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Solomon's General Store

Solomon's General Store is a store filled with - amongst other things - outfits, animations and titles which are more than enough to make your character stand out from the crowd and look unique.

Buying from Solomon's General Store

To purchase items in Solomon's General Store you will need RuneCoins and Loyalty Points.

Packages of RuneCoins start from £3.50. For a full list of prices, and the ability to purchase these packages, view the billing page.

Loyalty Points are a virtual currency offered as a reward through the Members Loyalty Programme.

Solomon's General Store allows you to:

  • View & buy a range of new outfits and accessories, animations and emotes, other items such as titles and bank space increasing booster items.
  • Purchase RuneCoins, the currency of the Solomon's General Store.

To spend your RuneCoins (and Loyalty Points), open up the extras interface and click on the Solomon's General Store icon. You'll be shown a wide range of items that you can purchase from. Clicking on an item will bring up details about it, including its price, so you can see what you are getting before committing to a purchase.

The Store

Solomon's General Store
Solomon's General Store

You will find Solomon and his store near The Grand Exchange in Varrock. For those with questions, Solomon will answer everything you need to know, otherwise you will be able to open the door to his store where you will be logged out of the game to view the wide variety of outfits, pets and other items that Solomon has for sale.

Should you wish to preview some of your purchased goods, the animal paw icon on the left side of the store will open the pet management interface, and the shirt icon on the right side of the store will open the wardrobe interface.


Items in Solomon's General Store are purchased with runecoins and loyalty points.


Runecoins are the currency used by Solomon's General Store. To purchase runecoins, simply click the 'Buy' button on the Solomon's General Store interface. You can also visit the billing page directly to buy runecoins (you'll need to login).

On the billing page you can choose your preferred payment method and the number of runecoins you'd like to buy. Fill in your details and press 'Purchase' to complete the transaction. Once your purchase has been successfully completed, the runecoins will be added to account.

Note that, due to the way the game interfaces with our website, you will be logged out of the game as the purchase interface is loaded. This is normal. You will also be unable to open the purchase interface during certain minigames.

You can exit the purchase interface at any time by clicking on the red cross in the top right corner. Note that you will have to login to the game again if you wish to continue playing.

Loyalty points

Loyalty points are a virtual currency offered as a reward through the Members Loyalty Programme. For each month that you are a member you will receive loyalty points.

Loyalty points work in two ways: cumulatively for the number of months you have been a member while being signed up to the programme, and consecutively for being a member for several months in a row. You will never lose your cumulative total, but if you are without membership for even a day, your consecutive total will be reset to zero.

Navigating the Store


The store is split into three panels: the navigation panel, the information panel and the product panel.

Solomon's General Store

Navigation Panel

Store categories

The navigation panel is found along the left side of the store. This panel allows you to browse the store's categories and discover all the great things that Solomon has to offer.

Each category will tell you how many items can be found inside it with a number next to the category name. Clicking on a category will load the items contained in that category into the product panel, explained below.

Some categories have been split up further to ease navigation.

Information Panel

At the top of the store you'll find the information panel where any special offers will be shown to you through the rotating banner. You will also be able to see your runecoin and loyalty points displays, and the 'Extend' (or 'Join') and 'Buy' buttons.

The 'Buy' button will take you to the billing section of the website where you will see all of the runecoin packages available.

The 'Earn' button will take you to the SupersonicAds interface where you can earn runecoins.

The 'Join' button will show if you do not have membership. Clicking this button will take you to a page describing what you get when you are a member and will allow you to subscribe. If you are already a member you will instead see an 'Extend' button which will take you to the billing section of the website where you will see all of the membership packages available.

My Account

My Account panel

The 'My Account' link will present you with a more detailed breakdown of your Loyalty Points status, including:

  • Cumulative Membership - How long you've been a member for
  • Consecutive Membership - How long you've been a member for without a break in membership time
  • Next Payout - How long until you next receive points
  • Next Reward - How many points you can expect to receive in your next payout

Product Panel

The largest part of the Store is the product panel where all of the products for your chosen category are shown.

Store pagination

You will see 6 items at a time, and if there are more than 6 items in the category, you can move between the pages using the arrows at the bottom of the product panel.

Store filter

You can also specify an exact page number using the box to the far right. Simply enter the page number you want to go to and press 'Return' on your keyboard.

You can sort items in a category using the 'Sort By' button on the right side of the product panel. Hovering over this will give you a number of choices with which to order your items. Perhaps you want to sort the items by their cost in loyalty points if you have some to spend, you can do this here.

Store search

You can also search items using the search box in the top-left corner of the product panel. This will search all categories for the term you have entered.

To search, simply type a term into the box. If multiple items match your terms, they will display in a drop down box. Pressing the 'Go' button will take you to the first item in this list.

New items to the store are marked with an icon New item icon as are popular items Popular item icon.

Item Details

Store Details

Clicking on an item in the Store will highlight its detailed information including an image gallery, description, cost, item details and usage restrictions.

On the left side of the item details panel is the image gallery which shows a variety of in-game and illustration images of each item. The arrows below the image gallery allow you to navigate through these images.

To the right of the panel you'll find details on the item's cost (in loyalty points and/or runecoins); how long it lasts for and if it has any other restrictions; a description of the item; and details on what you will receive with your purchase.

At the bottom of the panel you'll see the 'Buy' button which allows you to purchase the currently selected item.

Purchasing an Item

Purchase Details

Purchasing an item from the store is done by selecting an item from one of the store categories and clicking on the 'Buy' button in the item detail panel.

This screen offers you the chance to confirm that you're happy with your selection. The currencies you can use to pay will be displayed on the purchase details screen with the price broken down by any discounts that are available. For example, members always get a 10% runecoins discount on all items. You will also be able to see your current balance in both available currencies at the bottom of the screen.

If you're short of currency, and the item offers the chance to pay with both, consider making the purchase using the alternative currency. You will have to be patient if you've run short on loyalty points but if you're low on runecoins the display will show you exactly how many you need to complete your purchase, making it easy to pick the runecoins package that's right for you!

Solomon, the generous genie that he is, has gifts for everyone! Players get a free item every month, so watch out for announcements on the RuneScape website.

Confirmation of purchase

After you complete your purchase click the close button in the upper right hand corner of the store to return to RuneScape. You will receive a chat message reminding you of your new purchases and a flashing indicator will highlight icons with unlocked content.

Equipping Your Purchases

Some of your purchases will already be activated when you return to the game, such as bank boosters, others appear in your inventory or are unlocked in the emotes interface. Many of the purchases you make however are for cosmetic overrides - items that graphically adjust the look of your equipment without changing it's statistics and other benefits. To activate cosmetic overrides you need to visit the gear screen in game. This is accessed by pressing 'F2' on your keyboard, or by clicking the gear icon on the ribbon.

You will see a number of tabs along the top of the interface, the following tabs are used for equipping cosmetic overrides.


Main article: Wardrobe


Wardrobe items are not physical items and do not take up space in your inventory or bank. They can be worn over your equipped gear, allowing you to customise and recolour your appearance without sacrificing your combat or skilling effectiveness. These items do not show in PvP areas.

Select an outfit from the 'Full Outfits' category or select individual pieces from their respective categories. You can reset your entire outfit or individual pieces from the 'Reset Outfit' category. Using the 'Recolour' button you can customise your outfit to your liking. Once your finished use the 'Activate' button to finalise your selection.

You can even save a combination of items as an outfit for easy use. To save your currently equipped items as a preset, select a preset slot from the drop-down list and press 'Save'. You can save up to 3 presets.


Main article: Titles interface


You can manage any of your purchased or earned in-game titles through the titles interface. Here you can activate, reset and preview all of the titles RuneScape has to offer all in one place!

Simply pick a title from the categories on the left side of the interface and choose 'Activate' to display that title in your character's chat messages.


Main article: Animations


You can override base RuneScape animations with new and unique animations from Solomon's General Store. To see which animations you have purchased, and which are still available, you should choose the animations tab in the gear interface.

To activate an animation override, choose the animation from the categories on the left and press 'Activate'. You will see the new animation the next time you use the skill, spell or Home Teleport.


Main article: Appearance


You can change your hairstyle easily though the appearance tab of the gear interface.

Simply select a hairstyle from the categories on the left hand side, then choose your favourite colour(s) in the middle. A preview of what your hairstyle looks like will be shown on the right. When you are happy with your new look, press 'Activate'.

Item Categories

Category Description Sub Categories
Featured Here, any special offers will be shown to you through the rotating banner, and 3 featured items will be shown at the bottom of the screen. These will either be popular items, or items that are on sale.
  • Free Item of the Month
  • Bestsellers
  • Newly Released
Packs Packs allow you to buy several themed items in one purchase. The individual items within a pack cannot be purchased separately. For example, the Assassin pack contains: a full outfit (hat, cape, top, gloves, legs, boots), a weapon, an emote, a teleport animation and a title. None
Wardrobe The wardrobe category shows cosmetic overrides for full costumes, decorative items and combat equipment.
  • Outfits
  • Accessories
  • Combat Gear
  • Effects
Animations Animations give you new ways to perform your skills, cast spells or slay other players in PvP.
  • Skills
  • Spells
  • Kills
Emotes Want more ways to express your feelings in an animated fashion? This category is for you. Purchased emotes will be unlocked on the Emotes interface. None
Equipment The equipment tab is where you will find weapons or other useful items that are not cosmetic overrides. None
Titles These name modifiers can appear before or after your name in the chatbox. Unlocked titles can be changed or removed from view using the titles interface. None
Services These items are modifications to in-game features such as the bank boosters which increase the number of bank spaces that you have access to or re-colours which take existing items and give them a new colour scheme.
  • Re-colours
Hairstyles The hairstyles section is where you can find two-tone, stylish new hairstyles. Once purchased, these can be given to your character either through the hairdresser in Falador or the appearance interface.
  • Female Hair
  • Male Hair
Pets The pets section is where you can find Companion and Legendary pets that do not require feeding and won't run away. Legendary pets offer in-game benefits such as foraging for items and go through 2 growth stages. Both companion and legendary pets perform emotes. You can also purchase treats for your Legendary pets to help them grow more quickly.
  • Legendary
  • Companions
  • Treats
Auras Auras are a method of improving the benefits you gain from certain skills, other auras are just for fun and provide no benefits. They are split into 5 tiers with tier 5 being the strongest and most powerful auras available.
  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3
  • Tier 4
  • Tier 5

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use loyalty points and runecoins to buy one item?
No. For each transaction where there's a choice, you must pay entirely with runecoins or loyalty points. You can't combine them to make up the cost.

2. Do loyalty points items have a 10% discount for members too?
Any item which can be bought with either runecoins or loyalty points carries the 10% members' discount on the runecoin cost.

3. I have bought this item before using loyalty points, but now I want my loyalty points back and buy the item using runecoins. Can I refund my loyalty points?
Sorry, but all purchases with either currency are final and cannot be refunded.

4. Can I buy runecoins with loyalty points?
No. The two currencies will remain separate, but either can be used to buy many of the items in the new store.

5. Why can't I buy this item I want?
First of all, check that you have enough loyalty points or runecoins for it!

If you do and you're still experiencing difficulties, wait for about 20 minutes and try again. The store sometimes experiences downtime or slow performance while we're updating, or during times of heavy load.

There are also items that have prerequisites, such as Auras, where you need to own the lower tier of the item before you are eligible to buy the higher tier.

If the problem persists, please submit a website bug report here.

6. There are 2 prices listed below the item in the store, does that mean I need both runecoins and loyalty points to buy the item?
No. These two prices reflect what that item will cost, either in runecoins or in loyalty points. You can select which currency to use to pay for it!

7. I bought Runecoins but I have not received them
Not to worry – this sounds like a payment issue. Simply head on over to the Payments section of our Support Centre and select the payment method you used - you will then be able to see exactly what has occurred with your payment attempt.

Support and Help

If you are having trouble with Solomon's General Store, or have questions that are not answered above, you can get help and support through the Billing Support Team.

The Payment Help page has a large amount of help topics on Solomon's General Store under the 'How can I play?' section. If you're still struggling, you can contact the Billing Support Team through the payment help page.

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