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smithing bars.gif

To begin training your Smithing skill, you will first need to understand and practice smelting: the method used to make the bars needed to forge weapons and armour. One way to do this is to mine the ores yourself, through use of the Mining skill.

Another way is to trade ores and/or already smelted bars with other players. This means that you will be paying for someone else's work, but it is something to consider if you wish to master the art of Smithing more quickly.

Getting Smithing Experience

Basic Smithing

Most Smithing XP is gained through smelting ore into bars, then turning those bars into items.


smithing options.jpg
Smithing interface

Once you have your ores and you have used the map to find yourself a furnace, you need to smelt them into bars. On the minimap in game, the furnace icon appears as such: Furnace. Simply use the ore of your choice with the furnace and you will be presented with the Make-X interface shown on the left.

Each bar that it is possible to smith from the ore you have selected is displayed here. If a bar is displayed with a gold border, this means you have the Smithing level required to smelt the ore. If the bar is greyed out, you do not have the Smithing level or items required. Clicking on the bar will give you details about what you are missing.

Now all you have to do is select the item you wish to make from this new menu, and your character will smelt it. It is worth noting that, it is possible to make items in bulk by using the +/- buttons in the bottom-right corner of the interface.

You can also use Magic to smelt bars. The level 43 spell Superheat Item allows the caster to smelt ores, without the use of a furnace. This spell requires 4 fire runes and 1 nature rune. You must be on the Standard Spellbook to cast this spell.

If you have these runes, go to the Magic tab in your Ability Book and select the spell. The option will then change to 'Cast superheat item on...'. Select the ore you wish to use (generally the primary ore) and click it to cast the spell.

It is important to point out that if you use Superheat Item on iron ore, the chance of smelting is 100% and you will still get the Smithing experience.

Toggle table of bars


Now you have obtained some bars, you can turn them into items. To smith the bars into items, you have to find an anvil. These appear as a Anvil symbol on the map. Click on the anvil to open up the Make-x interface. This will tell you what items you can make given the items in your inventory.

To smith, you will need bars of the metal type you wish to fashion and a hammer, which you will already have in your tool belt.

To see what items you can make, check the bars table above.

Other Types of Smithing

Dragonfire Shield

dragonfire shield.gif

The Dragonfire shield Members icon is an astounding piece of equipment that enhances the natural abilities of the Anti-dragon shield to enable it to absorb and later unleash the power of a dragon's fiery breath. To make a Dragonfire shield you will need a Smithing level of 90.

antidragon shield.gif
draconic visage.gif

There are two components to the Dragonfire shield: the anti-dragon shield and a draconic visage. Draconic visages are rare drops from adult black, iron, steel, mithril and frost dragons, the King Black Dragon, and Skeletal Wyverns. To smith them into a Dragonfire shield you will need to take them to an anvil. Use the Draconic visage on the anvil and you will find yourself in possession of a Dragonfire shield and 2000 shiny new Smithing experience.

Note that this may take you some time, so it's advisable not to click away until you have the dragonfire shield in your inventory.

If you don't have the Smithing level to make the shield yourself, you can take your Anti-dragon shield and Draconic visage to Oziach in Edgeville, who will fuse them into a Dragonfire shield in exchange for 1,250,000 coins.

Spirit Shields

spectral spirit shield1.gif

When you complete Summer's End you are rewarded with a Spirit shield, which can be repaired with some elusive sigils to create even more potent shields. If you have a Prayer level of 90 and a Smithing level of 85, you may well be interested in doing so. Click here to read more about Smithing enhanced spirit shields.


The godsword Members icon is a weapon of unimaginable power that was shattered during the last great battle of the God Wars. If you descend into the eternal warfare of the God Wars Dungeon you may be lucky enough to find some or all of the three shards of that fabled blade.

godsword shard 3.gif

The three parts of the blade can be fixed together in any order to reforge the weapon that the gods once fought for control over. This requires a Smithing level of 80, and will grant you 100 experience for joining any two pieces together (so completing the godsword will earn you 200 Smithing experience).

godsword shard 2.gif

Note that this may take you some time, so it's advisable not to click away until you have the completed pieces in your inventory.

godsword shard 1.gif

The final part of the weapon is the hilt. During the god wars, four hilts were designed for the weapon - one dedicated to each of the major gods: Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin and Zamorak. These hilts can be attached and removed from the blade freely. The only effect the hilts have is that the special attack changes.

Barbarian Smithing

Main article: Barbarian Smithing

Barbarian Smithing
Barbarian Smithing

Unknown to common men is the fact that almost all of the spears in Gielinor are made by the most cunning of smiths among the barbarian people. A few, of course, have made their way to Karamja, where these exceptionally well-made weapons are a favourite of the tribespeople.

Otto Godblessed is more than willing to teach diligent students the art of Smithing a spear, and those that excel might even learn the art of fighting with the barbarian's traditional one-handed spear: the hasta.

To smith a spear or a hasta you must use a wood of similar quality to the metal. As the whole of a spear or hasta is made at the same time, you must have a metal bar and some logs in your inventory. Simply use the bar on the anvil outside Otto's hut or in the Barbarian Village to make a spear or hasta.

Note that you will not be able to make a hasta until you demonstrate to Otto that you can make a spear.

Spear Hasta Wood Levels Experience
Bronze spear
Bronze spear
Bronze hasta
Bronze hasta
5 Smithing 25
Iron spear
Iron spear
Iron hasta
Iron hasta
Oak logs
Oak logs
20 Smithing 50
Steel spear
Steel spear
Steel hasta
Steel hasta
Willow logs
Willow logs
35 Smithing 75
Mithril spear
Mithril spear
Mithril hasta
Mithril hasta
Maple logs
Maple logs
55 Smithing 100
Adamant spear
Adamant spear
Adamant hasta
Adamant hasta
Yew logs
Yew logs
75 Smithing 125
Rune spear
Rune spear
Rune hasta
Rune hasta
Magic logs
Magic logs
90 Smithing 150


Main article: Smithing Dragon

Dragon armour cannot be smithed, but some pieces can be repaired by smithing pieces of the armour together. You do not smelt bars or mine ore with this type of smithing.

To repair a dragon platebody, you must first complete While Guthix Sleeps and have a Smithing level of 92. You will also need a blast fusion hammer, which can be obtained from one of the dwarves in the Blast Furnace. Dragon platebodies can only be smithed in the dragonkin forge within the Ancient Cavern.

To repair a dragon square shield, you must first complete the Legends' Quest and have a Smithing level of 60. You may find the left half of the shield as a random drop from some monsters, while the right half can be purchased from the Legends' Guild.

Malevolent Energy

Main article: Smithing Malevolent

Malevolent armour is made by smithing malevolent energy. You do not smelt bars or mine ore with this type of smithing.

Malevolent armour is degradable level 90 Melee armour that cannot be repaired. It can be smithed with the correct materials.

Malevolent energy is a reward for completing the shadow realm part of the Barrows. Reinforcing plate can be purchased from Saro in Keldagrim for 500,000 coins.

Boosting Experience Gain

huge fallen star (smithing).gif
The small, medium Members icon, large Members icon and huge Members icon fallen stars can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
blacksmith's apron.gif
Each individual item in the blacksmith's set (apron, boots, gloves, helmet and top) grant 1% extra XP each. A complete set will grant an additional 1% XP bringing the total to 6% for the whole set.
goldsmithing gauntlets.gif
A reward from the Family Crest quest, the goldsmith gauntlets will grant the user 56.2 experience when smelting gold instead of 22.5.

Players in a clan with a citadel will find that contributing to their clan's resource pool will earn bonus XP that can be used on the surface world.

Training Hints and Tips

  • Remember that you can use the right-click 'Smelt X' option, this saves a lot of clicking.
  • When smelting a large number of ores, use a furnace near a bank, such as the furnace in Al Kharid. This will save a lot of walking time and will not disrupt your routine too greatly. This method is also useful for Smithing and locations of anvils.
  • Making and selling steel bars is fast experience and there is good profit to be made. However, making Cannonballs brings an even bigger profit, as they are always easily sold.
  • Once you reach the level to smith mithril and higher, you may be able to buy the bars at a price where you will be able to smith it and sell for a profit, without spending time mining the ores.
  • Smithing experience is 'per bar', so items requiring the same amount of bars will yield the same amount of experience.

Smithing Boosts

Smithing cape inventory icon
The Smithing cape, Smithing cape (t) or Smithing master cape can be used to temporarily increase your skill level by 1. To do this, equip one of the capes, right-click it and choose Boost.
Dwarven stout inventory icon
Dwarven stout can, amongst other things, temporarily raise your Smithing level by 1 when drunk. The Mature dwarven stout can raise this by 2.
Stew inventory icon
An orange Spicy stew has a random chance to increase your Smithing level by up to 6 levels (or decrease it by the same).

Useful Items

Ruby ring inventory icon
With iron, the chance of smelting success is anything from 50% to 80%. Wearing a Ring of forging will give you a 100% chance of successfully smelting 140 bars of iron, after which the ring will break.
Scroll of efficiency inventory icon
If you have a Smithing level of 55 and a Dungeoneering level of 55, you may be able to purchase a scroll of efficiency from the rewards trader of Daemonheim. Once the scroll is used, it will disappear, giving you the following permanent effect: whenever you smith an item that requires three or more bars to create, there is a chance that you will retain a bar. This chance is dependent on the bars that you are smithing:
  • Bronze - 50% chance of retaining a bronze bar
  • Iron - 25% chance of retaining an iron bar
  • Steel - 20% chance of retaining a steel bar
  • Mithril - 10% chance of retaining a mithril bar
  • Adamant - 8% chance of retaining an adamant bar
  • Runite - 5% chance of retaining a rune bar

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the requirements to make claws?
To smith claws, you first need to complete the Death Plateau quest.
2. Is it possible to smith halberds?
No, you may only buy them from the halberd shop at the Tyras Camp, after completing the Regicide quest. White halberds, however, may be purchased from Sir Vyvin in Falador, provided you have completed Wanted! and achieved the rank of Master (killed 1300 black knights).
3. Where can I get a hammer to smith with?
A hammer is automatically added to your tool belt when you begin playing.
4. I was trying to make dart tips and a message appears saying "You're not sure how to make darts yet"; how do I make them?
In order to smith dart tips, you must first complete the Tourist Trap quest.
5. Can you smith dragon items?
There is no way to make dragon items, nor to get dragon ore. However, there are some that you can repair - see the Dragon section for more information.
6. Can you smith black items?
There is no way to make black items, nor to get black ore.
7. Where is the best place to smelt my ore?
You need a furnace near a bank; for example, the furnaces in Lumbridge, Falador, Al Kharid, Neitiznot Members icon or Port Phasmatys Members icon.
8. Where is the best place to smith my bars into items?
You need an anvil near a bank; west Varrock anvil, for example.
9. What are the gold gauntlets people wear while Smithing?
These are the goldsmith gauntlets, a reward from the Family Crest quest. They give extra experience when smelting gold ore into gold bars.
10. Do I successfully smelt iron ore into bars more often as my level goes up?
Yes. Although there is a constant 50% chance of smelting iron at level 15 Smithing or lower, it becomes more and more likely after level 15, increasing to an 80% chance at level 45. The chance of smelting iron ore does not increase after this point.

The ring of forging and the Superheat Item spell both have a 100% success rate for smelting iron bars.

See Also

Smithing Related Skills

The following skills help with the Smithing skill:

  • Mining - The source of the majority of the ore you will need to make your bars.
  • Summoning - The beasts of burden can carry extra bars or ores for you, letting you train for longer periods before having to head to a bank.

Smithing Related Quests

For quests that give Smithing experience as a reward, please refer to the Quest Experience Rewards page.

Smithing Related Minigames

  • Blast Furnace Members icon - Get a group together and head on over to the eastern area of Keldagrim - the underground dwarven city uncovered during The Giant Dwarf quest - to take part in this minigame.
  • Artisan Workshop - Learn the art of Smithing from the experts themselves.

Smithing Related Distractions & Diversions

  • Tears of Guthix Members icon - If Smithing is your weakest skill, try the Tears of Guthix D&D.
  • Shattered Heart Members icon - If you are smelting normal ores, smithing items from normal ores or making cannonballs you may find a Strange rock.
  • Ancient Effigy Members icon - For players with over level 91 in Smithing, an effigy may require your knowledge.

Smithing Related Equipment


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