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Bandos's Stronghold

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You should be sure to read the God Wars Dungeon - Introduction before even contemplating visiting Bandos's Stronghold.

Like the rest of the God Wars Dungeon, Bandos's Stronghold is a terribly dangerous place. Please only bring equipment that you're not awfully attached to.

bandos intro.jpg
Inside Bandos's Stronghold

Few have even heard of the god called Bandos. For many centuries he has been thought to be an ancestor of the ogres, perhaps even the beast that claimed the lands of the Feldip Hills and Jiggig. Now that the God Wars Dungeon has defrosted, though, scribes across RuneScape are puzzled by this old god's reappearance.

Bandos has never been worshipped by civilised races, but is occasionally revered by ogres and other unsavoury creatures. During the god wars he allied himself with different factions at different times, seeming to revel in bloodshed for its own sake. Adventurers heading into his Stronghold are likely to discover just how brutal his armies were...

Points of Interest

bandos features.jpg
An overview of Bandos's Stronghold

The entrance to the Stronghold is barred by a gong that will only ring for the strongest of visitors. To gain access to Bandos's Stronghold you will need a hammer and a Strength level of at least 70.

Because of the natural brutality of the followers of Bandos, it is recommended that you come prepared for melee. Be warned, though: even Bandos has a use for mages and rangers.

If you manage to slay forty of Bandos's followers, you will earn access to his general's quarters, where you will find out just how hard a true giant can hit...


If you need evidence that the god wars were a much harsher time than modern day, look no further than this enormous beast. General Graardor is most likely the last of the Ourg race, but it is safe to assume that during the god wars he was truly favoured by Bandos. His massive frame is well stretched with armour and, like a true devotee of the carnage of close combat, he fights almost exclusively with his fists.

Strongstack has fought in Bandos's name for much of his life, and is unlikely to give up any time soon. If one thing remains unchanged about goblins, it is their love of combat.

Sergeant Steelwill leads his tribe of goblins with strength of character and a vicious flail. No doubt many goblin leaders of modern times would like to have his 'charisma'.

It's thought that Grimspike was once cast out from his tribe for his excessive brutality. What better place to find his family than in the arms of Bandos's legions?


There are no quest starts in Bandos's Stronghold.

Bandos's Brutal Legion

Ogre (Level 58)
Jogre (Level 58)
godwars ogre1.gif
Ogres are one of Bandos's favourite creations, being utterly devoted to him and dull-witted enough to follow any order. The ogres in the God Wars Dungeon are massive brutes with little concept of safety.
Even during the god wars there were jungles to breed jogres in, and Bandos took advantage of their natural agression to supplement his own forces. Jogres are extremely dangerous foes and are, if anything, more belligerent then orks.
Cyclops (Level 81)
Ork (Level 107)
With a single eye set in their heads, you might think that cyclopes are a weak foe, but those who have encountered their fists and their single-minded determination would no doubt beg to differ.
The most reliable warriors in Bandos's forces are the orks. They are massive beasts with a bloody-minded loyalty to their god of war: the ideal soldier in a battle that might never end.
Spiritual Ranger (Level 115)
Spiritual Mage (Level 121)
bandos spiritual ranger.gif
Armed with heavy throwing axes, the spiritual rangers use the weight of their weaponry to their advantage. It's hard to argue with a ghost when he's beating you with twenty pounds of steel.
bandos spiritual mage.gif
Though Bandos seems to have had little patience for mages, it is hard to dispute that his followers make excellent sorcerers (just look at the ogre shamans in Gu'Tanoth!). The spiritual mages in his Stronghold have used their powers to continue the battle after their bodies died.
Spiritual Warrior (Level 134)
bandos spiritual warrior.gif
The finest of Bandos's warriors have returned from death to bring yet more glorious battle to their god's attention. They are brutal and unforgiving warriors and should be avoided by all except the most confident.


  • If you are extraordinarily lucky, you may find that General Graardor or his bodyguards drop shards of the godsword. The hilt that the most determined ork smiths designed for that blade is only dropped by General Graardor.
  • The warriors of Bandos will be less inclined to attack you if you are wearing some of their armour.
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