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Song from the Depths

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The men of Rimmington have entered a deep sleep. Lucille - the wife of one of the men - has noticed that they all seem to be having the same dream. What the men call out from their slumber doesn't make much sense at all; talk of wending through woods and cricket legs.

Out of desperation Lucille has sent the Raptor to help her husband, but she fears the outcome may be a similar, if not more permanent fate.

Help Lucille save her husband from his dreams, and from the Raptor.

Quest Information

song from the depths.jpg
Waylan won't wake up...
member badge tiny.pngSong from the Depths
Difficulty Novice
Length Short
Members Yes
  • None
Minimum None
Useful Food and combat equipment is advisable.
Start Point Rimmington
To Start Talk to Lucille in Rimmington.

Development Team

Developer: (Project Lead:David R) James C
Design: (Project Lead:Dave O) Ian D, Matthew H
Graphics: Matt M, Mark B, Rakesh M, Mark C
Animation: (Project Lead:Paul B) Wing C
Quality Assurance:
Head of RuneScape QA: Steven B
Lead of RuneScape QA: Vicki M
Core Testers: (Project Lead:Stacey N) James H,Ashley S
Additional Testers: Alex D, Graeme C, Jedd S, Lewis R
Head of Audio: Stephen L
Audio: Ian T, Michael M, Adam B
Voice Over: Candida Gubbins, Laurence Kennedy, Rob Rackstraw, Sara Poyzer, Steve L, Adam R
Singing Parts: Kerry Bolland
Dialogue Director: Mark Estdale
Recording Engineer: Juan Manuel Delfin
Dialogue Editor: Tim Vasilakis

Recorded at OM London.


Rewards Walkthrough Synopsis
Rewards for completing this quest. A step-by-step guide through the quest. An outline of the plot and lore of this quest.

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