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Sorceress's Garden

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This area is 'Safe' meaning if you die here, you will not lose any items.
However, if you are poisoned outside of the event/area you can still die.


sorceress s garden intro.jpg
Stealing sq'irks

Osman, spymaster of Al Kharid, finds skulking and skullduggery thirsty work. Over the years he has managed to quench it with sq'irk juice - a delicious drink made from the fruits of the Sorceress's Garden - but he and the Sorceress are no longer on speaking terms. The craving for sq'irk is near unbearable, so Osman takes a desperate course: asking you for help!

Finding ripe sq'irk for juicing will involve sweet-talking your way into Sorceress's Garden and stealthily creeping past the gardeners to get to the sq'irk trees.


sorceress garden location.jpg
Garden location
blue circle.png

green circle.png


To start this task, you need to locate Osman near the Palace. He should be walking about in front and will talk about sq'irks when asked. He will direct you to the south-east of Al Kharid where the Sorceress resides. Once there, you will find the Apprentice downstairs and the rather unpleasant Sorceress upstairs. You will get nothing from the Sorceress - it is best to talk to the Apprentice.

Whiny and hard-done-by, the Apprentice knows some secrets of the Sorceress's compression magic - enough to send you to the garden where the sq'irks grow. She will send you there if you are polite enough and sympathetic enough to listen to her whining.

Once there, in the fountain area of the garden, Del-Monty will offer advice to those who are wise enough to bring an amulet of catspeak or cramulet.


The quest: Diamond in the Rough must be completed to play this.

Aside from this, you will need an empty beer glass and a pestle and mortar. Osman will not take the sq'irks on their own, so these two items will become invaluable when squeezing the delicious sq'irk juice.

It should be noted that you cannot bring a cat or familiars to the garden, so it's best to leave your kitty and Summoning pouches safely in the bank.

Garden wintersquirk.gif
Levels Required 0 Thieving 25 Thieving 45 Thieving 65 Thieving

Finally, there are four different gardens in the Sorceress's Garden, each magically set to replicate spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each of these gardens require a Thieving level to pick the lock and enter, according to the ripeness of the fruit they contain:

Recommended Items

The gardens require forward planning, sharp reflexes and persistence - three things that no item on RuneScape can give you. It is wise to keep your inventory stocked with empty beer glasses for the sq'irk juice and a pestle and mortar.

amulet of catspeak.gif

It may be worth taking an amulet of catspeak or cramulet with catspeak amulet included, if you have them, as Del-Monty the cat will impart some valuable information about the gardens when asked.

Stealing Sq'irks

sorceress garden points.jpg
Map of the Garden

Once inside the fountain area, you have a choice of four separate gardens, all attuned magically to the separate seasons. To get through the gate to each of the gardens requires a Thieving level, as mentioned in the previous table.

Once inside your choice of garden, you must try and find your way to the sq'irk tree. This requires walking through the maze of hedges without being spotted by the various elementals that patrol it. Running straight for the tree will not work - you will soon be spotted and teleported to the fountain area.

You will have to time your runs in short bursts, stopping at various alcoves and dead-ends to plan your next move. You will soon find your favourite paths through the gardens and have a clutch of sq'irks in your hands!

Once you have finished in Sorceress's Garden, simply drink from the fountain to teleport yourself back to Al Kharid!


The sq'irks of Sorceress's Garden come in four forms, each at various stages of ripening. Those taken from the winter garden will be unripened; spring garden sq'irks will be slightly under-ripe; autumn sq'irks are slightly over-ripe; and summer sq'irks are just right.

On their own, however, the sq'irks are not useful. The skin is hard and not particularly tasty, so eating them is not an option. Instead, pulping them with a pestle and mortar makes for a delicious drink - as long as you have an empty beer glass in your inventory and the correct number of sq'irks per drink.

Once you have a glass of sq'irk juice, you can choose to hand it to Osman for Thieving experience, or to keep it for yourself as a means to boost your Thieving stats and run energy.

Osman will take all sq'irk juices in your inventory if you offer them to him, not one at a time. Such an impatient man!

Also in each of the gardens are the Sorceress's personal herb gardens. These small areas will often be down a different route from the sq'irk tree, but may well be a more attractive prospect. If you choose to travel to the herb patch then you can pick two random herbs before you are teleported back out to the fountain. Unfortunately, these areas are for the Sorceress only, not for your Farming needs; it wouldn't be the most sensible place to farm anyway!

Garden Level Farming XP
for finding sq'irk
  Drink Sq'irks If drunk Thieving XP
if given to Osman
Thieving boost Run energy boost
1 Thieving 30 winterjuice.gif
Winter sq'irk juice
5 +0 +10% 350
25 Thieving 40 springjuice.gif
Spring sq'irk juice
4 +1 +20% 1350
45 Thieving 50 autumnjuice.gif
Autumn sq'irk juice
3 +2 +30% 2350
65 Thieving 60 summerjuice.gif
Summer sq'irk juice
2 +3 +40% 3000

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