenges will also grant Slayer reward points to players who have completed Smoking Kills. They will also count towards your consecutive assignments count.

Challenge Slayer XP Rewards points
Turael's/Spria's challenge 1,000 0
Mazchna's/Achtryn's challenge 2,000 3
Vannaka's challenge 4,000 10
Chaeldar's challenge 10,000 25
Sumona's challenge 15,000 30
Duradel's/Lapalok's challenge 20,000 35
Kuradal's challenge 25,000 40 *
Morvran's challenge 50,000 45

* This only occurs if you defeat TzTok Jad, otherwise you received 18 points.

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